Nice formatting

2001-04-08 Thread Joan Josep
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hi batters!, I see that most messages in this list are neatly formatted, but mine do not. Why do my messages look so awful? I have checked all the options in the "options, editor preferences, general, text" block. Word wrap is set at 70, and PGP word

Re: Nice formatting

2001-04-08 Thread Brian Clark
Hi Joan, @ 2:45:20 PM on 4/8/2001, Joan Josep wrote: ... JJ Word wrap is set at 70, and PGP word wrap at 68. Disable PGP's Word Wrap setting and all should be well. -- Brian Clark [EMAIL PROTECTED] Web Architect, Designer, and Programmer PGP is spoken here: 0xE4D0C7C8 [TB! 1.52 Beta/4,