Re: The Talk2 List No show tomorrow

2007-08-11 Thread matthew cooper
Sorry to hear that. I was really looking forward to the show as well! oh blar! - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 Sent: Saturday, August 11, 2007 3:18 AM Subject: The Talk2 List No show tomorrow Due to a dying netgear router, I can't reliably

The Talk2 List Nokia N70 for sale

2007-08-11 Thread Onj
Nokia N70. Talks Premium V3.20.1 installed, 512 MB memmory card, Sim-free. Was bought on Orange, however I payd for it to be unlocked. 16 Months old. Asking price: £130. Nearest offers as per usual. Papal or Bank Transfer accepted. Will ship to U.S if you're sad enough to want it, but I doubt

Re: The Talk2 List Eloquence Piss list!

2007-08-11 Thread Brandon Hicks
.Hi. It's interesting to note that ESpeak falls for a few of those as well, but most of them are easily told apart, and it uses propper English. Of course with my typing, and no confirmation of what I'm actually backspacing and no way to read this, I'll be making afew screw-ups as well, but

The Talk2 List Cover show

2007-08-11 Thread Maria L
In slightly more than an hour I will probably be doing a fill in for Derek, at least for a couple of hours. Someone can do the last hour of his slot if they want or else we'll have a weird transition into the combo box. Please alert all your friends. Maria Did you miss a message?