Re: The Talk2 List no things and stuff this week

2008-09-13 Thread Arthur Pirika
Well, since this relates, I thought I'd add my own promotion of my show to this thread rather than make a new one. In place of things and stuff this week, stay around for an early edition of the early morning, late night, not quite breakfast show. We'll dive more in to synths, and probbably

The Talk2 List Tune in to the larfy bin!

2008-06-11 Thread Arthur Pirika
Well everyone, as part of the broadcastathon, after jdx, Andre Louis and i will bring you x hours of fun and madness, thanks to tbrn, and a teamtalk connection. So stay tuned to and enjoy the fun! MR Arthur J. Pirika You can find many things out about me by

The Talk2 List Translations again.

2008-06-11 Thread Arthur Pirika
Well well, time to try energise this list again with a translations, curtisy of lynne, so have it... Original text. it's funny that though, because you'd say he has heard it, but not he doesn't have heard it, but if you sent him it, you'd say he has it, but right now, he doesn't have it.

Re: The Talk2 List weather bad times

2008-05-07 Thread Arthur Pirika
Well then, wooof woof woof! Who remembers that time on a louis combo box where our dog did that in the middle of a tt convo? Yep. Anyway, i too have been having bad weather times so looks like I'll have to do some tweaking. What fun! Btw, for anyone interested, i now seem to have found a decent

The Talk2 List Taking an easter break

2008-03-21 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hi everyone, just to let you know that I may or may not be around for the show tomorrow, or rather, on time for it. I'm heading out with a family friend today and staying overnight, so if I'm not back at 12 AM eastern after tas and someone wants to take the slot, feel free, but given that it's

Re: The Talk2 List winamp5.5

2007-10-12 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hi, all. Thought I'd add my 2 cents on the winamp thingy here. I myself don't use winamp these days, instead going for a player called XmPlay. Unlike most other players, it's only about 300k and it comes as a nice little zip file. No installer, just unzip and go! Yes, there are little qwerks,

Re: The Talk2 List Subject: Subject: Subject: Subject: Subject:

2007-06-29 Thread Arthur Pirika
Ok, just a comment, someone, is bored! But yes, add me to the 50hz people! Yea! New Zealander and proud of it! Of course, domica is almost, and I do stress, almost ready to answer, some of these questions, but no, not yet. Ok, I will ramble on and on and on about things unnatural, supernatural,

The Talk2 List bad, bad snap!

2007-05-13 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hi all, this is one announcement. Well, imagine this. Your home and ready to do a show, complete with new and old music to show, and your all ready... Except, your net dies! Hard! I was only able to log back in an hour or so ago, and by this time, I'm getting sick of no internet, so that's why

Re: The Talk2 List who wants some spam?

2007-01-15 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hi, from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy... I demand that this is not a one line message, and that this may, or may not be a waste of time, but I'm writing, anyway. I, also haven't written here, or in my lj for a while, but since I might be on to something musically, it might be time to

The Talk2 List Fw: others

2006-10-28 Thread Arthur Pirika
Wow. How pointless and non-sensical is this? And think, this came through our university e-mail system! I thought this wasn't ment to happen? - Original Message - From: time. [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2006 15:40 Subject: others

The Talk2 List Why do computers crash?

2006-10-02 Thread Arthur Pirika
Perhaps this from my friends page will answer this ever baffling question. Many of you have asked why a computer crashes. It is usually very technical but maybe this will help. If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted at a very last resort, And the access

Re: The Talk2 List Hardware vs. Software

2006-09-28 Thread Arthur Pirika
I'm glad that we have our simple toaster... Imagine it! We'd need jaws/window-eyes/supernova just to cook our breakfast! Hmm, perhaps that might be a reality by 3001? lol arfy - Original Message - From: Onj [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 talk2@AndreLouis.COM Sent: Friday, September 29,

The Talk2 List This Weeks late night, Early Morning, not quite breakfast show.

2006-09-14 Thread Arthur Pirika
Yup, tune in after Things and stuff for another show. Now that the issues with winamp etc should be under control, I plan to bring you more game music, maybe some more old tapes if I find decent stuff, and I will probably midi at you all. However, the show may be a little late, due to a

The Talk2 List Don't forget the new Late night, early morning (not quite breakfast show).

2006-09-10 Thread Arthur Pirika
Yup, that's right, after things and stuff, stay tuned for the new show. So enjoy strange music, talk, and perhaps incrimination based on old tapes. So enjoy your day and I'll go fwoof. arfy.

The Talk2 List New Show begins on tbrn this week.

2006-09-08 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hi all, well here's a post to announce a new show that I'll be starting on tbrn if everything goes to plan. It wil happen after Things 'n stuff, yes, that's right, things 'n stuff. That's 16:00 nz standard, 4 gmt. It'll be the Late night, early morning (not quite breakfast) show. Basically,

Re: The Talk2 List Fw: Maria Shapova nu-ude

2006-08-11 Thread Arthur Pirika
And Maria? Of all things. - Original Message - From: Rosie Morales [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 talk2@AndreLouis.COM Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 14:18 Subject: The Talk2 List Fw: Maria Shapova nu-ude More useless spam for the world, or am I missing something here? - Original

Re: The Talk2 List weird boofing crap

2006-08-07 Thread Arthur Pirika
Yeah I know, outliook express decided to go woopoof and not tell me the message was sent. girhrhr. Arthur. - Original Message - From: Patrick Perdue [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 talk2@AndreLouis.COM Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 10:32 Subject: Re: The Talk2 List weird boofing crap

The Talk2 List Musical things

2006-08-02 Thread Arthur Pirika
Hey there, well this is my first post to the group. I'm currently living in New Zealand, and studying for a degree in computer science, at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. So far, it's been a lot of fun. Anyway, thought I'd post this link to my music that's been up for a little