Re: Driver and kernel recognition for intel AX210 wifi chip

2021-07-26 Thread Timo Myyrä
Alex Beakes [2021-07-26, 07:24 +]: > I figured it would be more appropriate mailing tech then misc, I hope such > emails are allowed. > > Intel wifi card: AX210 in the T14s gen2 intel > > If anything there is an email in misc with all the details of the probmem. > The subject: >>Device

Re: Pump my sched: fewer SCHED_LOCK() & kill p_priority

2019-06-27 Thread Timo Myyrä
Amit Kulkarni writes: >> root on sd2a (88532b67c09ce3ee.a) swap on sd2b dump on sd2b >> TSC skew=-6129185140 drift=170 >> TSC skew=-6129184900 drift=-10 >> TSC skew=-6129184890 drift=-20 >> TSC skew=-6129184910 drift=30 >> TSC skew=-6129184910 drift=10 >> TSC skew=-6129184900 drift=20 >> TSC

Re: Pump my sched: fewer SCHED_LOCK() & kill p_priority

2019-06-27 Thread Timo Myyrä
Martin Pieuchot writes: > On 06/06/19(Thu) 15:16, Martin Pieuchot wrote: >> On 02/06/19(Sun) 16:41, Martin Pieuchot wrote: >> > On 01/06/19(Sat) 18:55, Martin Pieuchot wrote: >> > > Diff below exists mainly for documentation and test purposes. If >> > > you're not interested about how to break

Re: TSC synchronization on MP machines

2019-06-27 Thread Timo Myyrä
Paul Irofti writes: > Hi, > > Here is an initial diff, adapted from NetBSD, that synchronizes TSC > clocks across cores. > > CPU0 is the reference clock and all others are skewed. During CPU > initialization the clocks synchronize by keeping a registry of each CPU > clock skewness and adapting

Re: inteldrm(4) diff needs review and testing

2017-07-17 Thread Timo Myyrä
Mark Kettenis writes: > Can somebody test the following diff on Ivy Bridge or Haswell (Intel > HD Graphics 2500/4000/4600/4700/5000/5100/5200)? > > When I added support for the command parser, I took a bit of a > shortcut and implemented the hash tables as a single

Re: 11n support for athn(4)

2017-03-06 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stefan Sperling <> writes: > On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 07:36:21AM +0200, Timo Myyrä wrote: > >> Did some tcpbench testing and got following results: >> Each test run with: tcpbench -s || tcpbench -t 15 commands. >> Host AP: apu 2b4 with athn, client = th

Re: 11n support for athn(4)

2017-03-05 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stefan Sperling <> writes: > On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 07:10:04AM +0200, Timo Myyrä wrote: >> 11g: Client->AP: ~15Mbps, AP->Client: ~5Mbps >> 11n: Client->AP: ~3Mbps, AP->Client: ~5Mbps > > I just committed a change which makes RTS optional in

Re: 11n support for athn(4)

2017-01-30 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stefan Sperling <> writes: > On Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 07:49:56AM +0200, Timo Myyrä wrote: >> Hmm, I've been running the 11n for a while and it seems to be a lot slower >> than >> 11g for me. Just did quick benchmark using tcpbench between OpenBSD hostAP &

Re: 11n support for athn(4)

2017-01-28 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stefan Sperling writes: > This diff adds 11n support to the athn(4) driver. > Requires -current net80211 code from today. > > Tested in hostap mode and client mode with: > athn0 at pci1 dev 0 function 0 "Atheros AR9281" rev 0x01: apic 2 int 16 > athn0: AR9280 rev 2 (2T2R), ROM

Re: USB keyboards with multiple displays

2016-01-04 Thread Timo Myyrä
Mark Kettenis writes: > OpenBSD/amd64 and OpenBSD/i386 have been supporting multiple > wsdisplay(4) devices for a while now. Somewhat recently it became > also possible to use inteldrm(4) as a secondary display device. There > have always been some issues with pairing

Zlib regression tests

2015-12-26 Thread Timo Myyrä
1970 00:00:00 - +++ regress/lib/libz/zlib_testsuite.c 26 Dec 2015 08:58:54 - @@ -0,0 +1,542 @@ +/* + * zlib_testsuite.c -- regression tests for zlib compression library + * + * Copyright (C) 1995-2006, 2011 Jean-loup Gailly. + * Copyright (C) 2015 Timo Myyrä. + * + * based on the example.c

Re: initial 11n support for iwn (n, not m)

2015-12-22 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stefan Sperling writes: > On Sat, Dec 19, 2015 at 01:08:26PM +0100, Stefan Sperling wrote: >> On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 05:40:39PM -0500, David Hill wrote: >> > With sthen@'s patch I can associate, dhcp, and use net. >> >> Here's an updated iwn diff with a better approach for

Re: Unlock the reaper

2015-07-08 Thread Timo Myyrä
Mark Kettenis writes: I'm looking for testers for this diff. This should be safe to run on amd64, i386 and sparc64. But has been reported to lock up i386 machines. I can't reproduce this on any of my own systems. So I'm looking for help. I'm looking for people

[PATCH] add TMP to /usr/share/misc/airport

2014-12-25 Thread Timo Myyrä
Hi, Noticed that Tampere airport is missing from the list. Timo Index: airport === RCS file: /cvs/src/share/misc/airport,v retrieving revision 1.44 diff -u -r1.44 airport --- airport 7 Dec 2014 22:54:05 - 1.44 +++

Re: [PATCH] update zlib to 1.2.8

2014-12-24 Thread Timo Myyrä
Stuart Henderson writes: On 2014/12/23 22:54, Timo Myyrä wrote: I was trying to port notmuch mail indexer but got little stuck with it as it requires newer Zlib version than whats in base. I got little spare time in my hands and here's a rough patch which updates the base

Re: [PATCH] update zlib to 1.2.8

2014-12-24 Thread Timo Myyrä
Marc Espie writes: Updating zlib correctly is surprisingly difficult. It's not just a question of whipping out the new version and doing a diff. You should make tests. Like, you missed the #ifdef SMALL at first. Those tests include making a full release, and making sure it

Re: inteldrm/radeondrm suspend/resume diff

2014-03-13 Thread Timo Myyrä
Mark Kettenis writes: The recent inteldrm suspend/resume regression thread pointed out that suspend/resume was quite horribly broken and only worked somewhat if you didn't heavily use the 3D acceleration stuff. Here's a diff that should fix most of the problems, by

Re: Somewhat important ACPI diff

2013-05-20 Thread Timo Myyrä
Mark Kettenis writes: As diagnosed by some other people (armani@, jcs@?) a while ago, our code to deal with IndexField() operators in our AML interpreter is quite broken. It works for fields that are less than a byte in size, but anything else is pretty much

Add missing comment to Sysctl.h

2012-04-07 Thread Timo Myyrä
The sysctl.h doesn't include comment for struct kinfo_proc.p_comm. Add field comment as all other fields seem to be commented. Timo Index: sysctl.h === RCS file: /cvs/src/sys/sys/sysctl.h,v retrieving revision 1.121 diff -u -u