Move auth_approval in su.c before fork is lost due to pledge?

2017-01-07 Thread Andy Bradford
Hello, I noticed that my locate.database wasn't being updated: Rebuilding locate database: Abort trap Not installing locate database; zero size >From the following: echo "${UPDATEDB} --fcodes=- --tmpdir=${TMPDIR:-/tmp}" | \ nice -5 su -m nobody 2>/dev/null

Re: regression tests and patch for calendar(1)

2016-09-14 Thread Andy Bradford
Thus said "Todd C. Miller" on Wed, 14 Sep 2016 10:04:58 -0600: > I've committed the fix as well as the calendar regress. Excellent. I've actually been working on a program that can be put into regress instead of the large number of files that currently exist for the expected output; it will

regression tests and patch for calendar(1)

2016-08-31 Thread Andy Bradford
Hello, While writing a set of regression tests for calendar(1) I discovered a bug introduced by my last patch. The following patch fixes that and all regression tests in the attachment of tests passes. Thanks, Andy Index: day.c

Re: [PATCH] shutdown: dot not write non-printable characters to wall(1)

2016-08-01 Thread Andy Bradford
Thus said Consus on Mon, 01 Aug 2016 21:58:16 +0300: > This patch fixes the issue by removing '\007' from the shutdown > notification. Do ttys no longer understand bel? Thanks, Andy -- TAI64 timestamp: 4000579f9de9

Re: Regression tests for calendar(1)

2016-07-28 Thread Andy Bradford
Thus said "Andy Bradford" on 28 Jul 2016 02:56:59 -0600: > Not enough? Different style required? Does the patch need to be broken > up? Or a different approach? Specifically, I originally had in mind, a single monolithic input file (generated with as many possi

Followup patch for regression to calendar(1)

2016-07-28 Thread Andy Bradford
Hello, Here's the followup patch that accounts for the missed events. Specifically, some kinds of events actually can have a differing month (specifically Easter and Weekly events like Every Monday). This allows all tests to pass (from previous email): Index: day.c

Regression tests for calendar(1)

2016-07-28 Thread Andy Bradford
Hello, A few weeks ago I submitted a patch to calendar(1) that helped it handle fifth weekday events and 31st events, and afterward, I noticed that there were no regression tests. In writing them, I discovered that while the patch fixed these two particular cases, it broke others. I'll send

calendar(1) handling of Weekday+5 and 31st events

2016-07-09 Thread Andy Bradford
Hello, The following patch seems to allow calendar to better handle the fifth weekday and 31st events. Currently, both events match also at the beginning of certain months which doesn't seem to make sense. For example, March 02 is considered a 31st this year and July 03