[Talk-us] Strange edits in area I'm working on

2018-04-12 Thread David Wisbey
In the last couple of days some very strange new edits have been occurringright in the area I have been working on. https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=potlatch2#map=19/39.69619/-104.90209 39.69619, -104.90209 Greentree Village Apartments, Denver, CO 1.  A couple of days ago these untagged

[Talk-us] Recent Aerial Photo Imagery Changes

2017-09-25 Thread David Wisbey
Fellow mappers, So what's up with the recent changes in our aerial photo imagery? It used to be so simple and I followed the rule(?) of making sure featuresline up with Bing imagery.  I'm wondering about that now - big time.I have been mapping in a variety of locations lately and the situation

Re: [Talk-us] Am I mapping this wrong, or should the router be fixed for this?

2015-07-27 Thread David Wisbey
 This issue reminds me of something I saw a lot of recently on OSMin Fort Collins, Colorado.  I get the impression that the mapper whodid this editing did it as a way to avoid the problem(s) mentionedregarding routing.  When I first saw this peculiar way of mappingtraffic signals, I didn't

[Talk-us] No Parallel/Resize or Copy/Paste in iD editor?

2015-04-19 Thread David Wisbey
see any wayto do that. Is there a hidden way of doing this, such as hot keys?  Be seeing you, David J. Wisbey GIS Services / Cartography / Graphics / Desktop Publishing Tel.  720-282-3626 Email:  yourvillagem...@yahoo.com I'm also on Facebook as David Wisbey