[tesseract-ocr] Re: Problem facing with tessearct training 4 with arabic

2018-05-02 Thread abdelsalam . h . a . a
Hi , I'm using tesseract 4 with vs 2017 . i have used with English characters first , now i started to include arabic as well . the thing is got weird characters even when i change the eng.traineddata to ara.traineddata. i found out that it's the characters when the UTF8 code is treated as

[tesseract-ocr] How to include tesseract 4.00 to my visual studio c++ ??

2018-04-11 Thread abdelsalam . h . a . a
i have been using tesseract 3.04 i could use it just by adding the include file to my project, but when i download the new version tesseract 4.00 there was no include file . plz any one can help me in this thank you . -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google