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2007-12-14 Thread John Clower
Oh yes
  Finals are done!  I am rid of those pesky scholastic shackles for an
entire month!  So come celebrate with John today at noon, since he was a bad
individual and was unable to do a show on Tuesday.  Featured this week will
be one or two Christmas specials, some music courtesy of Amy, and my tribute
to Emily Howard.  Oh that's right.  I made a tribute.  Also, as is
tradition, I will ceremoniously throw out all of the papers and such that
have collected in a conniving little pile under my desk.  It sounds very
stupid, and perhaps it is.  But for those who have dealt with long,
agonizing semesters, you know all too well just how much fun it is to get
rid of it at the end of the year.
  You guys don't want to miss this one.  Well, I suppose you could.  But
then you couldn't harass me during the show via [EMAIL PROTECTED] for
Msn/Windows/Whatever messengers, TBRNLive for AIM, or 1-866-558-8276 and
0207-070-84221 for American and British phones respectively.  Sorry, I
forget how to hyphonate British-type numbers.
is the place to be, so tune in!  You know you want to maybe kinda sorta.
  This will be my last show-related announcement posted to Talk 2.  If you
haven't already, give in to peer pressure and join the official TBRN
announcements list by simply clicking  It takes no more than
six seconds and is virtually fat free!

The Talk2 List Mixed up Saturday

2007-12-14 Thread Brandon Hicks

Hi listers!!

Tomorrow, WDGLFM will not be on, due to problems and a general lack of 
existance in the proper place. Darren Duff and the Duff Domain will be 
filling in for him.

That's not all, Andre Louis will be gone away to parts unknown, and I 
myself, Brandon H will fill in for his vennorable presence. So check out 
the Duff Domain and Heavily Influenced, in place of WDGL FM and the 
Louis Bin tomorrow, starting at 2 eastern on

Happy listening


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