Re: [Tagging] Map maintenance with StreetComplete - Preferred tagging

2020-07-29 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Due to some concerns expressed in here (bloatness, discrepancies), I've been wondering... Wouldn't it be enough to ask randomly about some properties to be checked? For example, let's say I'm using SC to do some mapping, and from a 100 quests, I get whatever proportions of maintenance quests

Re: [Tagging] Ski picnic room

2020-02-03 Thread MARLIN LUKE
llen Envoyé : jeudi 30 janvier 2020 12:05 À : Tag discussion, strategy and related tools Objet : Re: [Tagging] Ski picnic room On Thu, 30 Jan 2020 at 10:26, MARLIN LUKE>> wrote: Noticed amenity=shelter. I initially thought about combining it with shelter-typ

Re: [Tagging] Ski picnic room

2020-01-30 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Noticed amenity=shelter. I initially thought about combining it with shelter-type:picnic, but it seems too... "open" for me. Like, not a complete building. I'll use this in the meantime ___ Tagging mailing list

[Tagging] Ski picnic room

2020-01-29 Thread MARLIN LUKE
I'm trying to tag a building which is a shelter with some vending machines, tables and benches. This type of building is called "salle hors sac" in french, and it seems that the english counterpart would be "picnic room". They are places where you are allowed to bring your own food and eat it.

Re: [Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (contact:phone)

2019-12-04 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Hi there, Disclaimer: -I don't have much experience with OSM. -I find the proposition of unifying the usage quite logical. -Now that I've read some responses, I understand why the community could be against. However: I'm amazed at how harsh people are against Sören. He's been putting some time

Re: [Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting - (phone)

2019-11-06 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Given the comments, wouldn't it make sense to reopen at the opposite, i.e legitimating contact:phone over phone? The idea of having only one instead of two tags was apparently quite approved in itself. De : Martin Koppenhoefer Envoyé : mardi 5 novembre 2019

Re: [Tagging] swimming=* access tag

2019-10-23 Thread MARLIN LUKE
I'm actually quite surprised this didn't exist. In France there are also some lakes with holiday camps around where it's clearly stated if swimming is allowed or not. Sometimes, it might be only for specific portions of the lake though, how would that work? De :

Re: [Tagging] Agility park for dogs

2019-09-03 Thread MARLIN LUKE
inside >(like playground=sandpit). Why not, however is there a tag for this? De : Graeme Fitzpatrick Envoyé : lundi 26 août 2019 23:55 À : Tag discussion, strategy and related tools Objet : Re: [Tagging] Agility park for dogs On Tue, 27 Aug 2019 at 0

[Tagging] Agility park for dogs

2019-08-26 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Hi there, I'm going to map a small dog park where there are obstacles for agility training, and I'm not sure if I should use sport=dog_training[1] or not. It seems like it's just an old proposal and there was quite some discussion about it. It also looks like it's not much used, less than 500

Re: [Tagging] Removing an ATM

2019-07-09 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Thanks everyone for the input. I've noted that "removed:" could be interesting in specific cases, however considering where this one is (and it's removal date!), I deleted it. De : Mateusz Konieczny Envoyé : mardi 9 juillet 2019 17:23 Cc : Tag discussion,

[Tagging] Removing an ATM

2019-07-09 Thread MARLIN LUKE
Hi, I've read in the wiki (and on this list) that it's best to avoid loosing history. I have an ATM mapped in a street which does not exist anymore (apparently since 2014). Should I: -Remove the tag and keep a blank point? (triggers a message on iD, I'm not even sure I can save the changes)