[Texascavers] James Jasek new update 5/22/20

2020-05-22 Thread Mimi Jasek
Well, another change to the plan. They had asked me yesterday if I wanted them to dig deeper into new law to get Jim into rehab, and I said no. Hence my update yesterday. But family was worried about me, for it really is just me, so I texted doc late last night and said check. He and case

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2020-05-22 Thread George Veni
Hang in there Mimi. Sometimes the best and hardest things to do in medical treatment requires hurting someone to help them. That takes strength and is nothing anyone can criticize you for. George GeorgeĀ  Veni, PhD Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research

Re: [Texascavers] James Jasek new update 5/22/20

2020-05-22 Thread Michael Harris
Mimi, You had a tough decision to make but ultimately it comes down to the best care for Jim and his recovery. I feel that most of these facilities have a handle on the COVID-19 situation so Jim should be in good hands. I'm sure you will be able to visit by phone. Hopefully the desire to go home

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2020-05-22 Thread Linda Palit
Get all the at home health care assistance and rehab you can, especially at first. Thank goodness you can get some financial help from FMLA. Your are strong and wonderful, but remember to take care of yourself since that is vital for both of you. Sending love and strength and prayers for all of