Re: IMAP: working offline

2012-01-09 Thread Carsten Guthardt-Schulz
 I know about the basic concepts of IMAP, but was hoping for TB to use
 the cache while I am offline and do the deleting of the mails later,
 when connected.

 Is there a setting to make this possible, maybe?

If you don't have a permanent Internet connection you can forget IMAP with v5. 
I  mentioned this on the Beta list a long time ago, nothing changed. I can only 
recommend going back to v4.

It's not just deleting: You can remove flags, but suddenly they reappear. If 
you use a remote outbox you can't even save messages. It's ridiculous.


Current version is 4.2.42 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

Re: The Bat! v5 Upgrade Experience

2012-01-09 Thread Carsten Guthardt-Schulz
 So, if you are holding off on an upgrade because you are afraid that
 TB! v5 will not be as good as your current version, my experience is
 that the upgrade is painless. If you are expecting a new look and feel to
 the software, then v5 is probably not for you, however!

I tried v5 as well, but then went back after many weeks. At first, v5 seemed to 
work fine, but the longer I used it the more nuisances I discovered. For 

- At some point I needed to use TheBat without Internet connection (on a 
train). It's a pain, I can't remove Flags, can't save messages (since it tries 
to save them in the IMAP outbox on the server, which is not available), and so 

- I work a lot with virtual folders. Working inside these folders has become a 
pain, since they get constantly refreshed and messages disappear, see

- I also use quick search quite often. It used to work well in v4, but now 
doesn't, especially if you use several quick searches one after another, see

I would recommend to everyone to stay with v4 if you can live with its bugs and 
don't want to risk trying out new ones :-)

Best regards,

Current version is 4.2.42 | 'Using TBUDL' information: