RE: The Talk2 List Kickin' Back with Mary Ann coming this Sunday

2007-10-06 Thread Clarence Griffin
How about a glass jar, a slice of moldy cheese, A bucket of water, a wooden bench, A Puerto Rican house Made, 3 scratched up cds, a film projector, the sound of a flushing toilet, and confooh docta. Work with that! Hahahaha GF Check out the block party every Thursday on

RE: The Talk2 List How many?

2007-10-06 Thread Clarence Griffin
Oh my! GF Check out the block party every Thursday on The Beyond Radio Network for winamp ogg stream: -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Mary Ann Topolewski

The Talk2 List Drunk broadcast tonight

2007-10-06 Thread Brandon Hicks
Hi all. Just wanted to let everyone know that there will probably, if I remember to do it, be a drunken Heavily Influenced with two friends tonight. If my drunken self doesn't get streamed, it will be recorded in some fashion. So tune in to tonight at 10 Eastern if you

The Talk2 List Blart Radio Tonight

2007-10-06 Thread Stephen Clower
Tonight on Blart Radio, hear some more pseudo-live jazz I recorded on Thursday, updates on Stalker Bitch, wheel chair trailors, former childrens' ministers, and much much more. You know the drill by now: 8:00 EDT on - Steve Did you miss a message? Well, don't.

The Talk2 List today on WDGLFM

2007-10-06 Thread derek Lane
We explore more of my southern roots by seeing how they infested my highschool graduation, find out how it's possible to be clicked to death, and have a listen at some oldish TV commercials thanks to my habits of recording nickelodeon back in the early and mid 90's. Also, if maryann is around,