Re: now I think this is a bug

2000-12-11 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos
On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Thomas Esser wrote: This glibc is a very recent version. So, the rest of your system is likely to be very "bleeding edge", too? Well, I suspect that we run into some compiler bug here... Thomas Hi again: This is the same problem I had reported on some time ago. It's

Re: dvips/bluesky/bakoma/type1 fonts/frustration

2001-08-03 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos
On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Nik Ingle wrote: I hope this is a good place for this message, as I saw hints of similar problems in the archives. I am running tetex-dvips-1.0.7-7.i386.rpm on a RH7 installation I am trying to get dvips to use type1 fonts so that ps2pdf generates good (scalable)

dvired/hyperref/dvips problem

2000-07-03 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos
[resending due to erroneous subject header] Hi: I am enclosing a trivial example of a problem with the dvired script (or with dvips, or with hyperref). --- \documentclass[a4paper]{article} \usepackage[dvips]{hyperref} \begin{document} Some text. \pagebreak More text.

framed.sty, documentation...

2002-02-06 Thread Joao Palhoto Matos
Hello: A few minor (and possibly premature) observations, questions and requests about the current tetex beta: -- I would like to suggest the inclusion of framed.sty by Donald Arseneau in teTeX; it's license is ok as far as I can tell and can be found together with the scarce but adequate