Re: How can I copy ALL my filters between in/outbox

2009-01-08 Thread Thomas Fernandez
Hello tracer,

On Thu, 8 Jan 2009 21:13:12 +0700 GMT (08/01/2009, 21:13 +0700 GMT),
tracer wrote:

t   Assuming I create them all by hand for mail coming in, what's the
t   easiest way to copy the lot to outgoing mail and then fix them by
t   hand...

 The easiest (but not fastest) way is to support this wish:

t Thomas, this is supposing I guess that I can run 4.1.17 or whatever

No, this is supposing you are running 5.x or 6.x. It is a wish, this
feature is not implemented yet. In fact, it is assigned to a Ritlabs
staff who left the company quite some time ago, so nobody is working
on it.

t but I cannot as last time I tried I still crashed and I saw I am
t not the only one where either a clean or upgrade of system goes wrong.
t No idea what goes wrong but I end up with NO executable in the Bat
t directory!!!

This is bad news. Since nobody else reported it, let's find out what
is different on your system.

What kind of Windows are you running?

Are you logged in as user or admin? Do you have admin rights?

t I checked it obviously manually and you can also see it as the
t bat Icon on desktop goes to the one used in case it refers to a missing
t file. And it really is missing...

Does the icon go the the new version? Hm. Over here (Win XP SP2), the
file name is always the same, regardless of the version number.

t So I am running 4.0.38 I had a msg when booting up the bat just now
t that there was a new upgrade but no idea what got fixed.

The changelog is somewhere on the Ritlabs website. Have a look.



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Re: How can I copy ALL my filters between in/outbox

2009-01-08 Thread Roelof Otten
Hallo koenraad,

On Fri, 9 Jan 2009 00:30:14 +0700GMT (8-1-2009, 18:30 +0100, where I
live), you wrote:

KR Filename is thebat.exe (now) and its gone if I try to install 4.1.xx.
KR The shortcut sits on the desktop but I end-up with the icon one used for 
KR missing.

I've  heard  one case of someone using some obscure virus scanner that
considered TB 4.1.? as a trojan and therefore deleted it.
He  was  using Blink as anti virus, maybe that's what happening to you

Groetjes, Roelof

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