Re: [Tagging] Documentation issues of PT tagging schemes

2018-07-24 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi, This would not be the bells and whistles method, but the bread and water method. The basics that would have the routing working and the map displaying things. See and

Re: [Tagging] Documentation issues of PT tagging schemes

2018-07-25 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi, What I would like to see is how to map a Public Transport Route in version 3 .. that has the bear minimum of things to have and the rules that make the route valid. This is where the problem sits; the point of view of what a route is vary wildly. Few people are even willing to pinpoint

Re: [Tagging] Public Transport Timetables Proposal RFC

2018-11-01 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi, Hint: you may get more qualified feedback if you use the talk-transit@ mailing list. This tagging@ list is a generalist mailing list intended to gather people with a passion to write mails. One thing we could investigate is some sort of indication whether a bus or train route tagged in

Re: [Tagging] The actual use of the level tag

2019-01-20 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi Tobias, we have here in Wuppertal, Germany at least three indoor-tagged structures that have street level entrances at multiple levels, making "street level" a not-at-all defined concept. In case of the university e.g. the main entrance is on level 7, and street level entrances range from

Re: [Tagging] The actual use of the level tag

2019-01-21 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi Tobias, thank you for keeping the discussion. One extra thing I have just learned is that non-numerical level refs are not-so-uncommon in the US, hence should be covered by a tool to be helpful there. > I do not want to sound so combative or negative here - to reason > for why a new tag

Re: [Tagging] [OSM-talk] Feature Proposal - RFC - Mapping disputed boundaries

2018-11-27 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi all, a much simpler approach is to look into the respective constitution. The Ukrainian constitution defines the state's territory in article 133. Other countries, like Germany do so as well, and Ireland does or has done so. France does not define its terriotry in the constitution, and

[Tagging] Tagging Governance

2019-09-09 Thread Roland Olbricht
Hi all, I have got into the duty to talk about tagging governance on the SotM and I would like to develop that opportunity towards something that is rather helpful in the long term. To ensure that I am on the right track and not unintentionally after a personal agenda I would like to ask you to