Improve st(4) to make Bacula happier, 'modern' tapes faster

2013-05-12 Thread Kenneth R Westerback
The diff below brings a bunch of improvements, mostly from Net/FreeBSD, to the scsi tape driver st(4). In particular, running btape now reports (for me) no errors no matter which combination of Hardware End of Medium = Fast Forward Space File = settings are used. I'm told this should

Re: off by one in vi(1)

2013-05-12 Thread Arto Jonsson
On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 05:33:20PM -0600, Todd C. Miller wrote: Good catch, I know folks who have hit this bug but I was never able to reproduce it. Moving the isblank() check should be safe since trailing blanks are trimmed earlier on so we won't exit the loop prematurely. I see you didn't

[NEW] ugold(4) driver for Microdia's USB TEMPer variant (take 2)

2013-05-12 Thread SASANO Takayoshi
Hello, Here is the driver for Microdia's USB TEMPer with some fixes. - removed intermediate buffer (sc_ibuf), all USB interrupt responses will be processed in ugold_intr(). - use uhidev_set_report() to issue HID command. - add ugold*

Re: LC_CTYPE for spanish speaking countries

2013-05-12 Thread Vladimir Támara Patiño
After private conversation with Stefan I'm sending patch that uses links in /usr/share/locale for LC_CTYPE instead of copying (by the way there was a commentary in /usr/src/share/locale/ctype/Makefile suggesting using symlinks!). Besides this patch adds locales for spanish speaking countries.