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2007-03-18 Thread TJ Olsen
this is quite amusing as its probably the only set of ideas which can cause that to happen. Very funny, indeed - Original Message - From: Patrick Perdue [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 talk2@AndreLouis.COM Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 3:55 PM Subject: Re: The Talk2 List [***SPAM***

The Talk2 List good deal on iriver H10's

2007-03-18 Thread Doug Langley
For anyone on the list that is interested in a good deal on an mp3 player which can have rockbox installed on it I just found a good deal on the 20 gig iriver H10's. I know this port isn't as far along as the h100's h300's and ipods are but I'm sure they will get it there in time.