Re: texconfig fails

1999-12-20 Thread Thomas Esser
I'm trying very hard to install teTeX v1.0 on my Linux system. Whenver I'm building the program, texconfig gives me this error: /usr/local/teTeX/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu/texconfig: /tmp/texconf6997/logfile: No such file or directory I see this line in the texconfig script: mkdir

Re: Problem compiling teTeX 1.0.7

2000-02-03 Thread Thomas Esser
On compiling teTeX 1.0.7 on Sun Solaris 2.5 + gcc 2.95 That compiler is known to produce wrong code. Better avoid gcc 2.95 and gcc 2.95.1 (2.95.2 is ok). ld: fatal: file /usr/local/lib/libXt.a: unknown type, unable to process using elf(3E) libraries .. I have checked the files libX11.a

Re: [PATCH] texdoc and xdvi (Re: [Q] gzipped documentations)

2000-02-08 Thread Thomas Esser
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=texdoc.patch Interesting, but IMHO texdoc should do the decompression and not assume that the viewer does this. ghostview doesn't. acroread dosn't (compressing pdf does not make sense, but one can never be sure what people do). Content-Disposition:

Re: texmf.cnf

2000-03-02 Thread Thomas Esser
we're using tetex 1.0.9 on a Solaris 2.6 OS. One of the users wishes to modify Hey, where did you get this? I don't know anything of a 1.0.9 version. the value of the TEXMFCNF variable, to import his own texmf.cnf file. Set TEXMFCNF to the *directory* that the texmf.cnf file is in, not to

Re: Panicing .. fonts messed up ..

2000-03-06 Thread Thomas Esser
This is dvips(k) 5.86 Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software ( ' TeX output 2000.02.27:2327' - kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode ljfour --bdpi 600 --mag 1+57/600 --dpi 657 ph vb8r I guess that dvips does not find the right file. Use find to locate all

Re: teTeX installation

2000-03-13 Thread Thomas Esser
/local/apps7/teTeX/bin/fmtutil: 11352 Memory fault: A memory image file is created as "core". fmtutil: `pdftex -ini -fmt=pdftex -progname=pdftex pdftex.ini' failed. OS: AIX 4.3.2 PPC compiler: comes with the system, NOT the GNU compiler So, try to compile pdftex with less

Re: (pdf)latex.fmt not found

2000-03-13 Thread Thomas Esser
I just completely erased my old teTeX installation and reinstalled it. I think I have all the TEXINPUTS* variables pointing to the right directories. Better don't sprcify the system directories for TEXINPUTS directly. It is too easy to do it wrong. A empty search component in TEXINPUTS soule

Re: texmf.cnf for BLU

2000-03-13 Thread Thomas Esser
TEXMFCNF = .:{$SELFAUTOLOC,$SELFAUTODIR,$SELFAUTOPARENT}\ {,{/share,}/texmf{.local,}/web2c};c;/TeX/texmf/web2c If I changed that to TEXMFCNF = .:{$VARTEXMF,$SELFAUTOLOC,$SELFAUTODIR,$SELFAUTOPARENT}\ {,{/share,}/texmf{.local,}/web2c};c;/TeX/texmf/web2c then the programs would

Re: env NO_CLEAR=true texconfig font ro doesn't work on irix65 in batch

2000-03-14 Thread Thomas Esser
Subject: Re: env NO_CLEAR=true texconfig font ro doesn't work on irix65 in batch I see. There are a lot of instances of direct calls to the program clear. Can you replace them by cls and try again (except for the one call to clear in the body of the function cls itself)? what is meant by tty

Re: Why is teTeX 1.0 much slower than the old 0.4

2000-03-16 Thread Thomas Esser
One of our users noticed that our teTeX-1.0 is much slower than the old teTeX-0.4. I guess that file searching is the cause. Please, compare the search paths (e.g. adding !! in the TEXMF definition in teTeX-1.0 might help a lot). Real debugging for file searching can be done by setting

Re: dvips abort

2000-03-22 Thread Thomas Esser
dvips: xputenv.c:79: xputenv: Assertion `old_item' failed. Aborted This problem has been analyzed and nothing wrong in the kpathsea code could be found. I guess that the problem is some incompatibility in the libc library. Does the libc6 binary that I provide work on both

Re: usage of stow

2000-04-03 Thread Thomas Esser
Has it been considered to detect and then use stow by the installation and texconfig to manage symlinks from the tetex tree to common places? No, but that should all work without any problem. teTeX, by default, already installs into a directory of its own.

Re: Font Creation

2000-04-03 Thread Thomas Esser
kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode cx --bdpi 300 --mag 1+0/300 --dpi 300 cmbx12 mktexpk: Running hbf2gf -q -p cmbx12 300 Couldn't open `cmbx.cfg' mktexpk runs hbf2gf with "test" option to check whether the font in question is supported by hbf2gf or not. If "hbf2gf" does not return an error

Re: multi platform support

2000-04-03 Thread Thomas Esser
1. what does it mean to have tetex installed as one tree? I think this means to install teTeX into a directory of its own. I.e. Not to install it directly into /usr/local where it shares /usr/local/bin whith other packgaes, but some directory like /usr/local/teTeX which is exclusively used by

Re: Powerpoint for tetex?

2000-04-07 Thread Thomas Esser
But how, if I would like to show them using a beamer? I use pdflatex + pdfslides and do presentations using the acrobat reader. With, you can even get "fancy" effects, known from Powerpoint. Thomas

Re: tex API

2000-04-11 Thread Thomas Esser
Ideally, I would like to have the (La)TeX interpreter available as a shared library, which could then be invoked with something like: There is some code in web2c to make some functionality available via the IPC mechanism. This might or might not help you. I suggest you to ask your question on

Re: OT:Re: Powerpoint for tetex?

2000-04-11 Thread Thomas Esser
Thomas: is there a particular reason for it not being included in tetex? I did not find any offending copyright notice. The It did not plug in easily when I looked at it some time ago (problems including it into the source tree and problems with map files). I think that I'll add dvipdfm

Re: ttfont tetex : help please

2000-04-11 Thread Thomas Esser
My font "jvnr8a.pfb" has already install in : /usr/share/texmf.local/fonts/pfb/microsft/verdana/ Change the search path for type1 fonts in texmf.cnf or rename /usr/share/texmf.local/fonts/pfb to /usr/share/texmf.local/fonts/type1 Then texhash again. Thomas

Re: pdflatex pk font generation

2000-04-18 Thread Thomas Esser
pdflatex -mktex=pk file.tex does the program do so. Is there an option in texconfig to set this to be the No. Thomas

Re: tetex URW fonts

2000-04-25 Thread Thomas Esser
In my tetex-1.0.6 (RH61) I can not found all necessary files for type1 URW fonts (avantgar, bookman,courier,helvetic,ncntrsbk, palatino,times ). Only pfb afm are available. I installed tetex via RPM package. Is this a error of RPM package or tetex distribution. Well, this is no error at

Re: pdflatex and included pdf's

2000-05-21 Thread Thomas Esser
work fine, but if I export an eps from xv, and run epstopdf on it and then include the pdf, it doesn't render correctly in acroread, in spite of the I have made the same experience with pdftex versions before 0.14. If you use xv, better save as gif or png and include this into pdftex 0.13. Use

Re: Can texconfig wipeout a harddisk?

2000-06-16 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, here are my conclusions and a few answers to questions and comments about this subject. - using find / xargs xargs fails as soon as filenames contain whitespace (space or newline) - using find ... -print0 | xargs -0 That works fine with GNU tools, but I cannot assume that these are

(fwd) mktexlsr madness on NeXT

2000-06-19 Thread Thomas Esser
We are getting closer to the problem (look at the forwarded mail in the end of my reply). I am sure that mktexlsr (alias texhash) was the reason in the other two cases as well. The only thing that fires after "normal" completion of mktexlsr are the commands in the trap line. Can you please try

Re: \usepackage{times} and dvips -Ppdf

2000-08-07 Thread Thomas Esser
If character shifting is needed it should be configured on a font-by-font basis. Perhaps there should be a list of fonts to which shifting will be applied when the option is set for dvips. This is really a dvips issue. The dvips maintainer knows about the problem that character shifting

Re: ConTeXt formats

2000-09-18 Thread Thomas Esser
Is there a reason why the context formats are commented out in the fmtutil.cnf file? I'm sure that uncommenting it in the tetex Yes. I restrict teTeX to the formats which I consider "basic". These are plain and latex. I might change my view with respect of context so day... Thomas

Re: LDAP-aware BibTeX [was: Barracuda, BibTeX and LDAP]

2000-09-20 Thread Thomas Esser
My ldap2bibtex client's output for this entry is: ... What I'd like to end up with is the integration of BibTeX with the ldap searching procedure, such that each entry is resolved when BibTeX is running instead of searching a static file. This is why Instead of hacking bibtex, you could

Re: Once more teTeX: xdvi stupidly runs ljfour

2000-09-06 Thread Thomas Esser
some time ago, I posted the attached question, but I didn't get any answer. Is there really nonody wo can help? This usually does not happen in teTeX, so I thought this was a debian problem... But xdvi stupidly makes fonts for mode ljfour. So, please, where do I find the REAL default mode

Re: PS-Fontdump

2000-09-24 Thread Thomas Esser
I am looking for a program (linux/unix) that can dump (show/print) a given pf(a/b)-Fontfile? Thomas

Re: xdvi's buttons are missing

2000-09-29 Thread Thomas Esser
[Added xdvi + xdvik maintainers to Cc:] I have "updated" my system to RedHat 7.0, and now my xdvi does not have any of the buttons (Quit and friends). I'd like to emphasize that I have my own tetex installation, and I am not using the RH rpms, so the only thing that changed is XFree and

Re: xdvi's buttons are missing

2000-10-01 Thread Thomas Esser
Have you tried -- plain (non-k) xdvi? I just did (for xdvi-22.29): ./configure --with-tetex make TEXMFMAIN=/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf TEXMFCNF=/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c ./xdvi /tmp/small2e and the buttens were not missing. One warning (error?) was displayed, though:

Re: Rebuilding teTeX format files?

2000-10-04 Thread Thomas Esser
main_memory.context = 110 main_memory = 263000 % words of inimemory available; also applies to inimfmp ). What is `.context'? Is there a (required) relationship between `main. memory.context' and `main.memory'? Incidentally, why such odd numeric values? Ignore the .context values.

Re: Error opening terminal: generic.

2000-10-06 Thread Thomas Esser
If you look at the texconfig, it uses the dialog program (atleast on Linux and BSD). So, it seems you have not defined your TERM environment variable. Try xterm or vt100, depending on what kind of terminal (emulator) you use. texconfig ignores the environment variable $TERM (and sets

Re: dvips can't find font file phvr8r.tfm

2000-10-23 Thread Thomas Esser
$ dvips -o presentation.dvi This is dvips(k) 5.86 Copyright 1999 Radical Eye Software ( ' TeX output 2000.10.23:1627' - dvips: Can't open font metric file phvr8r.tfm dvips: I will use cmr10.tfm instead, so expect bad

Re: Metafont: X display under Red Hat Linux

2000-11-22 Thread Thomas Esser
29) Metafont does not support the X display. It may be that your Metafont binary is compiled without support for the X windows system. If there exists a mf.X binary, that one has the missing X support you need. This is a bug in the docs. The name of the program is mfw.

Re: problems with bookman.sty

2000-11-22 Thread Thomas Esser
$ xdvi a $ kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode ljfivemp --bdpi 600 --mag 1+0/600 --dpi 600 pbkl7t mktexpk: Running mf \mode:=ljfivemp; mag:=1+0/600; nonstopmode; input pbkl7t The problem is that xdvi does not find pbkl7t.vf. Does some environment variable force xdvi to use a wrong search

Re: Putting texmf.cnf in a non-standard place

2000-11-30 Thread Thomas Esser
I can do this after the fact by setting the TEXMFCNF environment variable to point to the directory containing the preferred version texmf.cnf -- is Change TEXMFCNF in texk/kpathsea/ to whatever you need. Thomas

Re: now I think this is a bug

2000-12-11 Thread Thomas Esser
# kpsewhich -expand-var='$SELFAUTOLOC -- $SELFAUTODIR -- $SELFAUTOPARENT' /usr/local/teTeX/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu -- /usr/local/teTeX/bin/i686-pc-linux -- /usr/local/teTeX/bin/i686-pc Looks very broken. This sould be impossible. Look at the kpathsea code (progname.c, I think). Must be a

Re: suggestion: `EPM'

2001-01-02 Thread Thomas Esser
EPM is a free UNIX software/file packaging program that generates distribution archives from a list of files. The distributions include installation and removal scripts that handle such details as diskless client installations and initialization scripts. EPM can also generate "native"

Re: Error in top level configure script

2001-01-24 Thread Thomas Esser
In teTeX-1.0.7, in the top level configure script, the variable needs_pnglib is carefully set, but on line 2539, needs_libpng is referred to instead of needs_pnglib. Thanks. The fix is to replace needs_libpng by needs_pnglib in libs/libpng/ and to run the reautoconf script (at

Re: texdoc + Netscape

2001-01-24 Thread Thomas Esser
I just discovered that when texdoc finds an .html file, it tries to start a new Netscape, using the command Right. I have changed texdoc a few months ago in my sources: : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='netscape -remote openURL'"'(%s)'"' 2/dev/null || netscape %s '} Anyway, thanks for your

Re: px/txfonts map files

2001-01-26 Thread Thomas Esser
In case px/txfonts will ever be included into, or used with, a tetex distribution, I provide two map files which should be used with or put into and can do with the and coming with the font distributions. Thanks. Yes, I plan to include

Re: Error in top level configure script

2001-01-29 Thread Thomas Esser
Thanks. The fix is to replace needs_libpng by needs_pnglib in libs/libpng/ and to run the reautoconf script (at top-level). Probably a better way of fixing it is to replace every needs_pnglib by needs_libpng in the top-level and running the reautoconf script. Saves

Re: pdflatex vs. latex | dvips | ps2pdf

2001-04-11 Thread Thomas Esser
Is there an easy way to get dvips to use type 1 fonts, or alternatively, can 1) dvips -Ppdf -G0 ... or: 2) edit + run texmf/dvips/config/updmap: type1_default=false # type1_default=true Just change the comment character in these two lines, then run the script. Thomas

Re: AIX TeTeX xdvi fails due to shared library problem

2001-04-20 Thread Thomas Esser
OK, this is an attempt at a high-quality bug report. Successful, no question :-) AIX's vanilla X11. No LD_LIBRARY_PATH. teTeX 1.0 recent download. I believe xdvi.bin is incorrectly built. It should be built with AIX's X11 and should have a RPATH of /usr/lib:/lib. I agree. Is there

Re: japan pictures

2001-04-21 Thread Thomas Esser
Hi, I just want to add a note about the xpdf-Problem: Error: Failed to open font: '-*-zapfdingbats-medium-r-normal-*-11-*-*-*-*-*-*-*' This is caused when xpdf tries to use X-fonts for the non-embedded fonts (usually the Base-14 fonts). Some systems might have such a font, but for example, I

Re: AIX TeTeX xdvi fails due to shared library problem

2001-04-23 Thread Thomas Esser
how many platforms do you support, Thomas? Just the platforms that people have provided binaries for: binaries/alpha-linux-libc6.tar.gz DEC Alpha / Linux (glibc 2) binaries/alpha-osf.tar.gz DEC Alpha / Digital Unix 3.2 or later binaries/hppa1.1-hpux9.tar.gz HPPA /

Re: URW fonts

2001-04-30 Thread Thomas Esser
the URW fonts coming with ghostscript are named n021004l.pfb (and so on). In teteX 1.0.2 the same URW font is named utmb8a.pfb. Right, these files are named according to the Berry scheme (- texdoc fontname). This scheme commonly used in the TeX world and make is easier to use some tools (e.g.

Re: URW fonts

2001-04-30 Thread Thomas Esser
More portable means that we try to use the same name... I just got confused since the txfonts package in used the ghostscript name. From now on I'm a Berry name guy :-) Well, the txfonts package has two map files with font downloading of LW35 fonts: - Adobe Font names / Adobe file

Re: forward/inverse search

2001-05-03 Thread Thomas Esser
i always found this very useful, but i haven't been able to find out if teTeX provides the same functionality, and if so, whether i can use it from within emacs. so does it? and can i? Basically, xdvik and web2c need to be changed to support this. I think that the next version of web2c will

Re: xdvi problem

2001-04-22 Thread Thomas Esser
I've just caught up with the times and upgraded our old teTeX-0.4 to the latest binary (1.0.5 I believe) for Solaris. All installed apparently with no problems. What we do have is horrible output from xdvi. Text is illegible, and what you _can_ see is grey rather than black. Using old

Re: pdflatex vs. latex | dvips | ps2pdf

2001-04-23 Thread Thomas Esser
Certainly ps2pdf can make good use of Type 1 fonts, so I don't understand ... The version that comes with tetex only deals with Type 1 fonts for postscript standard fonts. It seems to convert latex Type 1 fonts to bitmaps. This is teTeX does not include ghostscript or ps2pdf, so this is

Re: dvips and type1 font problem

2001-05-16 Thread Thomas Esser
mfcb8a.pfbmfcr8a.pfbmmnr8a.pfbzdcr8a.pfb Second number not found in Char string of '/FontName' Well, two things might help: - turn off partial font downloading for this font ( instead of in font map) - use a later version of dvips, e.g. as included in teTeX-beta (this version has

Re: Can't XDvi (app-defaults) in tetex 1.0.7

2001-05-16 Thread Thomas Esser
I am trying to compile teTex 1.0.7 and it is failing because it cannot find the app-defaults for xdvi. I looked for the file XDvi in Please read CTAN:systems/unix/teTeX/1.0/distrib/sources/README or the INSTALL or QuickInstall file included in the sources? Thomas

Re: environment question

2001-05-17 Thread Thomas Esser
where is the default environment of the teTeX distribution set? Nothing in teTeX sets its environment. It is set outside, usually by the files that your shell read on startup. Any hints? Thanks in advance Add KPATHSEA_DEBUG=-1; export KPATHSEA_DEBUG to Thomas

Re: environment question

2001-05-17 Thread Thomas Esser
source /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf Make this: TEXMFCNF=/etc/texmf; export TEXMFCNF Thomas

Re: environment question

2001-05-17 Thread Thomas Esser
kdebug: texmf.cnf path = (none) ^??? First the path is set, than it disappears? [...] Later on, it should find the texmf.cnf file. Are there references to SELFAUTO* in the texmf.cnf file? If yes, try to replace them by the absolute paths. Do not try to set

Re: Font generation (newbie questions)

2001-05-18 Thread Thomas Esser
I configured teTex so that the generated fonts go in /mnt/e/ltexmf/fonts/pk/canonbj and texconfig says that the fonts have to be generated there. The problem is that when I start xdvi, it find the fonts in this directory, but generate the missing fonts in the

Re: How does tetex handle pdflatex

2001-05-19 Thread Thomas Esser
Since there is no pdflatex.exe, I would like to know if tetex handles pdflatex as follows pdftex pdflatex.fmt file_name.tex On UNIX, we have symbolic links, i.e. pdflatex - pdftex. On win32, the best approximation for pdflatex is pdftex -progname=pdflatex Thomas

Re: texinfo.

2001-05-21 Thread Thomas Esser
texi2dvi fn.texi but nothing happens. With a ^C, I got I cannot find texinfo However, texinfo is in /usr/share/texmf/tex/texinfo texinfo is just another format. Create a batch file which calls tex -progname=texinfo Thomas

Re: I can't find tex.fmt

2001-05-24 Thread Thomas Esser
I installed teTeX-1.0 source version. Did you follow the instructions, e.g. INSTALL or QuickInstall? More specifically, did you install the texmf tarball? Thomas

Re: I can't find tex.fmt

2001-05-28 Thread Thomas Esser
Where is the tex.fmt? What happens if you run fmtutil --byfmt=tex Thomas

Re: teTeX releases

2001-05-28 Thread Thomas Esser
Is there a new teTeX release underway anytime soon? No. My target for a new release is somewhere at the end of this year when - hopefully - the next web2c release is out. teTeX is based on web2c-7.3.1 and I want to skip over 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 which are already out (with only very few

Re: Dvips and BaKoMa type 1 fonts

2001-05-30 Thread Thomas Esser
Our department's current tex installation was obtained from the texlive5 CD. Recently, one of my colleagues discovered some characters missing from the printed version of one of his documents, and on further investigation we discovered that dvips was not finding characters 0 to 31 in the

Re: gs2pdf won't use cm type 1 fonts?

2001-06-13 Thread Thomas Esser
gs 5.5 is too old. You should grap version 6.51 (not 7.0 which is buggy) from What do you know, that I don't know? What are these bugs in 7.0? I have it installed on Win2k and Linux and haven't seen any problems (though I don't use it

Re: gs2pdf won't use cm type 1 fonts?

2001-06-14 Thread Thomas Esser
gsftopk ptmr8r 600 seemed to work for me (using gs 7.0). What were the symptoms of the bug? $ mktexpk --dpi 600 --bdpi 600 ptmr8r warning: kpathsea: variable `TEXMF' references itself (eventually). mktexpk: Running gsftopk ptmr8r 600 gsftopk(k) version 1.19/700 [1] [2] [3]

Re: kpathsea: I can't find file `pcrr8rn'

2001-06-19 Thread Thomas Esser
Anyone know how to fix this? Where do I get `pcrr8rn' and where do I put it? Put pcrr8rn Courier .85 ExtendFont TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont 8r.enc into your file. That line should already be there if you are using teTeX... Thomas

Re: kpathsea: I can't find file `pcrr8rn'

2001-06-19 Thread Thomas Esser
I am using teTeX, and it is already there. What next? Find out why dvips ignores this setting. Play with kpathsea-debug flags (texdoc kpathsea). For a start, use KPATHSEA_DEBUG=4 (env-var). Thomas

Re: kpathsea: I can't find file `pcrr8rn'

2001-06-19 Thread Thomas Esser
What is the usual way to set the search path for files like `pcrr8rn'? There is no usual way. Debugging problems like this requires some knowledge about what the application is doing. In this case, dvips should find an entry in its map file that tells him that pcrr8rn is a build-in font. So,

Re: mktexpk problem

2001-06-20 Thread Thomas Esser
Can somebody explain this? -chris [okocim]14:45:17[abrodsky]$ xdvi smk kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode ljfour --bdpi 600 --mag 2+44/600 --dpi 1244 ptmr8r mktexpk: Running gsftopk ptmr8r 1244 gsftopk(k) version 1.17gs: #^ 1 20 90 38 108 57.3198 gs: P4 gs:

Re: xdvi.bin and xdvi.real

2001-06-20 Thread Thomas Esser
I do not know, if this is a debian-problem or a teTeX-problem. I am using the teTeX 1.0.7+20001- Version (woody-Distribution). The xdvi script in /bin is using xdvi.bin $NAMEOPT $args $filename, however xdvi.bin does not exist. Its name is xdvi.real. A debian problem. Thomas

Re: mktexpk problem

2001-06-21 Thread Thomas Esser
GNU Ghostscript 6.51 (2001-03-28) ... mktexpk: Running gsftopk ptmr8r 1244 gsftopk(k) version 1.17gs: #^ 1 20 90 38 108 57.3198 gs: P4 gs: 22 22 gs: gs: 95.7053 gs: Works ok for me (I have compiled GNU gs6.51 just for this test): $ gsftopk ptmr8r 1244 gsftopk(k) version

Re: Error in Make Solaris 2.8 on SUN SPARC

2001-07-03 Thread Thomas Esser
gmake[1]: ar: Command not found I don't know how to proceed. Please help. You should have ar in your PATH. Look at the manpage of ar to find out where this program is stored on your disk. On Solaris 7, this is /usr/ccs/bin. Thomas

Re: Fonts generated in current directory

2001-07-14 Thread Thomas Esser
As the teTeX on my system was quite old (teTeX 0.9), I decided to update by installing 1.0 in my home directory. Now, when xdvi cannot find a pk font it generates one in the current directory. My reading of the kpathsea documentation is that the fonts should be generated in a more global

Re: Font problems

2001-07-22 Thread Thomas Esser
I first suspected ghostscript so I DL:ed the latest available at (this surprised me somewhat since I've heard people talking about 7.01 or later) but that didn't help. I tried a ghostscript 6.01 and then it worked so

Re: Bug in mktexpk (or mf)

2001-08-07 Thread Thomas Esser
I came across this bug because one of my users used the pixpt metafont mode (don't ask me why) for xdvi. The important feature of this mode is: mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 72.27) ... The problem is that mf calculates the resolution (dpi) to 150 because 2*72.27+5=149.54 is rounded to

Re: source specials

2001-08-19 Thread Thomas Esser
I would like my latex binary to be able to include source-specials (like in fpTeX and MikTeX). Will it work to just un-tar tetex-supp.tgz on-top of a recent tetex and build as usual? I would not try that. Use the patch that you can get from

Re: PDFLaTeX troubles

2001-08-24 Thread Thomas Esser
I'm trying to use pdflatex which is part of the teTeX 1.0 distribution. (downloaded from ... I've already downloaded the newest version of pdftex.def (from Why? teTeX contains a pdftex.def which works fine with the

Re: fancydoc: missing docs

2001-08-29 Thread Thomas Esser
The file /usr/share/texmf/doc/latex/fancybox/fancybox.doc from the fancybox LaTex package is missing from teTeX. I don't think the omission was intentional. The file can be processed with latex. Thanks for pointing that out. I prefer to have processed and ready-to-access documentation in the

Re: snapshot TEXMFLOG (kpathsea)

2001-09-12 Thread Thomas Esser
I've been doing a little experimenting with the TEXMFLOG feature of the kpathsea library. Has anyone else done much with it? I have not really used this. Looks like it could be used, with only a modest amount of wrapper scripting, to really identify *all* the files used in a given LaTeX run

Re: snapshot TEXMFLOG (kpathsea)

2001-09-12 Thread Thomas Esser
I'd use KPATHSEA_DEBUG=4 for that. OK, that is a good suggestion to compare. I did a first test just now. Setting TEXMFLOG seems somewhat easier, because then I don't have to do any extra work to separate the kdebug:fopen lines from any other output that may be going to stderr. But in a

Re: Know anything about the tetex distributed with the Cygwin toolkit?

2001-09-12 Thread Thomas Esser
work with laTeX files. I succesfully build dvi from tex, but when I try to use the latex command, the error is I can't find the format file 'latex.fmt'. And, sure enough, the teTeX from Cygwin has no latex.fmt file (mikTeX does). I have never tried the cygwin port myself, but you should run

Re: can't add hyphenation pattern

2001-09-14 Thread Thomas Esser
this is probably simple, but I don't find the cause of the problem: I wanted to add hyphenation patterns for spanish to the LaTeX on my system run fmtutil --byfmt latex and see if the format is generated successfully and where it is stored. Then, run latex with env-var KPATHSEA_DEBUG=4. If

Re: nasty bug in TL6's/tetex's mktexpk: gs died due to signal 13

2001-09-15 Thread Thomas Esser
I came to the conclusion that it is not gs error (gsftopk ... I will appreciate somebody suggesting a way to trace down the bug. The bug is in gs. Just look at and Thomas

Re: CM-Super package released

2001-09-20 Thread Thomas Esser
, too, so please use a mirror near to you. BTW: for the third teTeX tarball (teTeX-src-beta-2804.tar.gz, containing the sources for the binaries), we are quite sure that every file is covered by a free software license. Thank you for your help! Thomas Esser

Re: search paths for tetex

2001-10-31 Thread Thomas Esser
The background for this question is the following: At ZAIK/RRZk at the University of Cologne, we have two AFS-trees, one for writing and one for read-and-execute-only-access, the second being replicated from the first once per day. So installation has to go to the writable tree but execution

Re: 'texconfig', 'texlinks' and multiple platforms

2001-11-26 Thread Thomas Esser
'texlinks' are run by 'texconfig' when adding a new format. On a multiple platform installation of teTeX this isn't behaving as expected / wanted. When I generate a new format (which is the same for all the platforms) I expect links from format to engine to be added for _all_ platforms - not

Re: Know anything about the tetex distributed with the Cygwin toolkit?

2001-11-26 Thread Thomas Esser
I have never tried the cygwin port myself Since ANNOUNCE has support for win32 systems will be added, too, should we assume that you're that you're planning on getting it before the next release? The cygwin ports and fpTeX are two distributions for win32 which are close to teTeX and

Re: Bug in tetex1.0.7 might explain the missing tex.fmt

2001-10-08 Thread Thomas Esser
I recently compiled and installed tetex on my Linux computer. I'm not using X-Windows so i configured with: ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-multiplatform --without-x make world texconfig confall This fails at texconfig, a screen appears and says that it cannot find xdvi defaults.

Re: neue Version

2001-10-08 Thread Thomas Esser
I want to install a new version of teTeX. On I found all file inclusive binaries but I am a little bit surprised - the date of all files is february 2000 or older. Is that a new version or where can I found a newer one? If you go to the teTeX-beta area, you'll find

Re: New version (Was: neue Version)

2001-10-08 Thread Thomas Esser
When is the next texfm beta coming? Are you still waiting for some new releases of major packages - are there something that we can do? I am currently updating the texmf tree. When this is done, I will update teTeX-beta. I am going to skip over web2c-7.3.2 and 7.3.3. The next teTeX version

Re: CM-Super font package v0.2.0

2001-10-15 Thread Thomas Esser
I don't seem to be able to find recent versions of dvips on the net. For instance, dvips does not seem to be on CTAN anymore. Is there a way around downloading an entire TeX-Live image, if the only thing one needs is dvips 5.86d ??? dvipsk-5.86d is contained in the teTeX-beta distribution

Re: latest pdftex?

2001-12-07 Thread Thomas Esser
I am wondering, why the latest tetex does not include the latest pdftex 0.14h from teTeX-1.0 was released in June, 1999. At that time, there was no pdftex 0.14h. but instead the older [rainer@rai21] ~$ pdflatex -v pdfTeX (Web2C 7.3.1)

Re: TeX/LaTeX Fonts

2001-12-19 Thread Thomas Esser
The problem I usually ran into was: dvips -D XXX file.dvi Just don't do this. Define a printer with dpi and mode and then dvips -P... file.dvi -o (only add -o if you don't want to print). Or, if you really want ad hoc invocations without setting up a config.PRINTER file, then say dvips -D

Re: amscls docs in latest teTeX

2002-01-27 Thread Thomas Esser
In the doc/latex/amscls directory, there is a thmtest.dvi file. However, this is not very useful; it's the source file thmtest.tex, which provides an example file of how to use the amsthm package, which should be distributed instead. I think that I just have unzip'ed the archives that the

Re: pdf[la]tex problems with config

2002-02-03 Thread Thomas Esser
Since my disk storage has increased from 4Gbytes to 24Gbytes, I can now have in parallel emTeX (which has several very useful features) and TeXLive 6b contains parts of teTeX, but strictly speakingg, it is not the same. C:\tmppdftex null This is pdfTeX, Version

Re: problems with eurofont tfm-Files

2002-02-04 Thread Thomas Esser
gsftopk(k) version 1.17/700 gs7.00 is known to be broken wrt. font generation via gsftopk. Try a different (earlier or later) version. I recommend the latest version gs7.04: $ gsftopk zpeubi 300 gsftopk(k) version 1.19/704 [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41]... ...

Re: Including pdfTeX extension files

2002-02-07 Thread Thomas Esser
I just received my latest TUGboat with Han's PhD thesis on extending TeX. In it, he refers to several utility files such as efcode.tex and protcode.tex. They are available on CTAN (systems/pdftex/ext); can they go into teTeX? (Haven't checked the latest beta, but they weren't in the

Re: Missing characters

2002-02-20 Thread Thomas Esser
1) If you use Computer Modern font, then use dvips -G -Ppdf (otherwise you lose things like half of integrals or large parentheses) 2) If you use an Adobe Postscript font, then use dvips -G0 -Ppdf (otherwise you lose things like fi ff ligatures) dvips -G0 -Ppdf is the same as

Re: tetex distribution and these instructions in Sketch web page

2002-03-02 Thread Thomas Esser
Sketch needs to know about the LaTeX fonts in order to display them In particular a directory with the *afm files has to be added to the sketch font path The afm files are not needed by LaTeX, so may not So, just cd texmf/fonts/afm and all afm files will be there You still need the afm

Re: teTeX documentation

2002-03-03 Thread Thomas Esser
texdoc -l -s 'regular-expression-for-grep' Allowing regexp search is always a good idea Do we need an extra commandline switch here? IMO it is sufficient to replace the string-match by a regexp-match texdoc usually uses kpsewhich to find files which is much faster than scanning

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