Re: importing PGP keys from file

2003-10-21 Thread Shantanu
Thanks for the mails all of you. I agree with Vasiliy, the internal PGP impelmation could not import a few keys whereas it imported others during the same session. I am right now using external PGP impelmentations which is working great. Thanks all again and bye. Cheers, -Shantanu

replying as per the TO: address

2003-10-22 Thread Shantanu
Hello all, I use dashed addresses. In my Unix email client I have a feature in which if the mail is addressed to shantanu-xyz at then automatically when I reply to the mail, the From: address becomes shantanu-xyz at Is this feature available in The Bat 2.x? If yes how do

dialing starts for IMAP

2003-11-02 Thread Shantanu
Hi, I have an (non-working) IMAP account. Whenever I click on any folder of the account TB (2.00.6) immediately starts dialing to the net. It does not happen for my other POP3 accounts. I do not want this funtionality? What is the possible solution for this? Thanks. -Shantanu

TB not connecting fast

2003-11-06 Thread Shantanu
friends also observed this in this particular version. Is it just a mass illusion or there is something in it? Any help on this? -Shantanu

forwarding html mails

2004-02-03 Thread Shantanu
Hi, Whenever I am forwarding an HTML mail, especially one with a table in it, the formatting gets lost and the mail is sent in a not-so-readable format. Any tips to prevent this? Thanks. Shantanu

Re: Mail-Followup-TO header

2004-02-08 Thread Shantanu
Sunday, February 8, 2004, 4:56:48 PM, Zygmunt Wereszczynski wrote: Please check the This field is on address list option. Then you can Yes it works now. Thanks a lot for the help. It works great now. Thanks again. Shantanu http

using The Bat with IMAP

2004-03-22 Thread shantanu
create folder by name Sent. Invalid Mailbox name I am looking for clues on this. Cheers, Shantanu

Re[2]: using The Bat with IMAP

2004-03-22 Thread shantanu
Hello, Monday, March 22, 2004, 10:19:20 PM, Jonathan Angliss wrote: On Monday, March 22, 2004, shantanu wrote... I have an IMAP account with my ISP who are using Courier-IMAP. Now, I want to save all mails I send in a (say Sent) folder on my ISP's server. How do I do it exactly? When I

Re[2]: using The Bat with IMAP

2004-03-22 Thread shantanu
Hello Jonathan, Tuesday, March 23, 2004, 10:44:07 AM, Jonathan Angliss wrote: On Monday, March 22, 2004, shantanu wrote... Interesting, how about right clicking on INBOX, and clicking New Folder, and select Folder, see if that produces the same results. Well,this still does not solve

Re[2]: spam filtering

2004-10-11 Thread Shantanu
the legal mails even ones from the The Bat! list today were going into Junk mail folder. What is the reason of this? What do I do now for it? -- Best regards, Shantanu

importing PGP keys from file

2003-10-18 Thread K Shantanu
Hello, How do I use The Bat 2.x to import public key from a ascii file pubkey1.asc? I am using The Bat's default PGP method. Thanks and great to have a ML for The Bat! I always had a few doubts and no one to ask. -Shantanu http

Mail-Followup-TO header

2004-02-06 Thread K. Shantanu
Hi all, Can someone please tell me how to use Mail-Followup-TO header in The Bat. I want The Bat! to respect Mail-Followup-To headers plus I want it to add Mail-Followup-To headers whenever required. Please suggest somethings for it. Thanks a lot and bye. Shantanu -- Win98 error 001

Re: Mail-Followup-TO header

2004-02-06 Thread K Shantanu
On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 05:08:15PM +0100, Zygmunt Wereszczynski wrote: On Friday, February 6, 2004, at 19:59:24 [UTC+0530] (Friday, February 6, 2004 15:29 my local time) K. Shantanu wrote: Can someone please tell me how to use Mail-Followup-TO header in The Bat. Customising header

Re: Mail-Followup-TO header

2004-02-07 Thread K Shantanu
* Zygmunt Wereszczynski [EMAIL PROTECTED] [040207 13:30]: On Saturday, February 7, 2004, at 08:45:17 [UTC+0530] (Saturday, February 7, 2004 04:15 my local time) K Shantanu wrote: You should not use colon in filed names. Try to put only Mail-Followup-To alone, without colon. I still cannot

using different smtps

2004-03-11 Thread K Shantanu
the mail from A's Outbox and put it in B's one and then send. Is there any easier way for this? Thanks in advance and bye. Cheers, -Shantanu -- System Error - Virus 'MS-WINDOWS' found!! Erase [Y/Y]?

Re: using different smtps

2004-03-11 Thread K. Shantanu
* Julian Beach (Lists) [EMAIL PROTECTED] [040311 06:59]: On Thursday, March 11, 2004, 2:05:05 PM, K Shantanu wrote: I have 2 accounts in The Bat! say A and B. They both use different SMTPs. Now I get a mail on account A and I want to forward it to a friend but using the identity as B

Re: using different smtps

2004-03-13 Thread K Shantanu
an abbrevation and not as macro. What is the solution to this? Cheers, Shantanu

Re: using different smtps

2004-03-14 Thread K Shantanu
templates. Sorry, I didn't get this. What exactly am I to do? Shantanu

pull down address list.

2004-03-26 Thread K. Shantanu
addresses from where I could choose any one. But The Bat apparently does not do that. Is there any way I can have this functionality? Thanks a lot in advance and bye. Regards, Shantanu

Re: pull down address list.

2004-03-27 Thread shantanu-bat
can organise the pull down address list in To:/CC:/BCC: field alphabetiacally? Regards, Shantanu

Re: TheBat! cannot close

2004-09-24 Thread K. Shantanu
* Roelof Otten [EMAIL PROTECTED] [040924 05:55]: There isn't, as long as there are any tasks active, TB won't close. I also have been facing these problemince previous few versions. Even aborting does not help. Due to this, I have almost stopped using the bat and shifted to Eudora. Shantanu

spam filtering

2004-10-11 Thread K. Shantanu
. Is it possible and if yes how do I go about it? Thanks. Shantanu --

password protected account deletion

2004-10-11 Thread K. Shantanu
Hi, I have an old account on The Bat! whose password I have forgotten. I do not need that acount, nor its mails anymore. How can I delete that account? Whenever I try to delete that account The Bat! asks me for password. Any ideas? Cheers, Shantanu

Re: spam filtering

2004-10-11 Thread K. Shantanu
legitimate mails are caught as spam because I have not taught bayes more ham against spam. (the ratio of my ham:spam training is 2:100) Shantanu --

Re: password protected account deletion

2004-10-13 Thread K. Shantanu
* Mark Partous [EMAIL PROTECTED] [041012 10:43]: Don't know if this an help you: The Bat! Password Recovery v1.32 - Freeware Yes it did. Thanks a lot. Shantanu --

IMAP folders

2004-12-05 Thread K. Shantanu
Hi, I am using The Bat! version 3 with an IMAP server. Now I want that whenever I send a mail, a copy of the mail to be stored on server too. Is that possible with The Bat!? How do I do it? Regards, Shantanu -- http

Re: IMAP folders

2004-12-05 Thread K. Shantanu
, it worked. Regards, Shantanu --

IMAP again: deletion

2004-12-05 Thread K. Shantanu
do I avoid it? Regards, Shantanu --

large mailboxes

2005-02-02 Thread K. Shantanu
, Shantanu --

Re: large mailboxes

2005-02-02 Thread K. Shantanu
folders on exit. Thanks all for the tip. I will indeed remove Compression and see for speed difference. Is there any chance with using the compression facility (even a remote chance) that I might lose data in any case? Shantanu -- http

Re: large mailboxes

2005-02-02 Thread K. Shantanu
for file corruption increases. Can someone tell why NOT compressing and purging the data increases chances of data corruption. Shantanu --

mailing list query

2005-06-13 Thread K. Shantanu
Hi, I have around 2000 email addresses where I want to send notifications every week. Is there an easy way to do it through The Bat! instead of pasting the email addresses in the BCC: field? Thanks, Shantanu -- http