Re: Does your CPU support hardware SHA1 acceleration?

2020-05-20 Thread Petr S.
Hello, My processor (Intel i7-5930K) does not support SHA instructions. 150 data blocks of 1024 bytes took 1.8040 seconds to process by SHA1 (software): 811.9780 Megabytes per second. -- Best regards, Petr S. TheBat! version: (ALPHA) on Windows 10 - Access violation - close program

2019-10-08 Thread Petr S.
Hello all, Hello everyone, program termination will end with error message "Access violation at address:0042C9F4 in module 'TheBat64.exe'. Read of address 00" (see attachment) and there is this entry in the log. No antispam plugin is used. TheBat64.exe version 8.x