Thinkpad E550

2015-06-01 Thread Sébastien Morand
Hi, I got a Lenovo Thinkpad E550. I installed -current and everything looks fine except a few things: - it reboots on resume after suspend - graphics card is Intel HD 5500, it's supposed to be recognized bu I fall back into VESA driver (unable to get VGA screen working, nor watching videos for

Wifi TL W723N

2014-05-31 Thread Sébastien Morand
Hi, I finally bought a TL W723N and try. usbdevs gives: port 2 addr 3: high speed, power 500 mA, config 1, 802.11n NIC(0x8179), Realtek(0x0bda), rev 0.00, iSerialNumber 00E04C0001 0x8179 is not present in kernel source (usbdevs.h) (for realteak there is 0x8178 and 0x817a and around but not this

Re: amd64 support for AR9485

2014-05-09 Thread Sébastien Morand
No guarantees as to whether this is sufficient, or if further work is needed, but it will at least get the device picked up by the athn driver. Further work is needed. I have diffs which do much more but don't yet work either. I've given up on trying to get this to work for now, and

amd64 support for AR9485

2014-05-08 Thread Sébastien Morand
Hi, My wireless card AR9485 is not recognized by kernel (5.5). I'm having the error following error message: Atheros AR9485 rev 0x01 at pci2 dev 0 function 0 not configured As far as I understand it means it's not supported but I can find a 2012 email on tech list mentionning the ar9485 device

Re: amd64 support for AR9485

2014-05-08 Thread Sébastien Morand
You could try adding the ID to the athn driver to get it to match: Index: if_athn_pci.c === RCS file: /cvs/src/sys/dev/pci/if_athn_pci.c,v retrieving revision 1.14 diff -u -p -r1.14 if_athn_pci.c --- if_athn_pci.c 6