Re: Moving to a new pc

2020-02-22 Thread Tom
Thank you everyone, very helpful. I am still preparing my new pc and come across another issue with TB that I need clarification. Some years ago I had created an "Archive Folder" password protected for some very old messages that I could not delete but did not need TB access every day. I just

Change HTML templates

2020-02-22 Thread Andrew Savchenko
Hello, Where can I change things like a font declaration in HTML message and CSS styling of reply (by default - with #ff border) ? I am aware of Account Properties --> Templates and Viewer templates, but using these I can tweak only plain-text representaiton, surely HTML is adjustable...

Sync SmartBat with CalDav server or Windows Calendar

2020-02-22 Thread Andrew Savchenko
Hello, I am unsure as to how many of us actually use SmartBat for scheduling, but wouldn't it be neat to sync it with an external CalDav or "Windows Calendar"? I have looked around and it seems like such option is currently not available. @Ritlabs, Was this ever requested / discussed / on