[Tcl Java] request for info

2000-08-23 Thread Boyapati, Srinivas (IndSys)
hi i have down loaded jacl(source vesion). is it nessary to have MS dev tools to install jacl with regards srinivas The TclJava mailing list is sponsored by Scriptics Corporation. To subscribe:send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Tcl Java] request

2000-08-23 Thread Boyapati, Srinivas (IndSys)
i did't have vc++ on my system is there any alternative to install jacl with out having VC++ software. i mean is there any possibility of having reqired toos(vc++) for installing jacl rather tahn having antire VC++ software. if so please guide me with regards srinivas

[Tcl Java] global JavaInfo structure in threaded tclblend.

2000-08-23 Thread Daniel Wickstrom
After moving back to the u.s., I've started looking into integrating tclblend into aolserver/nsjava again. Last night I checked out the cvs sources from the cvs ajuba contract branch, and started to compare it to version 1.2.6. I'm curious about the JavaInfo structure in javaCmd.c. When I