t-and-f: Kathy Jager's bumpy ride to reinstatement

2000-08-06 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: I've submitted the following article to National Masters News. I welcome your comments. Ken Stone http://www.masterstrack.com Kathy Jager's bumpy road to early reinstatement from her two-year IAAF drug ban took a wrenching turn in late July. And if she wasn't bruised enough

t-and-f: FlashResults to cover USA masters nationals

2000-08-06 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: The Eugene masters nationals Web site discloses some great news: http://www.flashresults.com/ will post results shortly after each event. These are the same folks who posted hurry-up information for the U.S. Olympic Trials. Did a fantastic job. An old high school coach at

t-and-f: A masters Rosie Ruiz?

2000-08-23 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: A source has informed me of a possible cheating case in the masters ranks. A former world-class Kenyan runner named Andrew Masai won the masters division of the Beach to Beacon 10K in Cape Elizabeth, ME, on August 5, 2000. See results at:

t-and-f: Athletics Weekly magazine online

2000-08-26 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The UK's answer to TFN is now online at http://www.athleticsweekly.com It's pretty skimpy now -- except for too many ads. But there's lots of potential for growth with promise of an extensive results and features archive. In its hard-copy form, AW reads like People magazine -- very

t-and-f: Early candidates for world WAVA 2005

2000-08-31 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: National Masters News reports in its September edition that four cities have expressed "interest" in hosting the World Veterans Athletic Championships in 2005. (The 2001 meet is in Brisbane, Australia, and the 2003 meet will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.) The early hopefuls are:

t-and-f: Milt Campbell gets his due in U-T

2000-09-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Mark Zeigler of The San Diego Union-Tribune has written a stunning front-page story about how Milt Campbell has been overlooked for decades despite winning the Melbourne deca -- the first black to be crowned "world's greatest athlete." Z-man interviwed New Jersey's Campbell via phone

t-and-f: USATF Masters chair Weinbel has heart bypass

2000-09-17 Thread TrackCEO
://members.aol.com/trackceo/weinbel.html Ken Stone http://www.masterstrack.com

t-and-f: Marion not alone

2000-09-21 Thread TrackCEO
Marty et al: If Marion Jones is running afoul of some IOC ban on athlete-journalists, she ain't alone. Newspapers across the country are running "Letters from Sydney" featuring e-mailed remarks by Olympic athletes. This is a staple of Sports sections everywhere every four years. Even San

t-and-f: Let's deal with the REAL dopes

2000-09-26 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: I'm fed up. I've had enough. It's time to forget Bulgarian weight lifters, Romanians on Sudafed and shot putters gorging iron supplements. I demand that the IOC, IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Association tackle the real problem with worldwide athletics -- performance-INHIBITING

t-and-f: Recalling a 200 semifinal 28 years ago

2000-09-28 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Now it can be told. And maybe now you'll pay attention. Remember when Rey Robinson and Eddie Hart missed a shot at Borzov at Munich because of schedule snafu? Nobody until now has told the story of the women's sprinters. One of them got screwed too! Tom Shanahan of The San Diego

t-and-f: Sanity on drug craziness

2000-09-29 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Following are two thoughtful posts from the Masterstf Mailing List on egroups. They address doping issues in masters track but have application to the wider discussion of drugs in elite track. Ken Stone After reading Milan's unabashed "solutions" and conclusions on the Olympic drug

t-and-f: Masback calls out the Black Helicopters

2000-09-29 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Last night's wire services were full of stories about USATF CEO Craig Masback's wacky proposal that WADA take over all drug testing for USATF. Aside from the hilarious idea of CM making unilateral decisions on behalf of a slow-moving and volunteer-driven organization on such a

t-and-f: The Olympics and masters track

2000-10-02 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: (Originally posted on the Masterstf Mailing List:) Well, what a show Sydney was. And what a contrast it provided to our own experience as masters athletes. Notice how before ANY track event, Olympians ignored their competition? No handshakes. No "Good lucks!" What sportsmanship.

t-and-f: USATF prez candidate talks dollars sense

2000-10-04 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Check out a post by Bob Bowman to the USATF associations mailing list on egroups: http://www.egroups.com/message/usatf_assoc/1225 Bob's running for president of USATF, and what really jumps out in his campaign pitch is his clarion call for USATF to push the IOC and IAAF for America's

t-and-f: John Cosgrove's ideas for USATF

2000-10-18 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: John Cosgrove of the Southern California Association of USATF shares this memo with me. He sent it to Craig Masback in early February 2000. Cosgrove is toying with the idea of running for USATF Masters chairman. The memo is prefaced by some explanatory comments: Cosgrove writes:

t-and-f: Masters milestone at Kezar Stadium

2000-10-25 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Once upon a time, around 1965, a middle-aged San Diego lawyer named David Pain thought it would be cool if folks his age could have track meets of their own. He tested the waters by nagging meet directors to include a "masters mile" for men over 40. By 1969, he'd organized the

t-and-f: Finished version: Masters milestone

2000-10-25 Thread TrackCEO
Sent previous message prematurely. My apologies. Y ask Y: Once upon a time, around 1965, a middle-aged San Diego lawyer named David Pain thought it would be cool if folks his age could have track meets of their own. He tested the waters by nagging meet directors to include a "masters mile"

t-and-f: USATF Masters chair candidates interviewed

2000-10-26 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: The first of potentially four interviews with candidates for chairman of the USATF Masters Committee is now posted at: http://www.masterstrack.com/USATFdoug.html This QA is with Doug Schneebeck, a lawyer and M40 hurdler from Albuquerque, New Mexico -- coincidentally the site

t-and-f: Why so expensive to attend USATF meeting?

2000-10-30 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The current issue of Athletics Weekly talks about the second annual UKA Congress, a meeting of athletes, coaches, officials and track fans in United Kingdom that takes place Dec. 2-3 at Birmingham. What jumped out at me was the entry fee: 12 pounds a day, or 17 for both. (That's

t-and-f: Masters records for 200, 400, 800, mile

2000-11-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: When I posted a note to the Masterstf egroups list that Johnny Gray had made it his goal to break all masters WRs from 200 to mile, the response was nearly universal scoffing. These folks have a lot of respect for the current set of records. Fact is, the WRs for age 40 and over are

t-and-f: Louise Tricard's marathon debut

2000-11-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Please indulge me a moment to call your attention to one masters entrant in this Sunday's New York Marathon. Louise Tricard -- who literally wrote the book on American women in athletics (It's called "American Women's Track Field -- A History, 1895-1980) -- is making her marathon

t-and-f: Masters chair interviews all posted

2000-11-02 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: All four candidates for USATF Masters TF Committee chairman have responded to my e-mail questionnaire and all four interviews are now posted at: http://www.masterstrack.com/USATFpage.html The last two are from George Mathews and Scott Thornsley. Earlier, I posted interviews

t-and-f: Doug Schneebeck deserves our vote

2000-11-17 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: This morning I mailed the following letter to the masters chairman of San Diego USATF, my local association. I hope some of you will send a similar letter to YOUR association's masters delegate to the Albuquerque national convention. Mr. Ed Oleata, San Diego USATF Dear Ed:

t-and-f: Chickenfeed for masters track

2000-11-18 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: For the record, USATF Masters Track Field receives a razor thin budget of $30,000 from USATF -- out of USATF's total annual budget of about $2.7 million. And this despite the fact at least half the dues-paying members of USATF are of masters age (mainly road runners). I'm all in

t-and-f: Correction on USATF budget

2000-11-19 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Correction. My source on USATF funding now sez: My figures about Masters funding vs USATF budget were slightly off. I stated that Masters TF receives $30,000 out of USATF's annual budget of $2.7 million budget. That was not correct. The annual budget of USATF is about $12.7 million!

t-and-f: Vancouver out for 2005; Kuala Lumpur for 2003?

2000-11-27 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: The December 2000 issue of National Masters News contains a short but telling column on the Malaysian-hosted World Veterans Athletic Championships by WAVA President Torsten Carlius, who declares at the outset: "I am not happy with the developments in Kuala Lumpur, and

t-and-f: USATF Meeting Report: Mathews elected chair

2000-12-03 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: George Mathews, a 57-year-old hammer thrower from Seattle, was elected chairman of the USATF Masters Track and Field Committee today (Saturday), beating 40-year-old hurdler Doug Schneebeck of Albuquerque in a run-off vote. Mathews, "a third-generation track and field athlete,"

t-and-f: USATF Meeting Report: Sacramento loses WAVA bid

2000-12-03 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Sacramento's bid to host the 2005 World Veterans Athletic Championships -- the world WAVA meet -- was nipped in the bud Saturday, Dec. 2, at the USATF national meeting when the USATF Masters TF Committee voted by about a 3-to-1 ratio against supporting the Olympic Trials city

t-and-f: USATF Meeting Report: Clingan to be USATF Masters webmaster

2000-12-03 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Dave Clingan of Portland, Oregon, has been appointed to lead a USATF Masters TF Committee effort to produce an official USATF Masters Web site, based at the national governing body's main Web site -- http://www.usatf.org. Clingan was named to the job by new USATF Masters

t-and-f: Plot thickens on Sacramento WAVA snafu

2000-12-03 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Eddie Seese posted the following on the egroups list for USATF associations: The ball was dropped in many ways as far as bringing the WAVA Meet to Sacramento (Sacto). Up to this point, the Pacific Assn. (PA) decided to not include

t-and-f: Sacramento WAVA 2005 bid revived

2000-12-05 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Never say never in masters track. A day after the USATF Masters Track Field Committee voted 22-8 to reject Sacramento's request to be the U.S. representative in the bidding battle for the 2005 World Veterans Athletics Championships, the USATF Board of Directors -- including

t-and-f: Official statement on 2005 WAVA bid

2000-12-06 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Give George Mathews credit. He's pretty quick off the mark for a hammer thrower. Here's his rundown on the status of the USA bid for the 2005 World Veterans Athletic Championships: STATUS REPORT ON THE PRESENTATION SACRAMENTO WAVA CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR 2005 BY: GEORGE MATHEWS

t-and-f: USATF errs on Masters Athlete of the Year

2000-12-07 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: An extremely knowledgeable source has informed me that USATF's posted list of award winners erred on a significant honor: Male Masters Athlete of the Year. The USATF Web site reports at http://www.usatf.org/news/awardbrekkie.html that Johnny Gray (along with Phil Raschker) are winners

t-and-f: Omissions in USATF meet calendar

2000-12-07 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: USATF's meet calendar for 2001 at http://www.usatf.org/00cal/2001.html includes a lot of interesting (and obscure) meets -- from the South American Race Walking Champs in Cochabamba, Bolivia (March 17-18) to the European Youth Games in Murcia, Spain (July 23-26). But this otherwise

t-and-f: Gray gaffe explained

2000-12-07 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Don Austin, the USATF Masters TF Awards chairman, has fessed up to being responsible for Johnny Gray being listed by USATF as Masters Male Athlete of the Year. Don writes at http://www.egroups.com/message/masterstf/5130 that "I read my notes incorrectly at the awards breakfast." Don

t-and-f: SoBe it: USATF toasts creatine drink

2000-12-11 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The Dec. 8, 2000, edition of Running USA Wire (from the USATF Road Running Information Center in Santa Barbara, Calif.) shares some odd news: USATF SIGNS SoBe AS OFFICIAL SPORTS BEVERAGE ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - SoBe Sports System will be the official performance beverage of USA Track

t-and-f: Anselm Lebourne not U.S. citizen?

2000-12-13 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Among the many interesting nuggets found in Suzy Hess' minutes of the USATF Masters TF meetings in Albuquerque: Suzy writes: "(Records czar) Pete Mundle advised that the records in the annual report were amended to include new marks, misspellings, changes in dates. Mundle

t-and-f: Need info on new masters world records

2000-12-19 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: In updating my Web site's records section, I queried Peter Matthews in Britain, the legendary trackstat nut. In addition to confirming world veterans records for Regina Javobs, Merlene Ottey and Heike Drechsler -- well-known and publicized performances -- Peter sent me first word of

t-and-f: Sala shatters legendary hurdles record

2000-12-20 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Of all the masters world records on the books, the oldest seemed the most otherworldly -- the 14.4 hand-timed mark for 120-yard high hurdles by Don Finlay of Britain set back in 1949. The mark was set over Olympic-style 42-inch barriers. And since over-40 athletes rarely

t-and-f: Monique Henderson going to UCLA

2000-12-22 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Monique Henderson of Morse High School in San Diego will follow in Gail Devers' footspikes, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune. Monique, who spent the first month of her senior year watching Sydney Olympic track, announced an oral commitment to attend UCLA. The 2000 national girls

t-and-f: Masters track loses friend: Alan Cranston

2000-12-31 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Former U.S. Sen. Alan Cranston, a dear friend of track and field, died earlier today (Sunday) at his home in Los Altos Hills of as-yet-unknown causes. I met him only once -- as a member of the TAFNOT tour to the Atlanta Games. But I saw him run in several masters sprints. He

t-and-f: Another obit in masters track: Alphonse Juilland

2001-01-02 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: In the course of researching Alan Cranston as senior sprinter, I learned that another esteemed masters star died this year -- Stanford Professor Alphonse Juilland. Juilland's greatest fame in masters track may have been the fact he was pictured on the cover of one of the

t-and-f: Lincoln's kidney bean track

2001-01-04 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Phil W's description of the high-tech indoor track at Nebraska prompts a memory of a slightly less modern Cornhusker facility. I ran a 600-yard race at Nebraska's indoor track around 1973 as part of a dual or triangular meet involving my Kansas Jayhawks (where I was a walk-on

t-and-f: Marty Glickman story as told in 1999

2001-01-04 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: On July 4,1999, a column by Tom Cushman of The San Diego Union-Tribune recounted the Marty Glickman story. Here's what Cushman wrote: One day before he was to compete in the 400-meter relay and possibly win an Olympic gold medal, Marty Glickman was summoned to a meeting of the seven

t-and-f: Event schedule at Long Beach State?

2001-01-05 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Coach Andy Sythe at Long Beach State (in SoCal) informs me that his annual winter all-comers meet series begins January 6, and continues Jan. 20, Feb. 3. I haven't gotten a reply yet from him on the schedule of events, and when they start. Anyone out there able to help? Ken Stone

t-and-f: USATF snub of Marion Jones detailed

2001-01-07 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Mark Zeigler of The San Diego Union-Tribune describes the process by which Marion Jones lost the Jesse Owens Award vote to Stacy Dragila. Mark also quotes Olympic coach Karen Dennis as being "shocked" by what she calls a "tainted election." Check out

t-and-f: Long Beach State all-comers info

2001-01-08 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Thanks to John M, I've learned the site for info on winter all-comers meets at Long Beach State University in Southern California: http://www.longbeachstate.com/trk/mtrk/winterallcomer.html Ken Stone http://www.masterstrack.com

t-and-f: Puerto Rico replaces Malaysia for 2003 WAVA

2001-01-10 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: My farflung masters moles have shared an e-mail message from WAVA President Torsten Carlius to his underlings to the effect that Kuala Lumpur has pulled out as host of the 2003 World Veterans Athletics Championships and been replaced by Puerto Rico. Here's the note Prez

t-and-f: No coverage=no trackies

2001-01-11 Thread TrackCEO
Brother Garry writes: People in that age group who play basketball, softball, soccer? Dozens/hundreds/thousands. Meet 'em every day. But no trackies. At the risk of beating the dead horse that TFN is at the moment, I will quote from an editor's note (apparently by the late Alphonse Juilland)

t-and-f: Taking this thread to logical extreme

2001-01-13 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: For those who say high-schoolers are being cheated by not running 400H, all I can say is: Yeah, sure. And make the kidlets run 42-inch hurdles in the highs. And throw the 16-pound shot. And use 16-foot Pacer poles in the vault. Why deprive them? Nothing wrong with running 300

Re: t-and-f: Taking this thread to logical extreme

2001-01-13 Thread TrackCEO
DG, Yeah, I get the point on 300s not being quite the challenge as 400s, but you do learn such things as step pattern and running the curve. My old coach at Valencia was crestfallen when I told him, near the end of my junior year, that my family was moving to Omaha. He said: "You can't do

t-and-f: Official word on 2003 WAVA meet status

2001-01-19 Thread TrackCEO
Confirming my earlier posts, Rex Harvey reports on the WAVA Web site: January 18, 2001: WAVA President Torsten Carlius reports that the rights to conduct the 2003 WAVA World Championship have been withdrawn from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He states that last March, when some question arose, he

t-and-f: Bridget Cushen: WAVA women's rep for life?

2001-01-19 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all The WAVA Web site informs us that Bridget Cushen of Britain is running again for the office of WAVA women's representative. See posting at: http://www.wava.org/latest%20news/Bridget%20Cushen%20Announcement.htm Given that Cushen has apparently done nothing on behalf of Kathy

t-and-f: Johnny Gray vs USOC?

2001-01-20 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Kirby Lee of the Los Angeles Daily News has written one of the strangest pieces on track I've ever seen. It's an advance story on the L.A. Invitational, but it makes a truly bizarre claim. Kirby writes: LOS ANGELES - Johnny Gray announced his retirement at age 40 when he came up

t-and-f: Grayman delivers speedy 600

2001-01-21 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: JG had little trouble winning the 600-yard run Saturday night at the Los Angeles Invitational at the Sports Arena, beating a kid about 20 years younger by 2.6 seconds. Gray's pace was 52.9 for a quarter-mile -- which would have gotten fourth at last year's masters indoor nationals.

t-and-f: Thom Hunt's reaction to HS sub-4 indoors

2001-01-21 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Writer Tom Shanahan got the former prep mile record-holder on the horn for this piece in The San Diego Union-Tribune: http://www.uniontrib.com/sports/20010121-_1s21mile.html Ken Stone http://www.masterstrack.com

t-and-f: Kathy Jager case: WAVA rejects early reinstatement

2001-01-25 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all WAVA has spoken, and it's bad news for Kathy Jager and her cause. WAVA President Torsten Carlius has informed Carl and Kathy Jager that her request for early reinstatement from a two-year drug ban (ending this coming fall) has been rejected by the WAVA Council. This means she

t-and-f: Staples track meet spiked

2001-01-31 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The Associated Press reports out of Los Angeles: A disagreement over sponsorship funding has forced the cancellation of the Powerade indoor track and field meet, organizers said Wednesday. The meet, which was scheduled for Feb. 11, was to be the first track competition held at

t-and-f: Details on Staples meet cancellation

2001-02-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Check out differing accounts on Powerade snafu at: http://www.latimes.com/sports/times/20010201/t09584.html http://www.dailynews.com/sports/articles/0201/01/spo04.asp Ken Stone http://www.masterstrack.com

t-and-f: The Long Run movie info

2001-02-02 Thread TrackCEO
Marty et al: Check out: http://www.upcomingmovies.com/longrun.html Ken Stone

t-and-f: Gray wins Millrose in masters record

2001-02-02 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The Associated Press reports from Millrose Games: Johnny Gray won his fifth Millrose Games title in a stirring finish with unheralded Daniel Caulfield of Ireland. Gray led all the way in his first major comeback race, finishing in 1 minute, 50.4 seconds, smashing the Masters indoor

t-and-f: Complete results of Millrose 800

2001-02-02 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Johnny Gray also ran the fatest masters 800 in history, indoors or outdoors, breaking the M40 outdoor record of 1:50.69 set 9/2/2000 by Colm Rothery of Ireland. Gray's winning time is worth 1:43.65 on the WAVA Age-Graded Tables -- which are undergoing revision studies as we speak.

t-and-f: Geezer Glory! Ottey wins Millrose 60

2001-02-02 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: And to top it all off, 40-year-old Merlene Ottey wins the Millrose 60 meters in 7.20. That crushes the listed WAVA world W40 indoor 60 record of 8.01 by American Denise Foreman on 3/22/97. The 7.20 works out to an Age-Graded 6.816! AP sez: "Ottey . . . burst out front quickly in

t-and-f: Tyree burns 400 at all-comers

2001-02-04 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: While waiting to time a friend at the 200 mark of 400 at the Long Beach State (Calif.) all-comers meet Saturday (2/3/2001), I read off splits for runners in the first heat. I was shocked to find myself saying: "21, 22, ..." as one guy flashed by. Mystery was soon resolved. PA lady

t-and-f: Two Eurovets banned for two years

2001-02-07 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Kathy Jager has company. The IAAF has identified an M50 Czech Republic javelin thrower and a W50 Italian sprinter/jumper as having been sanctioned by their national federations after testing positive for banned substances. Like Jager -- the WAVA world-champion W55 sprinter from

t-and-f: AP agate errs on pole valut

2001-02-23 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Speaking of track results agate, here's what The Associated Press sent at 1:06 p.m. Pacific time Friday, Sept. 23, 2001: BC-RUN-Flanders Indoor Results,0387 Flanders Indoor Results By The Associated Press At Ghent, Belgium Pole vault -- 1, Rodion Gataullin, Russia, 25-3 1/4 2,

t-and-f: Can anyone report on Leeper?

2001-02-25 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Just heard from a friend that Nathan Leeper lept on Letterman on Friday night. Anyone see it? I'm told Letterman made a joke about the top winter sports -- and segued into the high jumping segment. Ken Stone

t-and-f: Elite masters mile fields at Atlanta nationals

2001-02-26 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Count on records burning at the Atlanta USATF indoor national championships -- but not from the Dragilas and Trammels alone. A milestone masters race Saturday, March 3, will pit world and American record holders and champions at the Georgia Dome. These elite men's and women's

t-and-f: How to get rich: Be a dope scientist

2001-03-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: The Associated Press reports from Colorado Springs, Colo: The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has established a $2 million research program in efforts to eliminate the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports "Prior to our annual $2 million commitment in anti-doping research, the

t-and-f: Atlanta masters mile results

2001-03-03 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Whether it's a high schooler named Webb or middle-agers named Shaheed or Smith-Hanna, the middle of the fields of recent miles have provided the most startling results. This morning in Atlanta, Nolan Shaheed of Southern California demolished his own world indoor record in the M50

t-and-f: Gray slows in USATF finals

2001-03-03 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Johnny Gray isn't superhuman after all. Back-to-back masters world records weren't in the cards as he took seventh in the USATF indoor nationals 800 today at the Georgia Dome (in a time most masters would kill for). Still awaiting to hear from eyewitnesses on Gray race. Also,

t-and-f: Masters disaster: No results from Boston

2001-03-25 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: It's 4:50 p.m. Pacific time as I write this. If the Boston time schedule has been adhered to, the USATF national masters indoor meet ended at least 4 hours ago. Yet no results are posted to http://www.tracs.net/ as promised on the site. This is utter nonsense. This also is a huge

t-and-f: Men's highlights of USATF masters indoor nationals

2001-03-26 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Bill Collins of Missouri City, Texas, pushed the envelope of his age-group's sprint records and perhaps his own body's limits March 23-25 at the USATF National Masters Indoor Championships on in Boston -- setting one world indoor record and barely missing a second. Collins,

t-and-f: Brisbane WAVA entries falling short

2001-03-28 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Brisbane organizers of the 14th World Veterans Athletic Championships are outwardly optimistic but privately nervous about entries for the biennial masters meet July 4-14, 2001, in northeast coastal Australia. The event even risks falling short of the size of the 1987 WAVA

t-and-f: Masterstrack.com Photos posted

2001-03-30 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Nearly 200 photos on masters track are now available for viewing at http://www.masterstrack.com/photos.html I'm planning to write captions for each, but the file names in the Photo index give U some information. EU stands for Eugene 2000, OR stands for Orono 1998, and SJ

t-and-f: WAVA posts Eurovets drug news

2001-03-31 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Almost two months after I detailed the cases, the WAVA Web site has finally posted a bare-bones announcement on the two Eurovets suspended after testing positive for drugs. (See my original posts at http://www.masterstrack.com/news2001/news2001feb7.html and

t-and-f: Marion shooting for WR in 300 at Mt. SAC?

2001-03-31 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Sunday's edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune carries this provocative preview of the Mt. SAC Relays: Monique Henderson just happened to be in the coaches' office when the meet director for the Mt. SAC Relays called. "He said that Marion Jones was going for the world record in

t-and-f: Marion shooting for WR in 300 at Mt. SAC?

2001-03-31 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Sunday's edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune carries this provocative preview of the Mt. SAC Relays: Monique Henderson just happened to be in the coaches' office when the meet director for the Mt. SAC Relays called. "He said that Marion Jones was going for the world record in

t-and-f: Clueless R Us

2001-04-02 Thread TrackCEO
In a message dated 4/1/01 4:02:46 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Ken Stone is not just a random list member who reads the San Diego Union-Tribune. He is a copy editor for the paper and often writes track and field articles. Well, yes and no. I'm a rimrat at the U-T, but I rarely write more

t-and-f: WAVA elections uncontested in 2001

2001-04-04 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all I've learned that only one elective office will be contested at the Brisbane General Assembly -- the biennial meeting of voting delegates during the World Veterans Athletic Championships in July. So far, the only race is for vice president (stadia) between incumbent Jim Blair

t-and-f: Fwd: WR attempt-4x1500/1600/mile

2001-04-10 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Emil Magallanes writes that he needs a meet for masters 4xMile record attempt. Anyone out there able to accommodate him? Thanks for your attention. Ken Stone Emil writes: The Reebok Aggie Masters would like to make an attempt at the WR/AR in the 4x1500/1600/mile. The

t-and-f: Rey Brown back in the HJ hunt

2001-04-10 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: The one SoCal masters meet I decide to skip produces some HUGE news: Reynaldo Brown is back. Jason Meisler, a 7-2ish jumper in his UCLA days and now a masters straddler, reports that Rey Brown, the 1968 Olympian as a Compton HS jumper, competed this past Sunday (4/8/01) at

t-and-f: Syedikh, Farmer-Patrick record attempts?

2001-04-13 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Kansas Relays reports: LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Yuriy Syedikh (Yur-ee Sid-yeak), the world record holder in the men's hammer throw with a mark of 284-7 will compete at the 2001 Kansas Relays, "An Olympic Return." Syedikh, a former Track and Field News athlete of the year, has had over 204

t-and-f: Mt SAC 2001 photos (including Marion)

2001-04-26 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Just uploaded some shots I got this past Sunday at Mt. SAC Relays, including a set of Marion Jones -- winning the 300, catching her breath, getting congratulations from Mo Greene and chatting with meet director Scott Davis. Rest are mostly shots from the masters men's and

t-and-f: M45 record for 100 falls at Penn?

2001-04-27 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Pending confirmation of wind speed, Neville Hodge of Baltimore and Sprint Force America has established a world age-group record for the 100 in M45, becoming the first man 45 or over to break 11 seconds. Results from the Penn Relays in Philly show: Event 131, Friday, 2:47 pm

t-and-f: Tommie Smith talks to LA Times

2001-05-01 Thread TrackCEO
Check out bittersweet profile of Tommie Smith by LA Times writer Bill Plashcke, which suggests he won't get anywhere near his requested $50,000 for 1968 medal but wants to start a youth foundation with the money. I'm still hoping Tommie comes out for masters track, as he's intimated in the

t-and-f: Wide World of Sports track snippets

2001-05-01 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: For the five or six people left on the List who haven't fallen on their swords or threatened to do so: ABC's Wide World of Sports had a two-hour special Sunday celebrating its 40th anniversary. Track was featured in all of 2.5 minutes, including the opening shot of Jim McKay on

t-and-f: Just revealed: W40 record in 5000

2001-05-02 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Runner's World Online posted on May Day: Fantastic 5000: The British track and field newsletter Athletics International reports in its latest edition that a remarkable women's masters track record went unspotted last summer. Romanian Elena Fidatov (born July 24, 1960) ran the

t-and-f: Interviews with WAVA candidates Harvey, Blair

2001-05-02 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Incumbent Jim Blair and challenger Rex Harvey are the only announced candidates for the office of vice president (stadia) in the World Association of Veteran Athletes. The election is July 11, 2001, at the World Veterans Athletic Championships in Brisbane, Australia. The

t-and-f: Neville Hodge 10.96 M45 called legit

2001-05-04 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Phil Felton, a trackside witness to the masters sprints at Penn, reports that the negative wind reading and time for Neville Hodge in the M45 100 was legitimate -- and that paperwork is being filed for a WR in his age group: 10.96. That's a 10.1 on the Age-Graded Tables (for sake of

t-and-f: Who dropped the ball on Meb's 10 record?

2001-05-05 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: It's close to 1 a.m. Saturday, Pacific time. More than two and half hours ago, Stanford's Web site posted news of Meb's American record in the 10,000 at the Cardinal Invitational. But unless your local newspaper is on the West Coast and has a VERY quick-off-the-mark sports copy desk,

t-and-f: If only we had a human exacta

2001-05-05 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: It's now 6:15 p.m. Pacific time, coming up on first-edition deadlines for some East Coast USA newspapers. Still no peep from AP on Meb's AR and the Kenyan running the fastest 10K ever on U.S. soil. To their credit, both Jill Geer at USATF and Steve Rider at Running USA wire have

t-and-f: Shaheed still rolling at 51

2001-05-07 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings At 51, Nolan Shaheed doesn't know how to go slow. In a busy month of 800s, which included an exhibition win at the Mt. SAC Relays and a 2:00.11 at Drake, Shaheed on Sunday (May 5) ran another quick two laps at the Steve Scott Invitational at UC Irvine in California. Results of his

t-and-f: $100,000 sub-4 bid for Johnny Gray?

2001-05-08 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Details are sketchy, but it looks as if the USATF Outdoor Open Nationals this June in Eugene, Oregon, will include two masters miles -- one for men and one for women. And the men's race will feature Johnny Gray going for the first sub-4 outdoors by an M40. Organizers have

t-and-f: $100,000 sub-4 bid for Johnny Gray?

2001-05-08 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Details are sketchy, but it looks as if the USATF Outdoor Open Nationals this June in Eugene, Oregon, will include two masters miles -- one for men and one for women. And the men's race will feature Johnny Gray going for the first sub-4 outdoors by an M40. Organizers have

t-and-f: Rod Dixon back in the WAVA hunt

2001-05-08 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all: Rod Dixon is a member of the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame for his exploits on the track and roads, including a bronze medal in the Munich 1500 and a 1983 New York Marathon victory. But unlike most Hall of Famers, he hasn’t hung up his spikes. In 1995, Dixon waged a

t-and-f: American WAVA roster revelations

2001-05-10 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all The American roster for the 14th World Veterans Athletic Championships this July in Brisbane has been released -- and it contains several surprises and ironies. See the roster at: http://www.masterstrack.com/USAList.html Not a shock is the steep drop in entrants from the

t-and-f: Powell begins road to Athens (and masters)

2001-05-15 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all Mighty Mike has begun his comeback in the long jump with a pretty impressive leap at Modesto -- and although USATF noticed, few others did. LA Times carried only agate of the meet on Sunday (in my edition in San Diego). At least the OC Register paid heed: By LARRY BORTSTEIN

t-and-f: Financial scandal at National Senior Olympics

2001-05-20 Thread TrackCEO
Greetings, all The Advocate daily newspaper of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been reporting dribs and drabs of a potentially far-reaching scandal involving the National Senior Games Association, the folks putting on the National Senior Olympics, which includes a July track meet for over-50s at

t-and-f: Video available of Penn masters 4x4?

2001-05-26 Thread TrackCEO
Y ask Y: Dr. Ray Blackwell, anchor of the 4x4 world record M40 relay at Penn this year, wonders if anyone has video of that event (the WR masters relay in which the four Sprint Force America members averaged an incredible 50.2 per leg.) Lemme know, or write directly to Dr. B (a thoracic

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