Re: t-and-f: Re: Oregon track website

2003-06-20 Thread Kurt Bray
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Re: t-and-f: Salaries and Sports being cut

2003-07-10 Thread Kurt Bray
for the women equal to that of the men, or cut the men's funds in half and give it to the women. Neither of those two options are gonna fly. Kurt Bray _ MSN 8 with e-mail virus protection service: 2 months FREE*

Re: t-and-f: Athlete of the Year

2003-08-18 Thread Kurt Bray
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Re: t-and-f: Kenyan Drug Scandal

2003-08-20 Thread Kurt Bray
for live attendance and for TV viewers. We can market it better. And we can do a very best to get rid of the cheating dopers. May not solve all our problems, but it will help. Kurt Bray _ bGet MSN 8/b and help protect your children

Re: t-and-f: What is a professional sport

2003-08-23 Thread Kurt Bray
, teams would be featured heavily. First no 800, then no women, then force a phony team concept onto a collection of individual events? I think I could take all the events and athletes excluded from this league and put together a pretty interesting and well attended track meet. Kurt Bray

Re: t-and-f: Drummond et al.

2003-08-26 Thread Kurt Bray
Meanwhile, Angela Williams and Christie Gaines sit at home, probably not even able to watch the meet on TV. Ditto for the 64 second 400m runner. True, but kicking the Afghan out would not have somehow gotten Williams or Gaines into the meet. Kurt Bray

Re: t-and-f: TV nystery

2003-08-28 Thread Kurt Bray
. Well done! Kurt Bray In a message dated 8/27/03 8:22:25 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I can only conclude that different hands were at the controls of the two shows (or that the first-day gaffs were so obvious that something had to be done about it). Sorry to debunk your theory, Ed

t-and-f: Regina Turned 40

2003-09-01 Thread Kurt Bray
They said on the telecast that Regina Jacobs' 40th birthday occurred during the World Champs. But it appeared to me that she actually turned 40 the following day with about 50 meters to go in her 1500m semifinal race. Kurt Bray

Re: t-and-f: Another Kenyan Positive !!!!!

2003-09-06 Thread Kurt Bray
their trust was misplaced or they were kidding themselves along with us. Kurt Bray Why the glee over this? Steve S. - Original Message - From: John Molvar [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Send t-and-f [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2003 6:13 PM Subject: t-and-f: Another Kenyan Positive

Re: t-and-f: major philosphy difference for the sport

2003-09-16 Thread Kurt Bray
could see what actual athletes are capable of and also see what formerly-human dope freaks accompanied by their pharmaceutical pit crews are capable of. Both contests could be appreciated for their similar events but also for their ultimately different merits and philosophies. Kurt Bray

Re: t-and-f: major philosphy difference for the sport

2003-09-17 Thread Kurt Bray
dead, those athletic hyper-doses are uncharted territory - especially for long-term use Steroid protocols designed to make healthier athletes would by definition be low dose and thereby also do away with the performance benefit. Then the question becomes What's the point? Kurt Bray

Re: t-and-f: forwarded message (drugs, difference in philosophy, etc.)

2003-09-18 Thread Kurt Bray
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Re: t-and-f: Latest on White

2003-09-22 Thread Kurt Bray
I'm trying to be vague with my answers. That's the most refreshingly (if unintentionally) honest answer I've heard in a long time! Kurt Bray _ Instant message in style with MSN Messenger 6.0. Download it now FREE! http

Re: t-and-f: dynamite the bridge. Why?

2003-10-13 Thread Kurt Bray
. Perhaps you could do the same for big-time meets in your area. That would put a little soul back in the list. Kurt Bray Where do you suggest people go that are looking for that lost soul? I'm not being facetious. I'd like to know so I can bookmark it. Robert J Howell wrote: Regardless

Re: t-and-f: fwd: Marathon debutant Rutto, Boston champ Zakharova win at Chicago

2003-10-13 Thread Kurt Bray
If a U.S. girl in her marathon debut ran within a minute of the world record, you'd probably hear plenty of ranting. Kurt Bray not barely heard of... U. S. girl debut in sub 2:30. Where is the rant?? In a message dated 10/13/2003 12:47:55 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: When a runner I barely

t-and-f: Oh no, another positive

2003-11-05 Thread Kurt Bray
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RE: t-and-f: stretching and injury report

2004-03-04 Thread Kurt Bray
Yeah, well all iknow is that if I neglect my calf stretching regimen for two days, on the third day my right achilles tendinitis will flare up. Kurt Bray From: Mike Prizy [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: Mike Prizy [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Track List [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: t-and-f: stretching