Re: [Tagging] coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread Frederik Ramm
Hi, On 23.11.20 15:10, David Groom wrote: > Using this logic the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Persian > Gulf should all have the coastline tags removed from their defining ways > and converted to water areas!   Italy, Greece, Libya, Egypt and a large > group of other counties would

Re: [Tagging] coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread David Groom
See comments below: David -- Original Message -- From: "Eric H. Christensen via Tagging" To: "" Cc: "Eric H. Christensen" Sent: 18/11/2020 20:19:51 Subject: [Tagging] coastline v. water After a few days of much work, a recent collaborative project to turn

[Tagging] Segregated foot-cycle path with different surfaces

2020-11-23 Thread Volker Schmidt
How do I correctly tag this way: OSM way 434742113 , Mapillary image It's a segregated bidirectional foot-cycleway: highway=path bicycle=designated foot=designated segregated=yes onewy=no Its

Re: [Tagging] coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread Brian M. Sperlongano
I've spent a significant amount of time painstakingly re-mapping the crudely-drawn PGS coastal boundaries of Rhode Island to conform to the wiki definition of natural=coastline, having it traverse all the little bays, coves, inlets, etc. I've also been adding named bodies of water as polygons

Re: [Tagging] coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread Frederik Ramm
Hi, I would like to make one point that has been touched on but not said clearly, I think. Some proponents of the recent changes to Chesapeake bay have used reasoning like: "Only by mapping the bay as a polygon can $SOFTWARE properly determine that a given location is in the bay, as opposed to

Re: [Tagging] Segregated foot-cycle path with different surfaces

2020-11-23 Thread Hubert87 via Tagging
Hi Volker, this looks like a valid solution to me. Slight additions/corrections: don't use "lanes=2" as this is for fully fledged carrigeways. Also, you might want to use: bicycle:lanes=no|designated foot:lanes=designated|no and maybe add a general "overall" tag surface=paved Yours

Re: [Tagging] surface=rock

2020-11-23 Thread Matthew Woehlke
On 21/11/2020 15.07, Joseph Eisenberg wrote: My understanding about this is that there is a difference between British English usage and American usage - especially in the western USA. The English seem to have an idea that "rock" is for mostly solid, immobile "bedrock", while a "stone" is a

Re: [Tagging] Extremely long Amtrak route relations / coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread Dave F via Tagging
On 22/11/2020 22:27, Christoph Hormann wrote: Exactly. It also shows how we in OSM traditionally make decisions about tagging. An idea to change tagging practice was suggested - on an open channel for everyone to read and comment on without hurdles and with an archive that allows us now to

Re: [Tagging] coastline v. water

2020-11-23 Thread Kevin Kenny
On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 2:57 PM Frederik Ramm wrote: > Now, you might smirk and say "let's fix the tools then", but until the > tools are fixed - which might take years -, you've made life a hell of a > lot harder for anyone editing or quality monitoring in the whole area. > > And all for what -