New mail, use account

2004-06-09 Thread VenimK
Hi TheBat! Support. Question; Can i make this work. When sending new mail to specific group, use then a specific mail account ?? Best Greetings Current version is 2.11.02 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

Templates and spaces !!

2004-05-27 Thread VenimK
When using a template for a new mail on specific recepient. How can i make this, so when opening the new mail template i can start directly writing under this, instead off scrolling trought the template text. Example; Op %DATE noteerde %FROMNAME voor jullie deze info over een film; %SUBJ

Re: Templates and spaces !!

2004-05-27 Thread VenimK
Stuart Hemming plaatste dit op zijn scherm : %CURSOR Yeps, that works fine Thx -- Dit is een automatische handtekening van MesNews. Site : Current version is 2.10.03 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

Mailing list

2004-05-24 Thread VenimK
Hallo TBUDL, I am a user off a mailing list, how do i set this up, so the messages are viewable by thread, and the reply go 's to the mailing list ? -- Met vriendelijke groet, VenimK mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Current