Re: [Talk-GB] featdesc & featcode

2020-11-19 Thread SK53
Hi Dave, The wood/forest and water ones I've seen are entirely useless in OSM as the relevant natural tags represent exactly the same information. For some external sources imported to OSM retaining the original codes is useful when there is not a precise 1:1 correspondence to tags, but that is

[Talk-GB] Solar update Q3 2020

2020-10-01 Thread SK53
I'd meant to provide an update at the end of August, just after the peak of a frenzy of adding solar power from the new higher quality Bing imagery. As I didn't, now is a good time to summarise recent progress: September has seen more modest gains. Some headline figures: - We passed 250k OSM

Re: [Talk-GB] Blocked / overgrown / inaccessible footpaths and bridleways

2020-09-29 Thread SK53
A few from my own records: - Carmarthenshire near Carmarthen I documented <> a while back. Signage is often absent and far too many PRoWs were, for all intents & purposes blocked. Several we

Re: [Talk-GB] man_made=survey_point

2020-08-23 Thread SK53
This approach has been advocated in other European countries, and the Spanish community imported all the points of the national geodesic network (e.g., for Extremadura ). They more or less violate the idea of OSM as something

Re: [Talk-GB] New Bing Imagery

2020-08-19 Thread SK53
This isn't necessarily true. If you open any OS Open Data product in QGIS one is now confronted by a bewildering array of ways of converting from the OSGB national grid co-ordinates to WGS84. The optimum one currently uses the 2015 file of detailed offset corrections to the basic projection

Re: [Talk-GB] Street-name toids

2020-08-13 Thread SK53
sts) <> wrote: > On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 at 16:56, SK53 wrote: > > OpenRoads from the Ordnance Survey contains a field containing the toid > for the street name. I wonder if we should include these alongside usrn & > uprn. They may be more useful than

Re: [Talk-GB] Street-name toids

2020-08-13 Thread SK53
there. Jerry On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 at 20:37, Mark Goodge wrote: > > > On 12/08/2020 16:54, SK53 wrote: > > OpenRoads from the Ordnance Survey contains a field containing the toid > > for the street name. I wonder if we should include these alongside usrn > > & uprn. They

[Talk-GB] Street-name toids

2020-08-12 Thread SK53
OpenRoads from the Ordnance Survey contains a field containing the toid for the street name. I wonder if we should include these alongside usrn & uprn. They may be more useful than either for gathering complex roads which share a name. Experimentally I have added this

[Talk-GB] Rooftop Solar & UPRNs

2020-08-01 Thread SK53
When I wrote to this list at the end of June I little suspected that we'd achieve 25% completion of solar panels by the end of July. Obviously, access to greatly improved imagery has made a big difference. The places mentioned by Dan : LAs around Exeter & the Midlands now have good coverage. The

Re: [Talk-GB] Local Wildlife Sites

2020-07-21 Thread SK53
Yes, am reasonably familiar with ones in Notts & Derbys. A friend led the initial survey work (Phase 1 habitat) back in the 1970s, other friends were surveyors. Some LAs do have these as data on their GIS systems (Nottingham & Nottinghamshire for instance), others have lists (RBWM). I understand

Re: [Talk-GB] Scheduled Monument

2020-07-16 Thread SK53
It looks that for listed gardens we've used a combination of listed_status & listed_status_register (so each type belongs in a separate register): see Bagthorpe Gardens . Mapping listed sties was a particular interest when Will

[Talk-GB] Farmworkers Seasonal Accomodation

2020-07-12 Thread SK53
The recent outbreak of covid-19 in Herefordshire prompts me to wonder how we map the groups of (usually) caravans provided on farm sites to accommodate seasonal workers. I remember we (Andy, Tom & I) passed one east of Gringley-on-the-Hill 5 years ago which Andy (SomeoneElse) mapped

[Talk-GB] UPRNs & INSPIRE Polys

2020-07-06 Thread SK53
Many of you may have seen a tweet from Owen Boswarva last night. It's prompted me to do what I planned to do anyway. Owen looked at West Bridgford, a suburb/town within Greater Nottingham, and found 77% of INSPIRE polygons could be

[Talk-GB] New Bing Imagery

2020-07-06 Thread SK53
Quite recently new very high quality imagery has appeared in a few places on Bing: - South Lakeland extending over the fells at Scafell & Bowfell includes Askham-in-Furness, Grange-over-Sands, Arnside, Kendal - a swathe extending from Wigan, N of Rochdale and across to Huddersfield,

Re: [Talk-GB] Maps on BBC Radio 4

2020-07-05 Thread SK53
Radio 4 have certainly covered OSM in the past. Kat Arney attended a hack day in London back in 2013 iirc and interviewed a few participants: Robert Scott was the one who made it to the on-air programme. Something like a segment on Countryfile about footpath mapping might work, but having seen

Re: [Talk-GB] UPRN Locations Map

2020-07-04 Thread SK53
I've tried to match UPRNs to buildings 1:1 in Nottingham and therefore provide an address lookup. Here's the first stab of 35 k objects: Jerry On Sat, 4 Jul 2020 at 12:28, Mark Goodge wrote: > > > On 04/07/2

Re: [Talk-GB] UPRN Locations Map

2020-07-04 Thread SK53
The new Leicester Coronavirus Regulations provide some interesting test data, ostensibly under a Open Government Licence, of 24 pages of postcodes and what are obviously individual properties where postcodes are split by the

Re: [Talk-GB] UPRN Locations Map

2020-07-02 Thread SK53
I've also had a quick look, and your hints are quite useful. One thing I've noticed is UPRNs which I suspect are for building shells. So there's a house which has recently been converted into student housing with a hair transplant surgery on the ground floor. This has 3 UPRNs. The next property

[Talk-GB] Solar Power mapping update Q2 2020

2020-07-02 Thread SK53
We passed a couple of milestones a few days ago: - 20% of FIT totals - 170k individual panels mapped (excluding those in solar farms) In terms of coverage there are now well over 50 LAs (all in England & Wales) with more than 50% of solar installations mapped, with around 10 exceeding 80%.

Re: [Talk-GB] Farmfoods clean up

2020-05-27 Thread SK53
As the original author of "Retail Chains...", I'm not sure that there was much usage of shop=frozen_food when I compiled it. However there seems better acceptance of the tag now & I presume its being applied to Iceland (and Heron?) too. People, often in poorer areas, do use such places for weekly

Re: [Talk-GB] INSPIRE Polygons spatial data

2020-05-16 Thread SK53
It's always been useless to us. However the terms have changed since the original release (basically IIRC to make the restrictions more explicit). Jerry On Sat, 16 May 2020 at 19:48, Mateusz Konieczny via Talk-GB <> wrote: > Is > "Although the data is released under

Re: [Talk-GB] INSPIRE Polygons spatial data

2020-05-16 Thread SK53
INSPIRE polygons have never been suitable for use in OSM. Both Chris Hill and I wrote blog posts at the time: - - Jerry

Re: [Talk-GB] Rights of way mapping - making it easy for newcomers to OSM (perhaps!)

2020-05-14 Thread SK53
It's worth pointing out that the same can be done with the following editors: iD, Potlatch2, and Vespucci. The actual formats (gpx, kml, shape, geojson) vary a bit, but all have the capability. For some years I've loaded KMLs onto Maps.Me so I can actually check the line in the field (I've made

[Talk-GB] Solar panels 150k up

2020-05-12 Thread SK53
Just would like to point out that we passed the 150,000 mark of solar panels mapped in the UK. Dan & Jez are best informed about solar farms, so the rest of this update is on small domestic rooftop installations. A number of us continue to spend time mapping rooftop panels, and, although progress

Re: [Talk-GB] Talk-GB Digest, Vol 164, Issue 16

2020-05-11 Thread SK53
Its quite possible that this just cannot be done. I believe Leicestershire, and consequently Rutland as well, does not use any reference to tehe parish in the identifiers used in official documents. Instead all paths consist if a letter followed by a number. I once tried to extract parishes from

Re: [Talk-GB] City centre landuse tagging

2020-05-03 Thread SK53
il. See my old blog posts <> and Stefan Keller's presentation <> at SotM18 on Areas of Interest. Jer

Re: [Talk-GB] CWGC: worldwide, war graves

2020-04-25 Thread SK53
Hi Daniel, Chris Hill attempted starting a discussion getting on for 10 years ago. I would imagine open data might be more on people's wavelength now, so it may be worth another shot. Jerry On Sat, 25 Apr 2020 at

Re: [Talk-GB] Q2 2020 Quarterly project GP Surgeries and health sites

2020-04-12 Thread SK53
taker (OSM lists) < >> wrote: > > > >On Sat, 11 Apr 2020 at 18:39, Dave Love wrote: > >> > >> On Thu, 2020-04-09 at 12:08 +0100, SK53 wrote: > >> > Robert Whittaker has a Pharmacy QA <

Re: [Talk-GB] Q2 2020 Quarterly project GP Surgeries and health sites

2020-04-09 Thread SK53
Robert Whittaker has a Pharmacy QA site (usefulness is somewhat limited because of on-line pharmacies & in hospital ones). Most ordinary pharmacies appear in FHRS data as well. All CQC data (including dentists & care homes) is available on Will Phillips

Re: [Talk-GB] Town Greens

2020-04-03 Thread SK53
In the past the term urban commons was widely used in the ecological literature for all sorts of (mainly) grassy spaces in towns. If one wanted a catch-all designation this might be suitable, although I think it would be perhaps better used to replace the usages of landuse=grass & leisure=common

Re: [Talk-GB] Anyone in South-West London?

2020-03-30 Thread SK53
The update of the former Wickes to Lidl in Fulwell (next to the bus garage) looks OK. Stadium Village is, of course, complete nonsense (I lived in the immediate area for 7 years, worked in it for an additional 4). Jerry On Mon, 30 Mar 2020 at 18:59, Andy Townsend wrote: > I've sent another

[Talk-GB] Suspension of Nottingham/East Midlands pub meetings until further notice

2020-03-30 Thread SK53
Dear All, I'm finally finding a little bit of time to catch up on things. Firstly, thanks to those of you who responded to me personally when I cancelled this months meeting. It meant a lot. I'm now housebound (as a 'shielding' 'extremely vulnerable' person) for a minimum of the next 12 weeks,

Re: [Talk-GB] Adding missing roads using Facebook detections

2020-03-30 Thread SK53
Dear All, Coming late to this as I have little time for any email at present. I would suggest in the current circumstances that this activity should be halted: 1. As others have said the vast majority of public roads in Great Britain (and most likely Northern Ireland too) are already

[Talk-GB] Cancellation of Nottingham pub meetup scheduled for 17th March

2020-03-13 Thread SK53
Dear All, The Nottingham pub meetup scheduled for next Tuesday 17th March will now not take place. This is in the light of recent developments of the coronavirus epidemic, including a personal need, as someone with a pre-existing condition, to self-isolate (and to encourage my father to do the

Re: [Talk-GB] Private and restricted access post boxes

2020-03-02 Thread SK53
The actual locations of many of these are still very useful. As sub-post offices get relocated to shops there are likely to be more of them. In the past I would certainly have appreciated knowing the locations of ones on the departure side of airports. To my regret I forgot to ascertain the

Re: [Talk-GB] Tagging showgrounds

2020-02-24 Thread SK53
I asked similar questions about 6 months ago: , and there are other discussions going back some 10 years: Jerry On

[Talk-GB] Derby meeting tonight

2020-02-18 Thread SK53
Dear All, A reminder that there is a pub meeting in Derby at the Brunswick by the station 19:30 tonight: Jerry ___ Talk-GB mailing list

Re: [Talk-GB] Still too many universities in Cambridge

2020-02-06 Thread SK53
Funnily enough this long-standing issue came up at our pub meeting last month. Although my reaction has always been to let sleeping dogs lie, this was clearly not the consensus. I've sent a message to University of Cambridge Information Services who run the site which consumes the

Re: [Talk-GB] Soild fuel

2020-02-03 Thread SK53
There's one fairly close to me (or at least their sign is still there, I've not recently verified that they still exist). We used shop=coal (but see below), which is not far off the more generic shop=fuel. It's over 20 years ago since I

[Talk-GB] Nottingham pub meeting TONIGHT

2020-01-21 Thread SK53
Just noticed a typo in the date on the OSM Calendar. The date for January Nottingham pub meeting is today, 21st: Just correcting on the wiki. Jerry ___ Talk-GB mailing list

Re: [Talk-GB] Various pedestrian crossing mapping issues

2020-01-20 Thread SK53
. > > I could do a detailed micromap of a few locations near me, with photos, > and we could start from there? If others already have, I'm sure they'll > speak up. > > Regards, > *Paul* > > > On Mon, 20 Jan 2020 at 10:31, SK53 wrote: > >> My father is now in his late

[Talk-GB] Various pedestrian crossing mapping issues

2020-01-20 Thread SK53
My father is now in his late '80s and not as nimble as he used to be. As a consequence I'm aware of certain things about various aspects of pedestrian crossings which either I'm not sure about mapping or have no idea. Most of these are definitely micromapping topics, but I think they are relevant

Re: [Talk-GB] Map with AI comes to the UK

2020-01-05 Thread SK53
with other data such as LiDAR > height data. There is also the prospect of using AI to help find solar > panels. > > > > Best regards, > > Rob > > > > > > On Sun, 5 Jan 2020 at 14:07, SK53 wrote: > >> > >> Perhaps more useful is that one ca

Re: [Talk-GB] Map with AI comes to the UK

2020-01-05 Thread SK53
in the future. For example I wonder if it could be > good at building detections when combined with other data such as LiDAR > height data. There is also the prospect of using AI to help find solar > panels. > > Best regards, > *Rob* > > > On Sun, 5 Jan 2020 at 14:07, SK53

Re: [Talk-GB] Map with AI comes to the UK

2020-01-05 Thread SK53
Perhaps more useful is that one can download the UK data as a geopackage from It's 147Mb zipped in a tar which unpacked is around 400Mb. I've had a very quick look and notice quite a few concentrations of

Re: [Talk-GB] Firmware update for older Garmin etrex devices

2020-01-03 Thread SK53
should be good until November 2038 (although there’s plenty of other epochs > that will break stuff before then I reckon) > Gareth > > On 3 Jan 2020, at 13:38, SK53 wrote: > >  > I was using an older Garmin etrex Legend HC as a backup track recorder > over the New Year

[Talk-GB] Firmware update for older Garmin etrex devices

2020-01-03 Thread SK53
I was using an older Garmin etrex Legend HC as a backup track recorder over the New Year, and failed to find my tracks. It turns out that the date is incorrect and instead of 1st Jan 2020 the device was registering 17 May 2000. Anyone who still uses these may be interested that a firmware patch

Re: [Talk-GB] Landuse between fences?

2019-12-31 Thread SK53
There is a surprisingly heavily used landuse=highway for highway corridors, by analogy with landuse=railway. I would think it is mainly used for motorway corridors which can be considerably wider than the carriageways, and

Re: [Talk-GB] East Midlands New Year Footpath Mapping Social 2020

2019-12-23 Thread SK53
rom aerial imagery. One thing we can do is have a good look at the various types of farmland and do some of the sub-tagging recently discussed. Jerry On Wed, 18 Dec 2019 at 12:55, SK53 wrote: > Dear All, > > Provisional details for a planned mapping event around the new year ar

Re: [Talk-GB] Laura Ashley - looking for tagging consensus

2019-12-20 Thread SK53
Hi, I actually went and scouted out one of my local stores after the last post. It's called "Laura Ashley Home" and does furniture, fabrics etc. I never checked usage of shop=furnishings. In days gone by there were concessions selling similar wares

Re: [Talk-GB] No Through Road Ahead

2019-12-19 Thread SK53
I would model this with some kind of restriction: presumably maxlength on the sharp bend. Jerry On Thu, 19 Dec 2019 at 14:07, Martin Wynne wrote: > How to tag this road? > > > > There is no actual barrier, just a very sharp corner. > > Thanks. > >

[Talk-GB] East Midlands New Year Footpath Mapping Social 2020

2019-12-18 Thread SK53
Dear All, Provisional details for a planned mapping event around the new year are now on the wiki: There's masses to be done in the area just to the West of where we visited last year. Similar type of terrain. Once a

Re: [Talk-GB] What is farmland?

2019-12-16 Thread SK53
I tend to map to field boundaries: it's all farmland in my view, just not necessarily productive. In particular strips of grass around arable may be a short-term consequence of various subsidy schemes, or game cover crops. Many ditches are there to improve the drainage of the fields so I'd see

Re: [Talk-GB] What is farmland?

2019-12-16 Thread SK53
One thing for me is that if walking in the winter knowing that a particular field which a footpath crosses is arable can be very useful. If have COPD (around 40% lung capacity) and walking across a recently ploughed field can push me past the level where my breathing can cope. Obviously I

[Talk-GB] Last Nottingham pub meeting of the year

2019-12-14 Thread SK53
Dear All, We're meeting at the Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road on Tuesday 17th from 19:30 onwards. Details on the wiki . This is primarily a social event for East Midland mappers, but anyone who wishes to come & ask any kind of

Re: [Talk-GB] What is farmland?

2019-12-14 Thread SK53
Like Dave I have come to the view that mapping individual fields as farmland is a good way to do it. I use farmland=arable & farmland=pasture. This still does not cover cases of permanent grassland which are not used for pasture. I can see the value of farmland=livestock for things like pig

Re: [Talk-GB] HS2 camden updates

2019-12-13 Thread SK53
On Thu, 12 Dec 2019 at 14:12, Andy Allan wrote: > On Thu, 12 Dec 2019 at 14:21, Andy Robinson wrote: > > > > For those keeping an eye on the HS2 Phase 1 preparatory works changes to > the > > landscape here is the link to the latest Camden district 12 month look > ahead > > which covers Euston

[Talk-GB] Parcel Post-boxes (again): national roll-out?

2019-11-28 Thread SK53
In August 2018 we had a brief discussion about Royal Mail trialling parcel post-boxes, see thread . Yesterday I noticed that one of the metered pillar boxes on Wheeler Gate in Nottingham has been converted to this form

Re: [Talk-GB] ITO! World Tools

2019-11-28 Thread SK53
The Ordnance Survey (OSGB) is the national mapping agency, the Open Roads data set is produced from data which are created as part of their main mission, so there should be no 3rd party rights. Furthermore, the recent 77m judgement changes this landscape a little from the OSMF statement, in that

Re: [Talk-GB] ITO! World Tools

2019-11-28 Thread SK53
The big difference of the old Locator layer from ITO is that it displayed the name. The other tool which used OS locator is Robert Scott's OSL Musical Chairs . Both suffer because OS Locator was last released in 2016. One way to get

[Talk-GB] Tagging RADAR Key Access

2019-11-21 Thread SK53
I notice that the recommended tagging for places which can be accessed with a RADAR key (typically disabled loos) is centralkey=nks. Given that the term RADAR is much more likely to be known, I'd prefer that we don't use the rather cryptic acronym "nks" (National Key Scheme) and in particular

Re: [Talk-GB] Types of Kissing Gates

2019-11-20 Thread SK53
other. Is it one complex gate? or for > routing do we have to place two gates and draw paths through each? > > Personally I just need to know what is the agreed method. > > Regards > > TonyS999 > On 20/11/2019 11:35, SK53 wrote: > > Whilst we tag different types of st

[Talk-GB] Types of Kissing Gates

2019-11-20 Thread SK53
Whilst we tag different types of stiles, I'm not aware that we differentiate different kinds of kissing gates. Yesterday visiting Clumber Park to participate in a National Trust path mapping briefing we saw three distinct kinds, to which I've added a fourth: 1. A traditional wooden kissing

[Talk-GB] Derby Pub Meeting tonight **NEW VENUE** The Brunswick

2019-11-19 Thread SK53
Just a reminder that the East Midland mappers are meeting in Derby tonight at the usual time of 19:30. We are moving to The Brunswick on Railway Terrace opposite Derby Station in order to be more accommodating for our Sheffield attendees.

Re: [Talk-GB] Solar farms from REPD, all checked

2019-11-17 Thread SK53
Great work Dan. A couple of the larger solar farms which don't seem to have repd:ids are on water company land. The one I've looked for a few times is the floating solar panels on Godley Reservoir. I've also been unable to reconcile the panels

Re: [Talk-GB] Import of UK SSSI data

2019-11-16 Thread SK53
A few things: - A number of SSSI's are mapped as many are co-incident with various types of Nature Reserves, although sometimes there are minor differences in boundaries. For instance the SSSI

Re: [Talk-GB] The Range - looking for tagging consensus

2019-11-08 Thread SK53
Thanks for doing this: I had wondered who the fairy was! As is often the case it might be easier to say which tags look out of place. - Department store should be reserved for what are classically called department stores and larger shops of the M type, not for a shop with a number of

Re: [Talk-GB] Name Suggestion Index

2019-11-08 Thread SK53
I wish there was a general rule which could be easily formulated: certainly it would be useful to make some useful rules-of-thumb more explicit. Below is a crude attempt at some considerations. Broadly speaking the shop=confectionery, confectionery=chocolate is probably what works best. The issue

Re: [Talk-GB] Name Suggestion Index

2019-11-06 Thread SK53
Personally I'd prefer retaining confectionery & perhaps using some kind of sub-tag for the chocolate bit: although chocolate only/dominated shops are much commoner than some other kinds of sweet shop. There's a trade-off between overly general & overly specific tags which is sometimes difficult

Re: [Talk-GB] Reference numbers for UK admin areas?

2019-10-23 Thread SK53
They are current ONS 9-character codes ('E' for England). These codes cover a wide range of administrative geographies. There is absolutely no need to add a reference to the local authority to street furniture objects as OSM is a geographical database & this can be determined from the data. Note

[Talk-GB] Nottingham meeting tonight (Tuesday 22nd)

2019-10-22 Thread SK53
Dear All, Just a reminder that we are meeting at the Lincolnshire Poacher in Nottingham from 19:30. I have a cold so will not be doing any (or very little) pre-pub mapping. Sorry about that. Regards, Jerry ___ Talk-GB mailing list

Re: [Talk-GB] Licensability of an employee's work

2019-10-18 Thread SK53
This really belongs on talk legal rather than talk-gb. The people qualified to answer such issues are more likely to be there, and it's rather specialised for this list. Certainly when I worked for a large company which paid a great deal of attention to such issues we would not have been able to

Re: [Talk-GB] Subject: Re: Thomas Cook shops

2019-10-09 Thread SK53
I went to check one which is a few hundred metres off my normal route to the supermarket. For some reason I didn't take photos. Apart from an A4 notice of closure (with few details) on the door, the absence of staff, and unopened post on the floor, the shop looked as normal. Deals still

Re: [Talk-GB] 24 hour mapathon - Aberconwy

2019-10-09 Thread SK53
>From memory the bit of Penrhyn Bay close to the Little Orme is 60s or early 70s housing (Penrhyn Beach West etc), with a lot of semis with the first floor rooms effectively in the roof space (a style I associate with Wimpey, but other builders may have used it). Unfortunately, I last visited in

Re: [Talk-GB] Import UK postcode data?

2019-10-02 Thread SK53
I really see no point. The data are already present in Nominatim (albeit perhaps not up-to-date) and search is the ONLY thing that so-called postcode centroids can help with. DE24 (Sinfin) was imported long ago, see this overpass query . What can be done is

Re: [Talk-GB] non-squared buildings

2019-09-30 Thread SK53
I'm sure that in one of the SotM talks someone mentioned that there are no right-angled buildings in New York City (or at least downtown Manhattan). I'll see if I can find the relevant talk. The general issue is really one of poorly mapped buildings, for which non-squaring is just a proxy

Re: [Talk-GB] Rights of way vs. tracks

2019-09-29 Thread SK53
of way which exist but which no traces are evident on the ground can be mapped in two ways: - Not at all. I took this option in Carmarthenshire <> where paths may be signposted but soon disappear

Re: [Talk-GB] Subject: Re: Thomas Cook shops

2019-09-28 Thread SK53
The specific problem with that suggestion is that you miss lots of Thomas Cook shops (particularly old Co-op Travel & Ilkeston Co-op travel): it hits about 3 within 15 miles of Nottingham whereas there are nearer 11 (for obvious reasons), and one of those is apparently is not

Re: [Talk-GB] Subject: Re: Thomas Cook shops

2019-09-25 Thread SK53
I suspect the fixtures & fittings will be cleared out fairly pronto, although not the fascia signage. As the firm has been liquidated I presume all leases on retail property are now in default, and consequently null and void. Landlords will be anxious to get new tenants as quickly as possible, and

[Talk-GB] September East Midlands meeting change of venue to Sheffield

2019-09-20 Thread SK53
Dear All, As I will not be back from State of the Map in time for our scheduled meeting and the people who are likely to be there are not from Nottingham, we have changed the venue to the Devonshire Cat, Sheffield at 19:30 on Tuesday. I hope to update the wiki sometime today, but John Stanworth

Re: [Talk-GB] Parkland

2019-09-14 Thread SK53
Hi Chris, I'm a bit surprised this hasn't come up before. I imagine on NPE maps the land was stippled. Rural private parks always had some areas used for pasture and even arable. Even Wollaton Park used to have a couple of fields for cattle grazing when I was a kid. Obviously places like

Re: [Talk-GB] Georeferencing / zeroing imagery

2019-09-14 Thread SK53
Hi Edward, In general the GPS rule is still the best way of doing it, we used to have access to Strava heatmap which was very good, but no longer. Other viable alternatives are: - OS OpenData road centrelines. Of course if you use a crude OSGB->WGS84 based on OSGB36 this may be upto 5 m

[Talk-GB] Solar power mapping: 100k up

2019-09-12 Thread SK53
It looks as though we have just passed the 100k solar installation mark as calculated by Gregory's site . We had 98,307 this morning and around 1700 have been added since this time yesterday (roughly the cut-off time for the stats). We have 4 LAs

Re: [Talk-GB] Showgrounds (tagging)

2019-09-04 Thread SK53
. That how the NEC is mapped > > > Ian > > > On Wed, 4 Sep 2019 at 20:55, SK53 wrote: > >> I just came across <> an >> agricultural showground tagged as leisure=park and realis

[Talk-GB] Showgrounds (tagging)

2019-09-04 Thread SK53
I just came across an agricultural showground tagged as leisure=park and realised I didn't know what a sensible way to retag it would be. Although there are a limited number in the UK (perhaps 100 or so) they do tend to be quite prominent and when

[Talk-GB] Derby OSM Pub Meeting Tonight

2019-08-27 Thread SK53
Dear All, Usual reminder that the Derby pub meeting is tonight at 19:30 Old Silk Mill. We need to discuss potential future venues in the light of more Sheffield folk joining us. The two disadvantages of the pubs by the station are: the Alex is a bit small if our group is large; and the Brunswick

[Talk-GB] Solar Panels Quarterly Project: 39 days to go

2019-08-23 Thread SK53
Thought I'd write a really quick summary of progress on the quarterly project: - As of last night we had a total of 67,475 installations (solar farms enclosing several groups of panels are treated as one installation. At the time of

Re: [Talk-GB] OSNI Open Data

2019-08-20 Thread SK53
This query would actually be better directed at talk-ie as the Irish OSM local chapter have been having discussions with OSNI (and OSI). However, I think it's safe to say that the relevant licence is not (yet) compatible with OSM: I did briefly discuss this point with one of the Open Data NI

Re: [Talk-GB] Alignment at Point of Sleat

2019-08-12 Thread SK53
I had a quick look. The lighthouse as currently mapped sits fair & square on the building outline on OS Streetview. As Grant (Firefishy) rectified these tiles using the full OSGB-02 transform this is probably the most accurately located layer. The coastline as mapped accords with this (probably

Re: [Talk-GB] How to Fix a "Fix-Me"

2019-07-31 Thread SK53
Hi Peter, These very much look like fixmes which got forgotten. They do not show up directly in many editors (and only recently in iD). In this case all the ones you mention look to have been fully resolved by the existing mapping. In that case it's safe just to remove the fixmes, which is good

[Talk-GB] Nottingham/East Midlands pub meeting tonight 23rd July

2019-07-23 Thread SK53
The July pub meetup for Nottingham and/or East Midlands will be tonight at the Lincolnshire Poacher Nottingham: Mapping from 18:30, meet at Left Lion in the Market Square. I have hurt by big toe so might not be actively mapping tonight.

Re: [Talk-GB] Polygon Coverage of Cornwall

2019-07-01 Thread SK53
Hi Emma, A quick look suggests lots of landuse//landcover has not been mapped in Cornwall, which is fairly typical of OpenStreetMap in general. Given that you are using OpenMapTiles adding additional features to OSM is probably the quickest way to get things which you are interested in available

[Talk-GB] Solar Panels Q3 Project taster

2019-06-30 Thread SK53
I have set up a very small project to map Solar panels in the Yorkshire colliery village of Rossington using the Swiss OSM instance of Tasking Manager. There are still 4 LSOAs which haven't been worked on yet: solar panel density is high & imagery good so this is a

Re: [Talk-GB] Tools to support solar panel mapping?

2019-06-24 Thread SK53
nt from Mailspring > <>, > the best free email app for work > On Jun 24 2019, at 3:28 pm, SK53 wrote: > > Hi Gre

Re: [Talk-GB] Tools to support solar panel mapping?

2019-06-24 Thread SK53
Hi Gregory, I suspect this does not currently take account of roof-top solar power mapped as nodes. My last tally for Nottingham is a total of 4,385 solar PV generators (3,760 mapped as nodes, 625 as ways), compared with your total of 621. I added solar panels on 3 houses on Saturday (one with 2

Re: [Talk-GB] Is metric or imperial units system used for max weight signs in UK?

2019-06-20 Thread SK53
A couple of things: - Guernsey, Jersey & other Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, or for many purposes the EU, so their laws are their own concern. (Confusingly they have both ISO country codes & ISO region codes as part of GB : depending on your usage you may wish to

[Talk-GB] SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

2019-06-19 Thread SK53
Last night before visiting the pub we had a look at part of Sheffield's "Grey-to-Green" SuDS system. Unfortunately all my batteries ad packed up at this point, but there are some decent pictures on twitter . The bit we looked at was

[Talk-GB] Sheffield Mapping & Pub meeting tonight

2019-06-18 Thread SK53
A quick reminder that the East Midlands (s.l) group will be meeting in Sheffield this evening: 18:15: Sheffield Cathedral for an hour of mapping (weather permitting 19:15: Devonshire Cat for food, drink, mapping chat 20:45: Sheffield Tap: for more chat & to be convenient for trains home for folk

Re: [Talk-GB] max_age=toddler? | Re: Playground age limits

2019-06-04 Thread SK53
It might be germane to this discussion to consider minheight & maxheight as possible values. Certainly in ski resorts it is not uncommon to see minimum heights for certain chair lifts (typically 1.25m) and I think I've seen similar on amusement park rides. Height is more likely to be a determining

[Talk-GB] Sheffield OSM evening meeting Tues 18th June

2019-06-02 Thread SK53
Dear All, I met with John & Sue Stanworth to quickly recce suitable venues for our East Midlands OSM meeting in Sheffield. We decided that the Devonshire Cat is a good first spot to meet: it's close to the centre, has plenty of space, a good range of both food & beer. We'll stay there for an hour

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