[Tcl Java] thread cleanup

2000-10-31 Thread Daniel Wickstrom
I've been investigating the thread cleanup, and it appears that thread cleanup handlers created with Tcl_CreateThreadExitHandler are only called when tcl is shutting down. This is true at least for tcl8.3.2. I haven't looked at tcl8.4. There is an experimental tcl thread interface in tcl8.3.2

[Tcl Java] thread cleanup - something that works

2000-10-17 Thread Daniel Wickstrom
I was never able to get Tcl_CreateThreadExitHandler to work for either the TclThreadCleanup or the JavaCacheCleanup routines. As a work-around I decided to call both of these cleanup routines at the end of the JavaInterpDeleted function. I've run this setup under load, and other than leaking