Re: [Tagging] eelgrass

2019-12-20 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM via Tagging
Apologies for top-posting, but the interface in the browser does not enable me to make any sense of multiple comments. Anyway here goes: Zostera (eel-grass) grows below the tide line, so really is not an emergent plant. Other things in your list of aquatic bed vegetation are also not usually

Re: [Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (consulate)

2018-10-21 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
It looks as though the key in use is diplomatic in conjunction with amenity=embassy. There are several mapped in the Brazilian city of Curitiba. The reason I'm aware of these was that a friend was the Polish consul during the early 1990s. Jerry On 21/10/2018 18:01, Allan Mustard wrote:

Re: [Tagging] Topographic Prominence for Peaks

2018-09-24 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
On 24/09/2018 07:03, Joseph Eisenberg wrote: Right! Especially on my island, New Guinea.  That’s why we need to check the height of saddles and peaks “by hand”, or better yet by survey with GPS. OSM is the right place for this data, and some map styles and database users will

Re: [Tagging] building = house vs detached.

2018-07-24 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
On 23/07/2018 14:00, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote it does not seem to be a very promising concept though. Terraced houses are usually seen as a compromise for people who want an independent house, but cannot afford a detached one. Terraced houses are cheaper because they need less ground

Re: [Tagging] passage only on low tide

2017-11-05 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
This seems a good place to use the hazard key. There are a limited number of instances of hazard=tide. There's no reason why post-processing cannot append information about critical hazards to names for rendering purposes, and thus we could avoid the spurious information in the name tag. J

Re: [Tagging] war_memorial

2017-10-05 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Can I contribute to this debate? AFAIK I invented memorial=war_memorial for the Project of the Week which coincided with 11th November 2010. I agonised a certain amount about the best tag (both because of issues mentioned here, and because it would apply to both historic=monument and

Re: [Tagging] Proposal: logo tag. Opinions?

2017-09-22 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Aren't the legal arguments insuperable? Even if logos are held in Wikimedia commons I very much doubt that the licence on Wikimedia commons is accurate. Most large companies will defend the use of their brand image fiercely. In practice to use logos and other trademarks on a map one should get

Re: [Tagging] farm schools?

2017-09-05 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
From: Tom Pfeifer To: Sent: Monday, 4 September 2017, 22:56 Subject: Re: [Tagging] farm schools? On 04.09.2017 22:01, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: >> On 4. Sep 2017, at 21:45, José G Moya Y. wrote: >> In Spanish

Re: [Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - building:architecture:preromanesque

2017-08-25 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
First a comment on British usage. The main Romanesque period in Britain does start in the middle of C11 more-or-less coincident with the Norman Conquest. Although some large Romanesque churches were built earlier most were re-built in the decades following the conquest (e.g., Winchester), and

Re: [Tagging] dispersed settlements / scattered settlements

2017-06-16 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
We have plenty of examples of dispersed/scattered settlement patterns which have been mapped without having to worry about lack of tags: more or less the entire Celtic fringe of NW Europe (Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, Scottish Highlands) shows this settlement pattern. The nucleated towns

Re: [Tagging] Restaurant that doesn't sell alcohol...

2017-04-10 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Hi, There are two examples of byob=yes, one of bring_your_own_wine=yes, and one alcohol=bring_your_own_bottle. No doubt there are other tags of which I'm not aware. I would have thought that London must have a goodly number of BYOB establishments, and surely more than 4. Regards, Jerry

Re: [Tagging] Dead hedge

2017-02-20 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
re closest to wattle fences, although the construction material which is interwoven  is wood brash rather than nice coppice poles. Jerry From: Jerry Clough - OSM <> To: "Tag discussion, strategy and related tools" <

Re: [Tagging] Dead hedge

2017-02-20 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
I've many such things: the material is called brash (sometimes brush) in the UK. It is often just collected in piles or in longer rows (typically at the edge of the area being worked on) and these are usually referred to as brash piles. Brash is also used to deliberately fill gaps to discourage

Re: [Tagging] knotted willows

2017-02-20 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
There are problems with this approach. Many trees are pollarded once in their lifetimes: I'm currently looking out at some Beech trees which were probably pollarded 70 years ago, and there's a Birch which was pollarded rather crudely 50 years ago in the neighbours garden.  Ancient pollards can

Re: [Tagging] test track tagging (vs highway=raceway)

2016-10-25 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Hi Richard, Not just test tracks. Your post instantly brought to mind the training track at  the Police school outside Merida. I'm sure other Police training establishments must also have tracks designed for training of advanced driving skills. | | | | || | | | | |

Re: [Tagging] Orchards and their crops

2015-09-15 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Hi John, This is pretty much the type of situation which the taxon tag is meant to cope with: current tagging says it's an apple orchard, with taxon we can show that it's one for Bramley's or the cider apples loved by RichardF. "taxon=Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'" This can be used

Re: [Tagging] Orchards and their crops

2015-09-15 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
flowering cherry cultivar. It is a deciduous tree that grows to between 8 and 12 metres high with an 8 metre spr... | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   | From: John Willis <> To: Jerry Clough - OSM <>; "Tag discuss

Re: [Tagging] Camps

2015-05-06 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
Lets be quite clear. I am not talking about travellers, itinerant workers etc. That is a different issue. Such places (trailer parks, mobile home parks, travellers sites etc.) are a form of residential landuse. Jerry   From: David Bannon To: Jerry Clough - OSM

Re: [Tagging] Camps

2015-05-05 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
 It seems to me that the obvious generalisation, which would cover camps  organised for profit and by non-profits would be leisure=vacation_camp. This simply generalises summer, and avoids the very specific British connotations associated with  holiday_camp. This does not precisely cover things

Re: [Tagging] Tag:natural=tree and taxon names

2015-05-01 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
It really just happened. species, genus and taxon as tags came into existence at similar times. It may well be that my use of taxon was inspired by your own initiative on Flickr. Currently the position is very simple: - species and genus are preferred tags for taxon:species and

Re: [Tagging] Pre-RFC: shop=mall versus shop=shopping_centre

2014-10-21 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
A few points: * OSM standard is British English. Shopping Centre is standard British English for an enclosed pedestrian space with lots of shops. Historically these have been covered, but this is changing to a simulated street environment (in UK Liverpool One the Arc at Bury St Edmunds

Re: [Tagging] Truckage company

2014-10-21 Thread Jerry Clough - OSM
As Dudley said, Haulage contractor is standard British-English for firms (and individuals) who own and operate Heavy Goods Vehicles (over 3.5 t IIRC) to transport a whole range of loads. As others have said logistics is about the whole chain of processes rather than specifically individual