The Talk2 List an impromptu John Zone

2008-02-16 Thread John Clower
Hey all Because mine is the show that never seems to go away, I shall be doing a relaxed John Zone-type show beginning today at 11AM Eastern preceding WDGLFM. should be tuned into, and subsequently left on all day long.

The Talk2 List Heavily Influenced Covers

2008-02-16 Thread Brandon Hicks
Hi all, Heavily Influenced will be doing a cover show for the Louis Bin today, and I actually have some content. Who is Jack Ingram? Why do I hate him so? Ever heard of Luther Wright and the Wrongs? If you haven't guessed it by now, I'll be doing a show that deals with covers of songs. Some

The Talk2 List Blart Radio Tonight

2008-02-16 Thread Stephen Clower
Oh yes folks; it's that time once again. At 8:00 EST on, tune in for another two-hour block of Blart Radio. This week, learn more of Ed's campaign to rule the world, listen to an interesting band performance John recorded last night outside our house, some old radio that's so full of

The Talk2 List Fwd: DECtalk files

2008-02-16 Thread Patrick Perdue
Wow. This is about the most blind thing I've seen all year. Very short, but very... Uh, self-explanatory? Forwarded message: from Speech synth [EMAIL PROTECTED] to [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] sent: Friday, 2/8/2008 at 5:29:26 PM subject: DECtalk files Cane you please put the DECtalk