The Talk2 List No Heavily Influenced Tomorrow

2008-01-06 Thread Brandon Hicks
Hello, Just want to inform everyone that hasn't read my LJ that I am again feeling like crap, and it wouldn't be fair to the listeners to do a show when I can't give it my best effort. As a result, unless this clears up by tomorrow before the show, there will be no heavily influenced. Stay

The Talk2 List Airing tonight at 9 PM, it's Kicking Clower

2008-01-06 Thread Mary Ann
Due to a strange sounding voice, a stuffy head, and the need for Kleenex while sneezing, Mary Ann has asked one John Clower of the John Zone, to fill in her place. And he has willingly agreed to oblige. So stay tuned at 9 PM tonight for John's cover of my show which is affectionately