jstl, request parameters

2002-02-20 Thread Steve Morrison
I'm considering moving a large codebase of proprietary templates to jsp, and the jstl in particular. A problem I've had so far is with using SPEL and if tag. Such as: c:if test=$param:myParam == '1'do stuff/c:if and myParam does not exist in the url query string, an exception is thrown.

Re: Suppress whitespace generation?

2002-02-27 Thread Steve Morrison
I suggest the choose tag in the jstl (and probably other tags as well) should trim their content. Considering: c:choose c:when test=$param:foo == 'bar1'.../c:when c:when test=$param:foo == 'bar2'.../c:when c:when test=$param:foo == 'bar3'.../c:when c:otherwise.../c:otherwise /c:choose

c:url clunky

2002-04-08 Thread Steve Morrison
I noticed that c:param's in a c:url are added backwards. So if I have: c:url var=my_url value=http://example.com/script.jsp; c:param name=A1/c:param c:param name=B2/c:param c:param name=C3/c:param /c:url It produces: http://example.com/script.jsp?C=3amp;B=2amp;A=1 This isn't so good

question about XPath tests

2002-04-18 Thread Steve Morrison
I have a node in an XML doc I'd like to compare against. It's a number, say 1001. x:out select=$dom_ref/path/to/node = 1001/ displays true or false correctly depending on if the the node content is 1001 or not. But this always is true: x:if select=$dom_ref/path/to/node = 1001true/x:if no

booleans in x:out, x:if

2002-06-03 Thread Steve Morrison
I want to do something based on the number of tags in an XML doc. I have this: x:out select=count($dom_wp//wpPages) 1 where $dom_wp contains 1 or more wpPages tags. This prints out true or false correctly. But this does not do what I expect: x:if select=count($dom_wp//wpPages) 1more than

jstl type conversion

2003-02-05 Thread Steve Morrison
It seems as if the jstl (1.0.2) coerces all numbers to a Double, where really what I want is to keep it as an integer. c:set var=height250/c:set c:out value=${height/2}/ returns 125.0. I'd like it to return just 125 - any hints? Thanks, -Steve