The Talk2 List WDGLFM solo with strangeness.

2007-12-08 Thread derek Lane
Yup. Back on my own, doing strange things, they including sweetish stuff, and more, so check it out, and tell your friends, because this promises to be rather amusing, if nothing else. You know how to listen, so do it.

The Talk2 List Blart Cover

2007-12-08 Thread Brandon Hicks
Hello people, I'd just like to announce that Heavily Influenced will cover for Blart Radio while Steve is dealing with things. After the cover of Blart, Heavily Influenced will be back, taking the slot of Raynbo until she comes back. After that happens, Heavily Influenced will be back to its

The Talk2 List Tonight's Louis Bin

2007-12-08 Thread Onj
During tonight's Louis bin, I will be paying my respects to Steve and John Clower's Family with a minute of silence, followed by a piece of my own composing which coincidentally today is a year old. I would ask that you respectfully follow this minute of silence if you happen to be tuned in at

The Talk2 List TBRN Announcements

2007-12-08 Thread bec
As some of you may know, TBRN has a new official mailing list for show news, updates, and announcements. You can subscribe to this list by going to Now you'll never miss it again! Did you miss a message? Well, don't.