Re: could not find app-default file for xdvi

2003-03-05 Thread Thomas Esser
On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 11:59:18AM -0800, Chris Majewski wrote: make world, I get could not find app-default file for xdvi. I You should have unpacked the texmf tarball in /cs/local/generic/lib/pkg/teTeX-1.0.0/share/texmf That should have given you (among others) the file

teTeX-2.0.2: another texconfig fix

2003-03-01 Thread Thomas Esser
texconfig should no longer try to call fmtutil --byfmt mfw. Doing so gives fmtutil: no info for format `mfw' (but does not cause any harm). The following patch fixes this. Thomas --- 2.0.2/texk/tetex/texconfig Sat Mar 1 10:13:18 2003 +++ texk/tetex/texconfigSat Mar 1 16:05:23 2003

teTeX-2.0.2: another texconfig fix

2003-03-01 Thread Thomas Esser
texconfig should no longer try to call fmtutil --byfmt mfw. Doing so gives fmtutil: no info for format `mfw' (but does not cause any harm). The following patch fixes this. Thomas --- 2.0.2/texk/tetex/texconfig Sat Mar 1 10:13:18 2003 +++ texk/tetex/texconfigSat Mar 1 16:05:23 2003

Re: Bug#182772: dvipdfm can't find ot1r.enc

2003-02-28 Thread Thomas Esser
On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 08:53:39AM +0900, Atsuhito Kohda wrote: It seemed ot1*.enc (ot1.enc, ot1alt.enc, ot1r.enc) were really missing. Nothing in (the original) teTeX refers to these files. Correct me if I am wrong. If something in debian refers to these files, debian should provide them.

Re: Building tetex on HP-UX 11.0

2003-02-28 Thread Thomas Esser
On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 06:14:43PM +0100, Miguel Covas O'Ryan wrote: Now, I have some problems. First of all, I've been unable to use gcc as ANSI compiler. configure complains about gcc being unable to generate executable files (I think the test is done with flags -g -Aa +e -D_HPUX_SOURCE

ANN: teTeX-2.0.2

2003-02-28 Thread Thomas Esser
instructions) and QuickInstall (short version). Thomas Esser, February 2003

Re: texdoctk 0.5.2 beta3

2003-02-27 Thread Thomas Esser
On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 03:12:32AM +0100, Reinhard Kotucha wrote: Does it mean that the save button will be removed? Sorry, a misunderstanding. I had written the saved settings are not (again) stored in $HOME/.texdocrc . where I wanted to write the saved settings are now (again) stored in

Re: kpathsea manpages

2003-02-26 Thread Thomas Esser
On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 09:26:57PM -0500, David R. Morrison wrote: It looks to me like these were revised at some point, but the Makefile wasn't updated quite right. The patch below seems to fix it. I prefer a different fix using symlinks. The files and can be

Re: texdoctk 0.5.2 beta3

2003-02-24 Thread Thomas Esser
The path searched by kpsewhich contains . as its first element, so $sysrc points to a file texdocrc.defaults in the current working directory instaed of the real system file. This is not bad in general, but obviously the value of $sysrc is used to find the database file as well.

Re: europs.sty in 2.0(.1)

2003-02-23 Thread Thomas Esser
On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 11:04:38AM +0100, Giuseppe Ghibò wrote: like isn't official euro symbol the \texteuro of textcomp.sty. IMHO the one provided in font eurosym (feymr10) is enough to provide the euro symbol. teTeX-2.0 (and later) has eurosym.sty and the metrics and type1 files for the

Re: g-brief is non-free?

2003-02-22 Thread Thomas Esser
%% You are NOT ALLOWED to distribute this file alone. You are NOT ALLOWED %% to take money for the distribution or use of this file (or a changed %% version) except for a nominal charge for copying etc. especially the last sentence is very problematic. Sure, that makes it unfree. It is

Re: kpesewhich BeOS (long)

2003-02-18 Thread Thomas Esser
I am trying to use tetex in BeOS and have managed to compile it making some small changes that I will post later for reference. ... fmtutil: config file `fmtutil.cnf' not found. kpathsea translates search path read from texmf.cnf on unix-like systems by replacing ; - :. The unix-defection can

Re: teTeX-2.0.1

2003-02-17 Thread Thomas Esser
--- texk/etc/autoconf/acspecific.m4.orig Mon Feb 3 18:47:42 2003 +++ texk/etc/autoconf/acspecific.m4 Mon Feb 3 18:48:02 2003 @@ -1754,7 +1754,7 @@ #ifdef HAVE_SYS_SOCKET_H #include sys/socket.h #endif -extern select


2003-02-16 Thread Thomas Esser
for parts of the texmf tarball (optional): == tetex-texmfsrc-2.0.1.tar.gz The installation instructions are included in the tetex-src-2.0.1.tar.gz archive as files INSTALL (complete instructions) and QuickInstall (short version). Thomas Esser, February 2003

Re: dvipdft is missing?

2003-02-15 Thread Thomas Esser
We, tetex maintainers of Debian, got the bug which said that teTeX 2.0 included dvipdfm but a wrapper script dvipdft was missing (in the teTeX 2.0 source tree). When I added dvipdfm to teTeX, I have looked at the dvipdft and found that it writes to /tmp in an insecure way. Then, just before

Re: `@' sign in path not treated properly

2003-02-15 Thread Thomas Esser
I've tried to compile current TeTex on Tru64Unix 5.1A with latest version of compilers from Compaq/HP, and I got the error below. Please, cc me in any replies. The fix suggested by Albert Chin looks ok. Olaf Weber (web2c + kpathsea maintainer) has decided to use % as separator instead as a

Re: solaris 9 compile faliure

2003-02-15 Thread Thomas Esser
configure: WARNING: sys/ptem.h: present but cannot be compiled configure: WARNING: sys/ptem.h: check for missing prerequisite headers? configure: WARNING: sys/ptem.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result configure: WARNING: ## ## configure:

Re: Broken pipe, teTeX dvips, Redhat linux

2003-02-13 Thread Thomas Esser
I have a problem with dvips(k) 5.86 of tetex-1.0.7-57 under linux Redhat 8. RedHat has turned on secure mode in dvips (by a setting in dvips's to fix a security problem in the print filter despite the following facts: - printing dvi files to lpr does not work if the file references

Re: how to install TeTeX 2.0 ?

2003-02-13 Thread Thomas Esser
but now I do not know how to compile and install them. From ANNOUNCE-2.0 (same directory as the three tar files): The installation instructions are included in the tetex-src.tar.gz archive as files INSTALL (complete instructions) and QuickInstall (short version). Do you need help to

Re: teTeX-2.0, libwww, linux

2003-02-12 Thread Thomas Esser
If I try to compile the www library in a linux (redhat-8.0) system, there is a header that is missing. I added an #include netdb.h configure checks for netdb.h and sets HAVE_NETDB_H in wwwconf.h. Please, check if this has worked on your system. Look into config.cache (in libs/libwww) if

Re: texlinks

2003-02-05 Thread Thomas Esser
+# History: +# Tue Apr 9 22:46:34 CEST 2002, te: +# do not create symlinks for cont-??, metafun and mptopdf This is IMHO a bad idea, if one enables a format he/she wants to use it. ConTeXt supports these formats by its helper scripts, e.g. texexec and mptopdf (both wrappers to

Re: mpost problem

2003-02-04 Thread Thomas Esser
and changing this to: parse_first_line = t would make things work again. Sure, but I suggest to give the user a real TeX by default. If he wants to change this default, that's his decision... Further, he advised to add to the beginning of /usr/bin/makempx parse_first_line=t

Re: installation of tetex 2.0, replacing tetex 1.0

2003-02-03 Thread Thomas Esser
older version of tetex. With tetex 1.0 running on my Linux box, I'm not sure how best to upgrade to version 2.0. I've read FAQ point 16 on It depends... Where does your teTeX-1.0 come from (rpm from your Linux distribution, or self-installed)? Do you plan to use the new release in parallel wih

Re: teTeX-2.0

2003-02-03 Thread Thomas Esser
what's the reason that you changed file names of the archives and of the toplevel directory from teTeX-src-2.0 to tetex-src-2.0 only about two days before release in rc2 ? A challenge for people who depend on these names :-) I really like and try seeing TeX not being spelled tex -- and even

updmap + cm-super

2003-02-03 Thread Thomas Esser
Bob Tennent notified by, that updmap (in teTeX-2.0) generates wrong output for the map files of cm-super for dvipdfm. The following patch should fix this (and other cases where the name of the .enc file contains characters other than [A-Za-z0-9]). Thomas --- updmap-2.0 Sat Feb 1 18:57:18 2003


2003-02-02 Thread Thomas Esser
fun! Thomas Esser, February 2003

Re: Possible byte-order problems in TeX format files with -rc1

2003-02-02 Thread Thomas Esser
I'm sharing format, pool and base files between a sparc64 (32-bit userspace) box and an i386 box --- or I was; but between 20021225 and -rc1, the byte-order independence of these files has broken, even without NO_DUMP_SHARE; all .base, .fmt. .efmt and .mem files differ between those platforms


2003-02-02 Thread Thomas Esser
fun! Thomas Esser, February 2003

Re: texmfsrc LICENSE

2003-02-01 Thread Thomas Esser
fixed the problem. I recommend upgrading all config.guess/config.sub files in the tree. Done, thanks. I'm also testing on Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, Redhat Linux, and AIX. I'm out for the rest of the day but will continue tomorrow. Good. omega is known to be broken due to obsolete files in the

Re: teTeX-2.0-rc1: two requests

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
1) Would it be possible to have a configure option to use the xpdf libraries already installed on the system? (We package them already in Fink.) It is quite late for that request (the release is planned for this weekend). Do you mean that you have libxpdf.a (resp. .so) and libGoo.a (resp. so)

suggested license for texmf tree; comments?

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
doing that (you might need to mark changes in some way or rename modifies files and some files might only be distributed together with other files) If you find any file that violates any of these conditions, please report that to me. February, 2003, Thomas Esser [EMAIL PROTECTED]

texmfsrc LICENSE

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
I plan to put the texmf license into source/LICENSE in the texmfsrc tarball. I don't want to put the file to the toplevel, because it would overwrite the texmf LICENSE when unpacked. Good idea? Comments welcome. Thomas

LICENSE for src tarball

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
the licenses if you do that If you find any file that violates any of these conditions, please report that to me. February, 2003, Thomas Esser [EMAIL PROTECTED]

teTeX-2.0 - second release candidate

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, this is the second release candidate for teTeX-2.0. I have put the files to my server, but they'll soon be available for download at CTAN:

Re: teTeX-2.0 - second release candidate

2003-01-31 Thread Thomas Esser
* texbook.tex / mfbook.tex removed (license, argh!) Definitely the right thing to do. If you have found them on CTAN in a location outside of the nonfree tree, you should notify the CTAN maintainers: it would be definitely not nice to Addison Wesley and Knuth to suggest by a bad

Re: How can I instruct dvips to use outline fonts instead of the CMones?

2003-01-29 Thread Thomas Esser
Could anybody tell me how to instruct dvips to use bluesky fonts instead of the standard Computer Modern fonts? The following works with standard teTeX-1.0. I don't know if this is different in RedHat's version... cd `kpsewhich -expand-var='$TEXMFMAIN'`/dvips/config vi updmap # or use a

Re: teTeX dvips/bluesky/ and updmap

2003-01-28 Thread Thomas Esser
I am a Japanese pTeX on teTeX user. I use TeXShop and dvipdfm program to compile TeX and preview on my Mac OS X, which needs reencode files for computer modern fonts which are remapped by dvipdfm. Can you please explain, why you think that you need reencoding for all fonts in the bsr set?

Re: epsf.tex

2003-01-26 Thread Thomas Esser
epsf.tex is in texmf/tex/plain/dvips but I think that it should be in texmf/generic. Right. I don't think that it is less generic than epsfx.tex :-) Thanks, Thomas

texinfo pretest

2003-01-24 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, Karl Berry plans a new pretest of texinfo and a new release just in time for teTeX-2.0. There will be an announce (by Karl) about that new texinfo-pretest very soon. If you have the possibility/time, please, test this texinfo pretest and report any bug / problem. Thomas

Re: problem with make pdftexbin, -static (teTeX 2.0 rc1)

2003-01-23 Thread Thomas Esser
When I try to build only the pdftex and pdfetex binaries by make pdftexbin in texk/web2c/, broken binaries are I don't know who made / needs that pdftexbin target. If it does not work for you, don't use it. Thomas

Re: 20030112 breaks dvips -o |lpr

2003-01-16 Thread Thomas Esser
[added Tomas Rokicki to the recepients, throwing him into this discussion] Hi, -o |lpr no longer works, because the default config file of dvips now correctly sets secure mode on. Secure mode can be turned off by putting z0 into a config file for dvips or by specifying -R0 on the commandline

Re: pdftosrc and problem?

2003-01-16 Thread Thomas Esser
I am one of tetex maintainers of Debian and we got a bug report that please include pdftosrc in tetex-bin I see. pdftosrc was even included in good-old-teTeX-1.0... I have just added @PTEX@pdftosrc = pdftosrc ...tie $(ttf2afm) $(pdftosrc) ... to texk/web2c/ Seems that this is

Re: 20030112 breaks dvips -o |lpr

2003-01-16 Thread Thomas Esser
Don't see the necessity. root filters (like in line spoolers) are run in separate directories and with command line options specified by the filter programmer. Full ACK. Whoever writes such a filter should know what he is doing and put something like an explicit -f or -o argument into the

Re: When teTeX 2.0 will be released?

2003-01-07 Thread Thomas Esser
Sorry to ask this again but is there any rough plan when teTeX 2.0 will be released? Hopefully in some days. My plan is to wait for pdftex-1.10a and that's not yet released. I heard once that it would be near the end of 2002 but it is 2003 already ;) The beginning of 2003 is near the end of

Re: platex+teTeX

2003-01-01 Thread Thomas Esser
trees, one for the original teTeX and one for ptex. I'd rather unify these two, if possible --- this will also simplify the situation for users who require access to both trees, and save me some support time. Your users should not notice much of the separation into two trees if you set up

Re: Problems with teTeX on FreeBSD 4.7

2002-12-26 Thread Thomas Esser
i've looked over the list of supported teTeX platforms at the above link, but none of them corresponds to my platform, which is X86/cygwin . do you support the cygwin platform, or are the cygwin people responsible for that? Yes, teTeX for cygwin can be downloaded at various cygwin sites.

Re: make failed with 20021225 beta

2002-12-26 Thread Thomas Esser
sortid.c: In function `sort_idx': sortid.c:53: `LC_COLLATE' undeclared (first use in this function) sortid.c:53: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once ... Willem Jan Palenstijn has found the reason for this and submitted a patch: From what I can tell, it's caused by checks for

Re: 2 files missing in texmf tree

2002-12-26 Thread Thomas Esser
I noticed that in teTeX-texmf-beta-20021225.tar.gz seemed missing. $ tar ztvf /t/src/archiv/teTeX-texmf-beta-20021225.tar.gz '*/bsr*.map' -rw-r--r-- te/users 6958 2002-12-25 15:05:25 ./dvips/tetex/ -rw-r--r-- te/users 2315 2002-12-25 15:14:37

Re: Problems with teTeX on FreeBSD 4.7

2002-12-25 Thread Thomas Esser
Building the most recent teTeX (tetex-src-1.0.7.tar.gz) on our OpenBSD Sparc server proceeded without problems. When I tried to add support for our FreeBSD i386 platforms by mounting the proper directories on the freebsd platform, logging in there and doing: Thanks for your bug report. Since

20021225 pretest

2002-12-25 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release which will soon appear on ctan, e.g.

Re: 20021223 pretest

2002-12-23 Thread Thomas Esser
are the xdelta files wrong, or they are correct, and you just renamed the texms and texmfsrc tarballs after making xdeltas? Thanks for checking. Yes, I have just renamed the two tarballs after creating the deltas. So, this time, everything should be ok. Thomas

20021221 pretest

2002-12-21 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release which will soon appear on ctan, e.g. or This again is another sync

20021219 pretest

2002-12-19 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release which will soon appear on ctan, e.g. or This again is another sync

bugfix for tex-make.c (20021216 pretest)

2002-12-18 Thread Thomas Esser
We have the following bugfix for the 20021216 pretest. I don't want to make a new release just because of that (on the other hand, I don't want to let you be uninformed about this bug, too). The file exists in the texk/kpathsea directory. Thomas diff -u -r1.13 -r1.14 --- tex-make.c 14 Dec 2002

Re: 20021216 pretest

2002-12-16 Thread Thomas Esser
Vladimir, thanks for reporting this so quickly. Thomas

20021210 pretest

2002-12-10 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release which will soon appear on ctan, e.g. or This just fixes the image

Re: Building teTeX on HP-UX 11.0

2002-12-09 Thread Thomas Esser
checking host system type... Invalid configuration `hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00': machine `hppa2.0w-hp' not recognized For the current teTeX-beta, I just have updated the relevant config.sub / config.guess files from the gnu server. That hopefully fixes this problem. So, you can try if today's

Re: europs

2002-12-07 Thread Thomas Esser
I want to use the Euro-character in LaTeX. Therefore I tried to install the europs.sty package under teTeX in Mac OS X, but without success. teTeX-beta includes the eurosym package for more than two months now. You can try this if your Mac OS X port of teTeX already includes that package.

Re: teTeX-src-beta-20021114: logo fonts

2002-12-07 Thread Thomas Esser
BTW, wouln't it be practical to have dvi files of the standard TeX programs (Knuth's tangle, weave (webman), dvitype,...) in the /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/doc directory for reference? I can recommend everyone who really wants to read the weave-output to run pdftex instead of tex on these

Re: Local texmf tree not correctly recognised

2002-12-03 Thread Thomas Esser
I installed some local additions to the system wide texmf tree in ~~/texmf. In order to have latex pick that stuff up, I set $TEXMF to {$HOME/texmf,!!$TEXMFMAIN//,!!$TEXMFLOCAL//}. That results in: You should make this {$HOME/texmf,!!$TEXMFMAIN,!!$TEXMFLOCAL} warning: kpathsea: variable

Re: Quick question regarding -src-specials

2002-12-01 Thread Thomas Esser
It is a well-known problem that there are quite a few TeX versions are around where -src-specials will cause the equivalent of \usepackage{indentfirst}, namely causing chapter beginnings and the like under LaTeX to be indented. I think that teTeX-beta never had this bug. It was introduced by

Re: Duplicate messages

2002-11-26 Thread Thomas Esser
Is it just me or are others getting duplicate messages from the list? Thomas, can you take care of this problem? Thanks. No, it is not just you. I have found out, that the duplicate messages are being send via back to the list. Thus, I have just unsubscribed all (two) adresses

Re: pk font not created

2002-11-15 Thread Thomas Esser
This is METAFONT, Version 2.7182 (Web2C 7.3.1) (base=mf 2002.11.8) 14 NOV 2002 16:58 **\mode:=ljfzzzfr; mag:=1+57/600; nonstopmode; input cmsy10 ... ! This can't happen (m). Your metafont binary does not work properly. Can you try to recompile metafont with no or less optimitation? Thomas

Re: new dvips

2002-10-31 Thread Thomas Esser
When we say that the character shifting issue has been corrected, do we mean that dvips -Ppdf ... without either -G or -G0, now works for computer modern, adobe postscript, and combinations of them? Is that right? It means that -G1 (as set e.g. via -Ppdf) does no longer produce

Re: Compilation problem (no check for missing headers)

2002-10-25 Thread Thomas Esser
I downloaded tetex-src-1.0.7.tar.gz, ran './configure --prefix=$HOME' and then 'make'. The compilation halted part way through with gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../.. -I../.. -I.. -I./.. -g -O2 -c x11.c x11.c:19: X11/Xlib.h: No such file or directory x11.c:20: X11/Intrinsic.h: No such

Re: dvips-ing TETEXDOC.dvi

2002-10-24 Thread Thomas Esser
No doubt this is an FAQ somewhere, but if I use the '-Ppdf' option when dvips-ing TETEXDOC.dvi, the 'fi' ligatures turn into English pound symbols. Further processing of the PS file with gs's ps2pdf doesn't help. Using the '-Pcmz' option avoids this problem. Perhaps I have misunderstood

Re: format files

2002-10-24 Thread Thomas Esser
I have a metapost file that begins with %latex. I could process this file until teTeX-beta-20021013 (web2c-7.3.8). Now I have to use the commandline option --tex=latex. %latex is ignored and plain TeX is used. Is this desired? texmf.cnf now has parse_first_line = f to ensure that TeX

Re: is entry for omega in okay?

2002-10-24 Thread Thomas Esser
so its main action was texconfig init, I believe. Ah, yes. And that calls fmtutil --all. I was not aware of the fact that fmtutil --all tries to locate all hyphen setup files using kpsewhich. This does not make sense and I have fixed this now in fmtutil (even though the real bug was in

20021025 pretest

2002-10-24 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release which will soon appear on ctan, e.g.

Re: texi2pdf

2002-10-22 Thread Thomas Esser
Well, I've been trying to create PDF from a .texi document where makeinfo and texi2html work fine. But, texi2pdf always fails. I'm attaching the document which is part of the emacs package ESS as an example. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. That seems to be an invalid texinfo

Re: redefinition of `struct option'

2002-10-16 Thread Thomas Esser
I'm having an install problem. I'm on linux-mandrake 8.2 and have gcc v2.96. gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DKPATHSEA -I. -I. -I.. -I./.. -g -O2 -c gsftopk.c gsftopk.c:409: redefinition of `struct option' Where is struct option defined for the first time? Thomas

Re: dvii

2002-10-13 Thread Thomas Esser
CTAN. It compiled here under debian Linux/Pentium II without problems. The package does not automatically work on 64bit platforms. Anyway, this is easy to fix using GNU autoconf. In short: I'll think about including it, but no promisse now... Thomas

20021013 pretest

2002-10-13 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, dante does not yet have the new files (uploaded today at about 4:20 a.m. local time). They are, however, available at the

Re: 18 less binaries built

2002-10-13 Thread Thomas Esser
teTeX-src-beta-20020922 teTeX-texmf-beta-20021006 ... The following are missing from the list given in INSTALL: cont-en metafun These should no longer be called directly. texexec supports them better. The list in INSTALL is wrong and I'll fix that. iniomega lambda mkocp mkofm odvicopy

Re: Stack size limit?

2002-09-11 Thread Thomas Esser
Dear David, I found that the following ditty which in earlier incarnations of my system just died almost immediately with a Segmentation Fault, will under current 2.4 Linux kernels under, say, RedHat's (null) beta, cause the machine to more or less freeze: tex '\def~{\if~}~' My system

20020911 pretest

2002-09-11 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release: Differences from previous release: src tarball: *

Re: fancybox documentation missing

2002-09-08 Thread Thomas Esser
Just wanted to let you know that the fancybox documentation obtained by running latex on the fancybox.doc file is missing from tetex. You have reported this quite some time ago and I have added the missing fancydoc.dvi file. There has not been a stable teTeX release since, only new teTeX-beta

Re: eusm10/teTeX-20020906

2002-09-07 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi Reinhard, running make world I got the message ... Error: `tex -ini -fmt=dklatex -progname=dklatex dklatex.ini' failed ... The message says that I have to update my format file but what I do not understand is why texconfig init dklatex works without any error messages. And the LaTeX

20020906 pretest

2002-09-06 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release, which will sonn be available for download at:

Re: beta-20020905 No rule to make target `../klibtool.config'

2002-09-06 Thread Thomas Esser
This works. Thanks. Good to know. Does make -j2 work? Yes. When compiling in texk/web2c, only one CPU will be used, however (a .NOTPARALLEL prevents make -j2 from failing there). Thomas

20020905 pretest

2002-09-05 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release. It will soon be available for download at:

Re: [PATCH] Wrong font mappings with updmap 20020901 pretest

2002-09-02 Thread Thomas Esser
when configured to use the Adobe Base 35 fonts updmap erroneously maps the fonts from the phv*8an family to Helvetica-Condensed instead of Helvetica-Narrow. I have included a patch for updmap below. Whow! Thanks a lot for spotting this one! How silly of me to assume that simple u - p

20020901 pretest

2002-09-01 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I have uploaded a new teTeX-beta release, which will soon appear here: Main differences from previous release:

Re: Problems with texlinks and fmtutil

2002-08-31 Thread Thomas Esser
this problem? I'd always thought that exit x should set $? to x on all platforms. I guess that the systems in question don't show rc=0 when executing the following code: /bin/sh -c trap 'echo rc=\$?; exit \$rc' 0; false; exit 0 On Linux with bash and with the /bin/sh on Sun Solaris 2.7, I

Re: cont-en format fails to build if --disable-multiplatform set

2002-08-28 Thread Thomas Esser
but when doing ./configure --disable-a4 --prefix=/usr/local/teTeX-2.0 --disable-multiplatform ... running `pdfetex -ini -efmt=cont-en -progname=context *cont-en.ini' ... (/usr/local/teTeX-2.0/share/texmf/tex/context/base/math-tex.tex ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [hash

Re: beta-20020530: compile problems on Tru64 5.0A

2002-08-02 Thread Thomas Esser
Thomas Anders wrote: compiling teTeX-src-beta-20020530 on Tru64 Unix 5.0A PK3 using Compaq compilers (cc -std1) fails While we're at it: make distclean fails with Tru64's stock /usr/bin/make: foo# make clean [...] cd ../../../libs/xpdf make clean Make: Don't know how to make clean.

Re: a problem compiling on Solaris/SPARC 7, gcc 3.1

2002-08-02 Thread Thomas Esser
Trying to compile on Solaris/SPARC 7, under gcc-3.1, in xdvik get: gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I./.. -I../../libs/libwww -I./../../libs/libwww -DHAVE_LIBWWW -DHAVE_WWWLIB_H -I../../libs/t1lib -I./../../libs/t1lib -I../../libs/t1lib/../type1 -I./../../libs/t1lib/../type1 -DPS_GS

Re: documentation buglet

2002-08-02 Thread Thomas Esser
I guess xdvik should try to mimick teTeX's defaults as close as possible (because most people installing xdvik will already have teTeX installed). Well, the xdvik in teTeX does not install any map or config file nor does it install the app-default file. If you want to follow, you need to add

Re: texdoctk .dat file for latest beta?

2002-06-11 Thread Thomas Esser
I don't use the beta release myself, but ca. 2 weeks ago Thomas Esser has informed me about the structure of a very recent release, possibly the 30-5-2002 one. I have the thrown together the database halfway and can fix something up soon for preliminary use. That's right. The 30-5-2002

new texmf/texdoctk/texdoc-103.dat file (for 20020530 pretest)

2002-06-11 Thread Thomas Esser
texdoc-103.dat Description: Binary data

Re: xdvi: Unable to load encoding vector 8r.enc

2002-06-03 Thread Thomas Esser
Addendum: After some more digging, the culprit has been found to be t1lib 1.0.1, which doesn't even make an attempt at understanding dvips-style .enc files. From t1lib/CHANGES: Thanks for finding this. Thomas

Re: 20020503 --with-mfw=mf

2002-06-02 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi Reinhard, ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/dtp --with-mfw=mf make world `mfw -ini -base=mfw -progname=mfw mf.ini' failed Obviously the binary mfw is missing. ... I wonder whether an interactive menue should appear during the installation process at all. To solve this, I suggest to run

Re: dest_names_size missing in texmf.cnf

2002-06-02 Thread Thomas Esser
TeX Live has: % These are pdftex-specific. obj_tab_size = 20 % PDF objects dest_names_size=30 % destinations Well, I have taken this to sync all array sizes with texlive. I don't have taken settings for xmltex, jadetex stc. which are not part of teTeX, however.

Re: 20020503 --with-mfw=mf

2002-06-02 Thread Thomas Esser
To solve this, I suggest to run fmtutil --all instead of texconfig init. fmtutil will never be interactive. It was called by make install. Sure. My suggestion was ment to be implemented by changing It is probably sufficient to check whether there is an entry for mfw

Re: 20020530 pretest

2002-06-02 Thread Thomas Esser
Could you please add teTeX-src-beta-20020402-20020530.xdelta to ftp tree? An oversight, sorry. It is now on my server and will be mirrored to the other sites. Thomas

Re: Why VARTEXMF instead of (say) TEXMFCONFIG ?

2002-05-30 Thread Thomas Esser
I am thinking over the problem of maintaining a complex TeX system with several TDS trees (on a Unix computer), looking at documentation such as One main question to answer is the degree of integration into the linux system. Sure, you can split teTeX into several directories, e.g. put config

20020530 pretest

2002-05-30 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I am pleased to announce a new teTeX pretest release. Download from

Re: Release / status of teTeX

2002-05-29 Thread Thomas Esser
Now that the latest tex-live release is practically on its way out the door, can we expect a corresponding teTeX release? No, not a 100% corresponding release. I have the -G1 fix for dvips and the downgrade update for Omega (1.15 is the best version currently available, the TeX Live version is

Re: Release / status of teTeX

2002-05-29 Thread Thomas Esser
No, not a 100% corresponding release. I have the -G1 fix for dvips and the downgrade update for Omega (1.15 is the best version currently available, the TeX Live version is not that stable). What is the -G1 fix for dvips? The -G1 option in dvips (can be activated on the commandline or in

Re: Release / status of teTeX

2002-05-29 Thread Thomas Esser
Which softwares has bugs that make character-switching necessary? I am not the expert on this, but the things I know are Acrobat Reader (don't know exactly when they fixed that bug, but version 3.x are broken) and Adobe Illustrator. I, for another reason, updated to the latest teTeX beta

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