[Tcl Java] Interp.evalURL() made public

2000-10-31 Thread Thomas McKay
Can I request that the method Interp.evalURL() be made public? Perhaps there's another way to accomplish the equivalent functionality or some reason it's not already? --- Thomas McKay Manager, Software Development Microcosm Technologies, Inc. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 4001 Weston Parkway

[Tcl Java] autoconf 2.14

2000-10-26 Thread Thomas McKay
Can someone send me a pointer to where I can download autoconf 2.14. I just checked out tcljava from sourceforge and would like to make it. There aren't any instructions on doing this so I am assuming that I: 1) autoconf configure.in 2) configure 3) make --- Thomas McKay Project Leader

[Tcl Java] compiling jacl

2000-10-26 Thread Thomas McKay
/bin/javac caffeine:mckay://e/Applications/jacl/sourceforge/tcljava --- Thomas McKay Project Leader Microcosm Technologies, Inc. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] The TclJava mailing list is sponsored by Scriptics Corporation. To subscribe

[Tcl Java] compiling tcljava

2000-10-26 Thread Thomas McKay
ing the cygnus tools. 3) The line in the Makefile @echo "# Making tcljava.build" gives me an error about an unterminated quoted string. Not sure why. Am I just being clueless here? That said, it appears that I have built jacl.jar and tcljava.jar successfully. --- Thomas M

[Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] Small test case

2000-06-29 Thread Thomas McKay
As you know, Mo, I have also had a tough time figuring out what is *bad* about passing in obj.getClass(). I can understand if there are methods that you don't want to expose to the user in the derived class. In your example, if I wanted to prevent C.exit() from being callable I should pass in

[Tcl Java] RE: [Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] exec command

2000-06-13 Thread Thomas McKay
I think, actually, that in 1.2 at least if the System property "user.dir" is set appropriately that is where the Runtime.exec() takes place. I modified Interp.setWorkingDir() appropriately (which is called by CdCmd.java): if (dirObj.isDirectory()) { workingDir = dirObj;

[Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] External classloader for JACL

2000-03-02 Thread Thomas McKay
I actually like the feature of looking for and loading classes from the jar files. As long as I can still do this through an alternative method (such as TCL_CLASSPATH) it'll work. I can see the benefit of such a system. -Original Message- From: Mo DeJong [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

[Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] Jacl in applet

2000-01-17 Thread Thomas McKay
Actually, you can use Jacl in an applet; at least in Netscape. By using the Java 2 plug-in there is a finer-grained security mechanism called "policies." By setting the correct policies, an applet can get permission to read files from jars (such as init.tcl) and examine classes (like using

[Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] Jacl in applet

2000-01-17 Thread Thomas McKay
the applet fail to run without the patch you suggest? Could you post a diff -u style patch for the change you suggest? Mo Dejong Red Hat Inc. On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Thomas McKay wrote: ... + Changed Class.class.getResourceAsStream() in Interp.java to getClass().getResourceAsStream

[Tcl Java] running jacl in an applet

1999-11-23 Thread Thomas McKay
nothing with tclblend.) Thanks! --- Thomas McKay Project Leader Microcosm Technologies, Inc. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] The TclJava mailing list is sponsored by Scriptics Corporation. To subscribe:send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Tcl Java] redirecting jacl channels

1999-11-17 Thread Thomas McKay
There was a note posted a while ago on how to redirect stdout and stderr in Jacl. I thought I had saved it... Is there an archive of this list? Can someone forward me a copy if they have it? --- Thomas McKay Project Leader Microcosm Technologies, Inc. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED

[Tcl Java] versioning of Jacl commands

1999-11-12 Thread Thomas McKay
possibilities: 1) Rework the commands. At the same time, produce a set of stub classes matching the old ones that simply call the new class. 2) Write a bunch of Tcl procs that accomplish the same thing. In general though, does anyone have any clever ideas for versioning commands? --- Thomas McKay

[Tcl Java] RE: [Tcl Java] namespace

1999-11-03 Thread Thomas McKay
uesday, November 02, 1999 8:47 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] namespace On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Thomas McKay wrote: Nope, you need to use "namespace eval {...}" Try this. % namespace eval foo { variable x set x 12 } % set foo::x 12 You can

[Tcl Java] namespace

1999-11-02 Thread Thomas McKay
Should the following work? namespace foo { variable x set x 12 proc y { a } { puts $y } } I get an unrecognized arg foo, should be eval, etc. Looking at the code it sure seems like this won't work. How do I create a namespace then? --- Thomas McKay Project Leader Microcosm Technologies

[Tcl Java] RE: [Tcl Java] RE: [Tcl Java] Re: [Tcl Java] more 1.2.4 questions

1999-10-28 Thread Thomas McKay
How would I do it in Java? This is what I have now... tclObject = ReflectObject.newInstance( interp, this.getClass(), this ); tclObject.preserve(); Would it be as simple as interp.renameCommand( tclObject.toString(), "rect20" );

[Tcl Java] Re: How fast is Jacl?

1999-08-20 Thread Thomas McKay
I just ran a test of Jacl 1.1a1, 1.2.3, and 1.2.4 and they all had nearly identical results (+/- 0.1 seconds). (I'll be happy to test 1.1 if I can get a pre-built version.) My only guess is that a change I made between now and the last time I tested against 1.1 (which was the version I saw the

[Tcl Java] Re: How fast is Jacl?

1999-08-17 Thread Thomas McKay
I noticed a problem when switch from 1.1a1 to the next version (which was...?) in that source'ing files was orders of magnitude slower. Now, I didn't take the time to determine if it was the file sourcing itself of calling all of the commands (which were java extensions loaded on-demand) or

[Tcl Java] ReflectObject questions

1999-04-21 Thread Thomas McKay
Hi! In my Jacl application, users may write Tcl scripts to manipulate database objects: prompt% set o [createRect 0 0 20 30] java0xcf However, if a script is to be written that is associated with a specific object, then that objects id (the java0xcf name) must be persistent and stored when the

[Tcl Java] cd / pwd

1999-03-30 Thread Thomas McKay
Is there a reason that the 'cd' and 'pwd' commands use a value within Interp rather than setting and getting the system property "user.dir"? I haven't tried, but I assume that if the user.dir property is adjusted then attempting to open a file from within the Java portion of the application will

[Tcl Java] RE: [Tcl Java] more on redirecting stdin/stdout

1999-01-16 Thread Thomas McKay
puts "test failed" } -Shawn Thomas McKay wrote: Okay, I found the archive at http://www.mail-archive.com/tcljava@scriptics.com/ . Here's what I'm trying to do... Some of my custom command extensions to Jacl generate textual output. Now right now they simply print it in a