[tcpdump-workers] pcap_loop() not returning after pcap_breakloop() until another packet arrives

2006-06-25 Thread Richard Hansen
Hi all, I have one thread that sits in pcap_loop() and another thread that calls pcap_breakloop() when it is time to shut down. My code works well on Windows (WinPcap 3.1). On Linux (libpcap 0.9.4, kernel 2.6.16) the pcap_loop() doesn't return after calling pcap_breakloop() until another

Re: [tcpdump-workers] regarding arp and rarp

2006-06-26 Thread Richard Hansen
Guy Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Jun 26, 2006, at 12:03 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to disect ARP/RARP packet. Basically I am looking for this information: Operation code, Sender HW address, Sender Protocol address, Destination HW address and Destination Protocol

Re: [tcpdump-workers] pcap_loop() not returning after pcap_breakloop()

2006-06-27 Thread Richard Hansen
If pcap_breakloop() is called in a signal handler, and the signal in question isn't set up to restart system calls, that should let the loop terminate cleanly. If it's not called in a signal handler, i.e. if there's no signal that was delivered to the process, that won't help. Can I