Votre croisière offerte - Essayez gratuitement vos vacances

2011-09-13 Thread Tourisme fluvial
Untitled Document Reacute;servez vos vacances fluviales pour 2012 deacute;s maintenant et beacute;neacute;ficiez d'une croisiegrave;re offerte (week-end ou mini-semaine) en France en 2011 ou 2012 * Comment ccedil;a marche ? 1 - Vous reacute;servez votre seacute;jour pour 2012 avant

Re: malloc chunk_info diff

2011-09-13 Thread Tobias Ulmer
No visible issues on sparc64 running src, x and ports bulk builds

relayd http chunked encoding fix

2011-09-13 Thread Alexander Bluhm
Hi, I found strange behavior in relayd when it comes to content-length and transfer-encoding chunked. When the server sends a Content-Length: 0 relayd got confused and passed all data without reading the http header anymore. To fix this, I need more state and converted toread from size_t to