Re: add long option names to mount_nfs' man page

2009-06-26 Thread Jason McIntyre
On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 02:50:21AM +0200, Ingo Schwarze wrote: Hi Jason, hi Thordur, just to warn you, i had a brief look at this, and what you have does not seem right yet. This looks like a can of worms. yes, you're right. i'll shelve this diff for now. i guess we need to look a bit

8 526 Case per le vacanze, Appartamenti per le vacanze, Hotel

2009-06-26 Thread Maik Schmidt
Ferienunterkunft vacation rentals worldwide * * vacation rentals worldwide * Reuchlinstrasse 23 * 72800 Eningen unter Achalm * Germania * Telefono/Telefax +49 (0)7123 2846889/2846892 * E-Mail * Greece Gentili signore ed egregi signori,

Minor changes to getopt_long.c

2009-06-26 Thread Hyjial Irldar
Hi ! Looking at the CVS records, it seems that the BSD implementation of getopt(3) has be thrown away quite a time ago. Thus there shouldn't be any need to have the REPLACE_GETOPT preprocessing symbol any more---plus it is now defined unconditionnally. The comments have been fixed accordingly.

New installer - initial user creation

2009-06-26 Thread viq
Since the user created during installation is somewhat marketed as root replacement, shouldn't he be added to staff login class ? -- viq [demime 1.01d removed an attachment of type application/pgp-signature]

Re: cwm - handle the PAspect flag

2009-06-26 Thread Paul Stoeber
Prevent overflow in (w + n * wi) and (h + n * hi). This diff supersedes the previous one. I grant this diff to the public domain. Index: mousefunc.c === RCS file: /cvs/xenocara/app/cwm/mousefunc.c,v retrieving revision 1.12 diff -u

Re: azalia(4) diff needs testing.

2009-06-26 Thread Dorian B├╝ttner
On Thursday 25 June 2009 01:29:59 Jacob Meuser wrote: only 4 people have ati or nvidia azalia(4)? sorry, part-time tester. Sounds fine either with or without the patch. # mixerctl -av record.adc_mute=off [ off on ] record.adc=120,120 record.adc2_mute=off [ off on ] record.adc2=120,120

Ponuda za izradu / redizajn internet sajta i web hosting

2009-06-26 Thread Info
Po9tovani, je firma koja se bavi uslugama internet inenjeringa, web dizajna, hostinga i razvoja programskih re9enja. Ukoliko Vam je potrebna web prezentacija (web sajt) kojom fete predstaviti sebe i svoje proizvode i usluge, ili ako niste zadovoljni trenutnom