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2009-04-01 Thread farhan Khan
I would not use the spam filters on your ISP. I wouldn't even use ISP email at all. I wouldn't reformat so many times like you do and use norton ghosts, I wouldn't be from on a small island where they outlaw beastiality, because I bet you have some old 80 men that like to have sex with small


2007-05-15 Thread Farhan Khan
on 5/15/2007 at 7:14 Mary Ann Topolewski said But was there somethin' you were planning to say in response? Heh. He did actually say it, since he doesn't no how to quote properly, he got everything. His messsage wich was a one liner, was at the bottom. This is a forth line. Did you miss a

Re[2]: The Talk2 List News from Handy Tech North America

2007-03-25 Thread Farhan Khan
on 3/25/2007 at 20:31 Patrick Perdue said I wouldn't recommend doing that in the long run. in the long run? Yes in the long run to the max, in the mix today, hell yeah! everyday. Did you miss a message? Well, don't. has it for you. Never

Re: The Talk2 List News from Handy Tech North America

2007-03-21 Thread Farhan Khan
on 3/21/2007 at 16:05 Patrick Perdue said Come check out the Braille display that actually senses the location of your fingers and makes Braille reading for professionals and learning to read Braille for beginners more fun and efficient. I don't want fun and efficient. Its creepy that a

The Talk2 List Funny crap from craigs list

2006-11-29 Thread Farhan Khan
Hello talk2, Last night, then this morning I went to This Website has personal adds, help wanted, and even an Dell inspiron 2500 laptop that someone is selling besides me. Below are funny as hell best of craigslist post, I hope you find these make you piss your pants like I

Re[2]: The Talk2 List Leykis Gets Murder Confession

2006-11-09 Thread Farhan Khan
If you listened to that recording, you here the nice xp question sound. I'd just figured i'd point that out. ON 11/10/2006 at 0:29 Cortney Glonka said Hey: That's some crazy, crazy stuff. I seriously think that was real, and I hope to God they catch her soon. I used to listen to Tom back

Re[2]: The Talk2 List email message request.

2006-08-15 Thread Farhan Khan
HI, when I saw this I was like what the hell? NOt many things make me go what the hell, but that one did. Tj you have major major issues. Leaving bacon in there wake, rofl./ ON 8/15/2006 at 3:42 Cortney Glonka said Um, TJ? That was a total Farhan thing to say. Are you feeling okay today?

Re[2]: The Talk2 List Looking Myself Up On Google

2006-08-09 Thread Farhan Khan
I'm apparently a music person, wich i really am not. A movie star, and some army guy. ON 8/9/2006 at 23:03 Caitlin H said You've got pretty common first and last name, so I'm not too surprised. But still. Tha'ts funny. i once looked up one of my friends and found out that he was a criminal.

Re: The Talk2 List Steve's Talking Clock

2006-07-22 Thread Farhan Khan
Patrick, you now are officially labeled whale piss 3.2. good boof. Oh and your an ass, heh ON 7/22/2006 at 4:30 Patrick Perdue said Hello folks, Just a quick note to let you know that Steve's Talking Clock is now ready for download. It's very configurable, it's small, and it's

Re[2]: The Talk2 List like Caitlin

2006-07-20 Thread Farhan Khan
caitlin, I just wanted you to know, that I liked your mouse, in your basement, before I ate it, after that I liked it for about five more seconds, then I rrealized I ate it, and then had cried for about 2.4 hours. ON 7/20/2006 at 22:07 Caitlin H said You

Re[2]: The Talk2 List site back up

2006-07-19 Thread Farhan Khan
The funny thing is, she isn't a she? its a he. Line two, three four vacume cleaner five ON 7/19/2006 at 22:07 Rachel Keyte said wow, Chris; this was harsh! I can understand you guys being annoyed if someone is displaying obsessive behaviour but it's an internet radio station; not as if she is

Re: The Talk2 List back again

2006-07-06 Thread Farhan Khan
Hi, what's this mean? quote Please noet that my skype account is restricted to feemail only. unquote. Are you a gender racist. or are you really hornee and want skypesex on your show. Oh man, I can't call in. agg. what am I going to do. ON 7/7/2006 at 0:47 Ihug said hi foaks: For a very short

Re[2]: The Talk2 List fx radio

2006-06-08 Thread Farhan Khan
Derek, you can't play aac pluss streams with your 5.04. well you can but. it won't sound good or won't be in stario or something like that. I think i just pulled a tj and spellt stario wrong, ah well. fuck it. ON 6/8/2006 at 8:20 Patrick Perdue said On 6/7/2006, 7:32:49 AM EDT, Onj wrote:

Re[4]: The Talk2 List Fw: Congratulations.

2006-06-06 Thread Farhan Khan
you and don't reply. - Original Message - From: Farhan Khan [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: talk2 talk2@AndreLouis.COM Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 6:07 PM Subject: Re[2]: The Talk2 List Fw: Congratulations. I noticed the .de domain, but I really didn't want to say anything. Chocolate chip