Re: PS viewers.

2001-05-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello, Thanks very much for all the feedback I got on PS viewers. In fact, only a week ago, I downloaded gv 3..5.8, managed to compile it and it worked fine. I then had to upgrade my gs5.50 to gs6.50 to handle computer modern type 1 fonts. Now, gv no longer works. It gives

RE: PS viewers.

2001-05-28 Thread George J. Wakileh
:Re: PS viewers. That's weird. I just tried the same gv 3.5.8 with both gs5.50 and gs6.50 and it works without any problems. Are you sure that you didn't compile in any full paths to gs in the gv binary? In State-Ghostscript options ..., it should just say Interpreter: gs /Mats