Re: Is there any support for Plugin Developers?

2004-09-30 Thread Andrey Perevodchik
Hi, Achim! AW This and may be more functions are not described anywhere! I think AW it is unfair to other plugin developers to hide them! There is a number of new features in plugins api, but, as they say, being still tested and so not officially announced yet. To be sincere I can hardly believe

Re: MyGate starting problem

2005-06-27 Thread Andrey Perevodchik
Hello! PM Any ideas? You might want to try to reinstall mygate, it could have lost executable... Colleagues, please, this is TB Development list, not MyGate buglist ;) -- Andrey Kiev, Ukraine The Bat! v3.5.30 on Windows XP; MyMacros 1.11b BayesIt! 0.8.0 Release; ajsMacro; MyGate