jstl, request parameters

2002-02-20 Thread Steve Morrison
I'm considering moving a large codebase of proprietary templates to jsp, and the jstl in particular. A problem I've had so far is with using SPEL and if tag. Such as: c:if test=$param:myParam == '1'do stuff/c:if and myParam does not exist in the url query string, an exception is thrown.

loading a singleton class in jsp

2002-02-20 Thread Michael Buenaventura
Hi, I'm using struts framework and I was trying to load a singleton class that will hold my dropdown list of state in my jsp. jsp:useBean id=StateLookup scope=session class=com.blah.StateLookup.getInstance();/ StateLookup is a singleton class. I'm using the jsp:useBean so that I can use these

Re: jstl, request parameters

2002-02-20 Thread Shawn Bayern
The final version of JSTL will most likely be substantially more lenient with respect to values that don't exist. Unfortunately, there's not much I can advise other than, Wait for the upcoming version! :-) (Such is the nature of early-access releases.) -- Shawn Bayern Author, JSP Standard Tag