Re: [time-nuts] FEI-5660 Rubidium Oscillator

2014-03-29 Thread Rex
On 3/27/2014 8:47 PM, Mark Sims wrote: Granite tends to be rather radioactive (particularly avoid the pink stuff). Apologies before I begin... He who holds the scintillation detector has a gamma ray-son detre. Paranoia strikes deep into your home it will creep There's a man with a Geiger

Re: [time-nuts] Weather/units question for European members

2014-05-23 Thread Rex
I have a crappy Chinese-made handheld propeller anemometer. I'm not in Europe but FWIW the output can be selected as: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots or mph. So, the first two of those seem to be likely metric choices. Your method sounds interesting. Would you be willing to share any details about

Re: [time-nuts] GPS puck?

2014-06-26 Thread Rex
found Amazon a little cheaper than eBay listings. Serial has a PS-2-style connector but needs an adapter for connection to PC. Connector pin-out is here... -Rex On 6/26/2014 1:59 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote: David

Re: [time-nuts] GPS puck?

2014-06-27 Thread Rex
On 6/26/2014 10:45 PM, David J Taylor wrote: Amazon UK want over $200! A Garmin GPS 18x LVC would be half the price.. Cheers, David The UK Amazon listings are crazy. There's a listing of the USB version at 35 pounds or about $60 (still pretty high) but the only serial version listed

Re: [time-nuts] Introduction and info about a Lucent RFTG

2014-07-04 Thread Rex
Several years ago there were a number of these showing up pretty cheap on eBay, so I bought one. As I recall there were a couple of similar versions with some differences so take this recollection with a grain of salt. I did some tracing of the internals on the one I had and found the

Re: [time-nuts] Synergy-GPS SSR-6tru problems

2014-07-16 Thread Rex
I think your story is rather incomplete. You never (to my deduction) told us what you are plugging this into. You mention a GPSDO so I guess that is where it is plugged while not doing what you want, but you never mention what that GPSDO might be. You blew off Art Sepin's reply as not

Re: [time-nuts] Noise and non-linear behaviour of ferrite transformers

2014-07-20 Thread Rex
On 7/19/2014 6:38 PM, Richard (Rick) Karlquist wrote: Or another way of putting it is you do a bunch of measurements and then construct a theory to explain what you already know experimentally. I like that. Or perhaps, stated another way, in the real world engineers are just as important as

Re: [time-nuts] LTE-Lite Eval Kit available

2014-09-24 Thread Rex
On 24/09/2014 12:16 PM, Dave Martindale wrote: Hello. Please add me to the list of people interested in the LTE-Lite eval kits. (I did not send a previous email, and you did not lose it - I've just been slow in writing). Thanks, Dave On Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 8:05 PM, S. Jackson via

Re: [time-nuts] HOW WE GOT TO NOW WITH STEVEN JOHNSON | Time An Inside Look | PBS

2014-10-25 Thread Rex
grade school level. Most of the interesting stuff was glossed over. I was unimpressed enough that I never watched any of the following shows after those two. Maybe others have other opinions. -Rex On 10/25/2014 11:51 AM, Brooke Clarke wrote: Hi: I don't have TV and wonder if anyone who has PBS

Re: [time-nuts] Lucent KS-24361, HP/Symmetricom Z3809A, Z3810A, Z3811A, Z3812A GPSDO system

2014-11-01 Thread Rex
Here's another reference on driving 10-ish MHz square wave outputs via digital chips. A few years ago I hacked my HP Z3816 to covert its 4 - 19.6608 MHz square wave outputs to be 4 more 10 MHz outputs. In the process I reverse engineered some of what was there. I found each of these outputs

Re: [time-nuts] was 10MHz LTE-Lite (Phase Matrix)

2014-11-20 Thread Rex
I had not realized that EIP continued to live on in a different form. Counters even kept the same name on the front panel. On 11/20/2014 2:40 PM, Alex Pummer wrote: they are affordable and good: 585C/588C Frequency Counters

Re: [time-nuts] Mouser connector

2012-10-14 Thread Rex
I think these are correct... 24-pin LOPRO WRMNT 3M D-Subminiature Connector is printed on the envelopes from Mouser. Plug Mouser 517-3548-100 , (3M 3458-1000) and Socket Mouser 517-3549-1000 , (3M 3549-1000) If I remember right when I ordered about a year ago, there was a problem in the

Re: [time-nuts] HP Z3805A com port and monitoring questions

2012-10-15 Thread Rex
On 10/14/2012 10:43 PM, Ulrich Bangert wrote: There's another telco model that has an MTI 260 oscillator, that I think was manufactured in Korea but does not have the Samsung logo on the front. I don't know much about that one. I do own a Z3805 WITH the Samsung logo on the front AND WITH a MTI

Re: [time-nuts] Z3805 etc

2012-10-15 Thread Rex
Yes, 5 MHz MTI 260 in both my Z3085 and Z3816A, doubled somewhere inside for the 10 MHz output. On 10/15/2012 12:32 AM, Azelio Boriani wrote: 5MHz? Then it is doubled to have 10MHz at the output... On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 8:17 AM, Murray Ulrich is right

Re: [time-nuts] Z3801A Problem

2012-11-07 Thread Rex
that there was no way to update the firmware outside of the factory. That is what I remember. -Rex On 11/7/2012 5:05 AM, Azelio Boriani wrote: Never found an Oncore firmware file... can you point me to anyone of them? I'm curious to see one. On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 1:30 PM, Bob Campli

[time-nuts] Poor termination effects?

2012-11-28 Thread Rex
I live in the San Francisco bay area. You may recall that back in 1989 we had a big earthquake that did a lot of damage. The epicenter was near Loma Prieta, which became the name for this earthquake. That is about 60 miles south of San Francisco, yet a lot of the bad damage occurred there, at

Re: [time-nuts] Nifty MINI TIC for DMTD work please hold off, 4 channel pic...

2012-12-10 Thread Rex
, or a transmittable sketch format, and what the desired output is, maybe I could help. Contact me if you think another cook could possibly help the broth. -Rex in San Jose, CA On 12/9/2012 3:20 AM, wrote: We have a choice of two dual mixers, my copy of the original NBS

Re: [time-nuts] EIP545A 18GHz counter query

2012-12-10 Thread Rex
, to this thread for closing to posterity searchers. (And me.) And, in the mean time, good luck, bon debugging. -Rex On 12/9/2012 8:41 AM, paul swed wrote: Chris TP4 is not all that helpful its a control signal. So let me back up for a minute. What are we troubleshooting? I was thinking band 2 was semi

Re: [time-nuts] Is now the timepod a symmetricom product ?

2012-12-19 Thread Rex
This is a sign that people can't digest all the messages on time-nuts. There was this... (thread replies included John) and this... On 12/19/2012 1:29 PM, Didier Juges

Re: [time-nuts] OT: Mayans

2012-12-19 Thread Rex
Ha, ha. That brightened my afternoon. On 12/19/2012 9:13 AM, J. Forster wrote: -John === [Cartoon] ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To unsubscribe, go to and

Re: [time-nuts] Is now the timepod a symmetricom product ?

2012-12-20 Thread Rex
to locate those two spots, that I knew I had read, about Symmetricom picking up John's product. On 12/20/2012 3:21 AM, Timeok wrote: Yes Mr Rex, I am guilty .. not all people are perfect! best regards form Timeok Il 2012-12-19 23:26 Rex ha scritto: This is a sign that people can't digest all

Re: [time-nuts] 10 MHz - 16 MHz clock multiplier

2013-01-03 Thread Rex
On 1/3/2013 6:22 PM, David wrote: Alternatively if you just want to divide by 5 or some other small fixed number, you can use a couple of flip-flips and gates. Flip-flips are good for digitally implementing tick-tick clocks, right? :-) (Use flop-flops for tock-tock.)

Re: [time-nuts] 10 MHz - 16 MHz clock multiplier

2013-01-05 Thread Rex
On 1/4/2013 4:48 PM, Bob Camp wrote: Hi As I recall the spec was: 1) Cheap 2) no phase slips on the 16 MHz relative to 10 MHz 3) Cheap Bob GAK! Here is the original from TVB What's the simplest way to generate 16 MHz from 10 MHz? This will be for clocking a microcontroller at 16 MHz

Re: [time-nuts] Interval Timer Recommendation

2013-01-09 Thread Rex
On 1/9/2013 12:48 PM, Azelio Boriani wrote: and don't forget the PM6681 (50pS) The PM6681 was sold by Fluke/Philips. The same counter is also occasionally seen as the Pendulum CNT-81. Additional good features: small, light, and quiet. On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Magnus

Re: [time-nuts] Low noise power supplies?

2013-01-31 Thread Rex
On 1/31/2013 12:20 AM, Bruce Griffiths wrote: With some care its possible to make the emitter current of the shunt transistor approximately PTAT so that, at least for small signals the temperature dependence of the rejection is reduced significantly. Sorry, what does PTAT mean? I'm not

Re: [time-nuts] FRK-L Rubidium

2013-02-08 Thread Rex
Do you have the service manual? If not, get it here... As I recall there's pretty good trouble shooting in the manual. Several years ago I fixed an FRK-H that wouldn't lock. The crystal osc had drifted enough that the trimmer

Re: [time-nuts] altinex switches

2013-02-12 Thread Rex
Yes, this switch matrix seems intended for video signals, so 75 ohms is the expected standard. I doubt that would be much of a problem for 50 ohm timing signals. Some of us shall see soon. BNCs may be 75 ohm versions too, but probably not a big issue. On 2/11/2013 6:20 PM, J. L. Trantham

Re: [time-nuts] Looking for Z3801

2013-02-14 Thread Rex
Here is a Z3816a -- 271152849045 I don't know the seller but has lots of sales. 3816 requires no serial configuration (like 3801) and has two 10 MHz out standard. Several years back I came up with a mod to convert the 4 19...MHz outputs to additional 10 MHz square outputs. --

Re: [time-nuts] PTS 3200 remote programming

2013-03-01 Thread Rex
I looked at a copy of the 3200 manual I found a while ago. I used to have a bunch of PTS stuff on my web pages but was asked by the company to take it down. I think KO4BB manual pages have the same issue. Do you have the manual? It doesn't look like there is anything unexpected in the

Re: [time-nuts] PTS 3200 remote programming

2013-03-01 Thread Rex
If you have a pdf manual, you probably have the same one I have. When I was looking today, I did see that the input pin numbers listed in the table, where it describes the programming (p 29 in the one I have or p32 of the pdf), does not match SCHEMATIC, PE-1121 (figure 7 or p44 of the pdf). I

Re: [time-nuts] frequency reference for portable operation

2013-03-10 Thread Rex
their mobile microwave rigs. -Rex, KK6MK On 3/10/2013 7:23 AM, Jim Lux wrote: Asking here on behalf of a friend.. With respect to portable amateur microwave operation.. you want good close in phase noise (so you can use narrow band filters) AND good frequency accuracy (so you can find

Re: [time-nuts] frequency reference for portable operation

2013-03-11 Thread Rex
On 3/10/2013 6:10 PM, Hal Murray wrote: said: or if you have a beacon in range that you can find to establish your offset. What do you do after you determine the offset? Do you tweak it out with a trimmer (R or C)? Or tell the software? Or do the corrections with pencil and

Re: [time-nuts] frequency reference for portable operation

2013-03-11 Thread Rex
probably go for that experiment. -- In reality, don't know if I ever will. -Rex On 3/10/2013 5:15 PM, Bob Camp wrote: Hi If you go with one of the better DOCXO's on eBay (spend the full $30 not $15) you should get something that will hold 0.3 ppb for 48 hours. You would have to do a few

Re: [time-nuts] Lady Heather numbers

2013-03-12 Thread Rex
Do you think that the oven is working correctly? Is the DC current high on power-up then dropping to a steady lower value after warm-up time? My concern is that the resistors may have unsoldered themselves because the oven ran away into an over-temp condition. On 3/12/2013 9:55 AM, Garren

Re: [time-nuts] Win XP and NIST time

2013-03-23 Thread Rex
I'm running Microsoft Windows XP Professional -- Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600. I still get occasional notifications and update my OS with latest changes. (Don't know how much longer that will continue.) The time on my system updated OK and is currently correct. I haven't noticed

Re: [time-nuts] Are there any rubidiums programma to 40 MHz?

2013-03-25 Thread Rex
Please tell us if I am parsing the content of your message correctly with my inserted comments. On 3/25/2013 9:09 AM, Stan, W1LE wrote: Hello Dave, The problem I experienced with a Rb at 10 MHz stabilizing a AD6IW PLL at 106.5 MHz for a DB6NT 10 GHz G2 transverter, I assume by stabilizing

Re: [time-nuts] Time nut newbie

2013-04-30 Thread Rex
It doesn't affect the general magnitude conclusions by Bruce, but as long as we are making corrections, my calculator seems to think 60 * 60 * 24 * 12 = 1036800 seconds in 12 days, not 1024800. That does come out to 115.7 days for 1 sec error. Maybe the 12-day number was a typo? -Rex On 4

Re: [time-nuts] Precise positions for GPSDOs

2013-05-02 Thread Rex
PHK, the big pdf link in your sneak page is broken (gives 404). Can you fix that for us? P.S., while you are there you could change goory' to gory. On 5/2/2013 5:22 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote: In message, Stewart Cobb

Re: [time-nuts] Good (cheap) PIC chip choice for project?

2013-05-25 Thread Rex
On 5/25/2013 1:22 PM, Bob Camp wrote: If you are going to code on a cheap PIC (the PIC16 series) you will likely need to learn PIC assembler. All my coding on those parts was in assembly language. They are old enough / slow enough / small RAM enough that things like C (or the other high level

Re: [time-nuts] Jupiter GPS Receivers, ( V1.80)

2010-02-22 Thread Rex
listings. BTW, in the name fluke.l, the letter after the '.' is lower case L, not one (as has been mistyped on recent postings.) Unless you enjoy the challenge of reinventing this GPS-timing wheel, I'd suggest buying one of these reasonably priced units. -Rex wrote: Hi

Re: [time-nuts] Achieving maximum performance when driving 5370A/Binputs

2010-02-28 Thread Rex
Don Latham wrote: I've fixed shafts like this carefully with plastic swizzle sticks and super glue. Did I say carefully? a little dab'll do ya... Don It is a tricky business. The 5370A I got a while back, had what was left of the shaft glued into the bushing by an earlier repair attempt.

Re: [time-nuts] FE-5680A

2010-03-10 Thread Rex
Bob Camp wrote: Hi Like pretty much every other rubidium on the planet - no, not as far as I know. Most of the test points and adjustments are of the even if we told you, you aren't set up to use it nature. Put another way, they would have to provide a lot of proprietary information to enable

Re: [time-nuts] HP 5065A - phosphoric acid

2010-03-21 Thread Rex
paul swed wrote: Were do you obtain a small amount of phosphoric acid Also when I looked it up they said it was H3PO4. Doesn't sound like the same. Is there a common use for it? I bought a quart a while ago at Home Depot in the paint section. Jasco Prep and Primer for metal - a liquid.

Re: [time-nuts] What time is it anyway?

2010-03-28 Thread Rex
Steve Rooke wrote: What puzzles me is who is the keeper of legal time for the other 93.4% of land mass and 95.5% of population of the World other than the US. Just curious where you got those percentage numbers? A quick check says they are in the ball park, but wondering where you got

Re: [time-nuts] Surplus Places...

2010-03-31 Thread Rex
jimlux wrote: Scott Burris wrote: CH closed briefly to move and is now open in Duarte: At Apex, a friend tried to purchase a nose cone from a rocket, but they declined to sell it to him because they were making too much money renting it out to movie studios.

Re: [time-nuts] New Most Accurate Clock

2010-04-01 Thread Rex
I just realized that the recent big transfers of money from Washington DC to Wall Street must have been a large-scale test of the MANA system. -Rex... heading to Home Depot to find a large container I can adapt into a MANA antenna. Tom Van Baak wrote: I used the new google today and found

Re: [time-nuts] Naval Jelly at home depot 25-35% Phosphoric acid

2010-04-11 Thread Rex
I mentioned in an earlier thread that I found Jasco Prep and Primer at Home Depot, but that was several years back. I don't know if it is still stocked. The stuff is a blue-green liquid and mostly phosphoric acid. The naval jelly that I have seen actually was a jelly so it would stick better

Re: [time-nuts] oscillator choice question (ND100M)

2010-05-03 Thread Rex
Chris, your links don't work. wrote: just for show-and-tell: ... I have four rough pictures. is right (rear) end of the component side. is the left (front) end of the component side.

Re: [time-nuts] (no subject)

2010-05-21 Thread Rex
Robert Benward wrote: Hi, I just purchased a Z3805A at the Dayton hamfest this past weekend. How do I get it to work? Do I need software to run this, or can it run stand alone. I have turned it on, but only the power light comes on, the GPS lock, and more importantly, the enable light is

Re: [time-nuts] (no subject)

2010-05-21 Thread Rex
documentation and command reference docs on the net. Hope that helps a bit. -Rex Robert Benward wrote: Hi, I just purchased a Z3805A at the Dayton hamfest this past weekend. How do I get it to work? Do I need software to run this, or can it run stand alone. I have turned it on, but only the power

Re: [time-nuts] Z3805 utility, Was: AW: (no subject)

2010-05-23 Thread Rex
found what I have used. -Rex Robert Benward wrote: Thank you all for these inputs! Most importantly, the big question is: Regardless of RS-232 or 422, will the unit do ANYTHING without communications? Do I need a computer to get anything beyond the power led? I bought this at the Dayton

Re: [time-nuts] Z3805 utility, Was: AW: (no subject)

2010-05-24 Thread Rex
Robert Benward wrote: Checked wires, measured voltages, -0.5 and +2.0 on TX and RX. Bob That does sound very odd if it is RS232. Have you measured these voltages out of the Z38xx unit into just an open cable? That would take any driving or loading from the PC-end serial port out of the

Re: [time-nuts] Furno GPS Rcvr, Was: no subject)

2010-05-24 Thread Rex
be done here, but with completely different parsing. Steve Rooke wrote: Hi Rex, On 25 May 2010 08:32, Rex wrote: Steve, If the Furuno pdf's , you have, are more than just the sales fluff, I'd suggest you upload the files to Didier's web pages

Re: [time-nuts] Motorola GPS Z3801A

2010-06-01 Thread Rex
Robert Benward wrote: Hi, Does anyone have the pinouts for the Motorola GPS within the Z3801A? It's a ten pin header and I would like to intercept the data stream to see if it's working. Also, I read about some of the Motorolas putting out binary data, not NEMA protocol. Thanks, Bob

Re: [time-nuts] Motorola GPS Z3801A

2010-06-01 Thread Rex
between each other. The time order in which these references were produced (older to newer) is: 3801, 3816, 3805. That aligns with the different GPS receivers that were used inside. Robert Benward wrote: Hi Rex, One more question: I understand some of the Z3801A were equipped

Re: [time-nuts] Handy iPhone app

2010-07-16 Thread Rex
. Good enough for me on my phone. So, at least here where I am, ATT time is not off by even a couple seconds. Maybe the issue is another iPhone problem. Do you have any friends on ATT with Motorola phones you can compare? -Rex Peter Monta wrote: Here in the Bay Area, ATT/iPhone time has gotten

Re: [time-nuts] Handy iPhone app

2010-07-18 Thread Rex
Thomas A. Frank wrote: On Jul 16, 2010, at 4:08 AM, Peter Monta wrote: Rex wrote: I just eyeballed the minute turn-over but it was clearly within about a second. Well, apparently it is a phone issue and not a cell-tower issue. Searching the support forums yields

Re: [time-nuts] HP 5335A Option 040

2010-07-28 Thread Rex
From a 1993 HP Catalog: HP5335A Option 40 Expanded HP-IB Control Adds remote selection of low-pass filter, ac/dc coupling, attenuator, dc triggering level, and input impedance for Channels A and B. On 7/28/2010 7:24 PM, Gordon Batey wrote: Greetings to the timekeepers. I have enjoyed

Re: [time-nuts] HP 5335A and HP-IB (GP-IB)

2010-08-01 Thread Rex
I have a couple notebooks with PCMCIA (AKA PC Card) slots. A few years back I got an NI card on eBay. Probably harder to find than a PCI card and possibly more expensive, but it is one more option that should be compatible with all the software. Doesn't need a full sized PC too. It is one

Re: [time-nuts] HP 5335A and HP-IB (GP-IB)

2010-08-02 Thread Rex
On 8/1/2010 11:08 PM, John Miles wrote: If you live in the US, you might consider writing to your legislators to try to educate them on the economic effects of software patents. You can also contribute your thoughts on post-'Bilski' patentability to the USPTO here:

Re: [time-nuts] HP 5335A and HP-IB (GP-IB)

2010-08-02 Thread Rex
On 8/2/2010 1:55 AM, David C. Partridge wrote: At long last, an outbreak of sanity in an insane world. Regards, David Partridge I agree. For some reason I had the impression that the ruling had gone more the other way. -Original Message- From:

Re: [time-nuts] 74AC175PC

2010-08-02 Thread Rex
On 8/2/2010 8:58 AM, Mike Feher wrote: Stanley - I know this has been a long thread, but, either I missed the beginning or forgot. What is it that the board you are selling actually does? Thanks - Mike Mike B. Feher, N4FS 89 Arnold Blvd. Howell, NJ, 07731 732-886-5960

Re: [time-nuts] Looking for High Q ceramic cylinders

2010-09-03 Thread Rex
(Ceramic resonators) Maybe Trans-Tech On 9/2/2010 5:54 PM, Peter Krengel wrote: Hello, I'm looking for manufactors/distributors of High Q (high Epsilon r) ceramic materials. Best would be cylindrical forms of ~ 10-30mm diameter. Has

Re: [time-nuts] Anyone have a comparison of the Z3805A and a Tbolt?

2010-09-07 Thread Rex
to. My Z3805A is marked Samsung, as are all the ones I see coming from China. The current price seems to be more like $350 than $250 for the ones left. I think $350 is about what I paid for my Z3805A a bit over a year, or so, back. -Rex On 9/7/2010 4:34 AM, Bob Camp wrote: Hi The bad units

Re: [time-nuts] Anyone have a comparison of the Z3805A and a Tbolt?

2010-09-07 Thread Rex [] On Behalf Of Rex Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010 11:56 AM To: Discussion of precise time and frequency measurement Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Anyone have a comparison of the Z3805A and a Tbolt? Bob, I wonder if you are really talking about Z3805A's

Re: [time-nuts] Questions about HP 5370B

2010-09-14 Thread Rex
On 9/14/2010 8:28 AM, Dan Rae wrote: I hate to disagree with John who knows a heck of lot more than I ever will, but in this case it will protect the oven from cooking up if the control circuit fails with the heater full on, which can happen. I did have a 5370B with a 10811 that had a bad

Re: [time-nuts] Upgrading old Thunderbolt?

2010-09-24 Thread Rex
On 9/24/2010 5:15 PM, WarrenS wrote: David It would be worth while to first see what is wrong, if anything, with what you now have. Too logical. This could stall two country's economies. Why measure actual performance of your current model when you can take input from others to learn you

Re: [time-nuts] 60 KHz Receiver

2010-10-08 Thread Rex
You mean near the intersection of 401 and 537? Close to 385 also. (I took the liberty of keeping up the code and adding 300 to everything.) -Rex On 10/8/2010 6:26 PM, J. Forster wrote: Where? Off 401 near the Blue Cube? -John = We had similar dome in Sunnyvale (Ca)Â until

Re: [time-nuts] Possibly OT - Any interest in a vintage HP/Dymec DY-5842 VLF receiver?

2010-10-11 Thread Rex
The ability to easily do this kind of graphics stuff (scanning and printing) at an affordable price is one of the few recent innovations that I appreciate over the great design and longevity in older tech equipment. Meld the two = win-win. On 10/11/2010 5:22 PM, paul swed wrote: Thanks

Re: [time-nuts] Leap Second Pending

2008-07-29 Thread Rex
Mark Sims wrote: And my clepsydra is now indicating Leak Second Pending... Did you make a typo... or is clepsydra a real word? :-) (just joking) ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To

Re: [time-nuts] Importing into EEC

2008-08-15 Thread Rex
Martyn Smith wrote: I don't mean to knick pick, but ... I assume you didn't mean to nitpick either. Sorry. Not really important. I know it's bad form to criticize grammar on the internet but it caught my attention. Don't get me started on there, their and they're.

Re: [time-nuts] Importing into EEC

2008-08-15 Thread Rex
Avian branch of the Apostrophe Police: -Rex David Ackrill wrote: Jim Palfreyman wrote: My pet hate is loose and lose. Perhaps we could form a chapter of the ? Dave (G0DJA

Re: [time-nuts] While we're discussing backups...

2008-08-26 Thread Rex
Neon John wrote: This is one of those areas that sink my confidence in predictive modeling and accelerated aging - if it could go any lower. My collection of data CDs, mostly digitized vinyl music and cassette-based audio books plus various specialized backup, number in the thousands, many

Re: [time-nuts] Ancient OCXO in scope calibrator.

2008-09-08 Thread Rex
is the voltage rating and what caused it to blow. Since you mention it was on the AC mains, there is a good chance it was just doing what it was supposed to do, and the voltage should be something a bit greater than the AC input voltage. -Rex ___ time-nuts

Re: [time-nuts] Ancient OCXO in scope calibrator.

2008-09-08 Thread Rex
Rex wrote: Brooke Clarke wrote: Hi Dave: Do you have a photo? It's been my experience that older electronic equipment fails because of poor connections rather than bad components. For many examples see: Have Fun, Brooke Clarke Brook

Re: [time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

2008-10-11 Thread Rex
This group seems pretty flexible about -- top -- mid -- or bottom -- posting. Don't see any reason to lecture this group about how they might want to communicate. I never paid attention about how it was being done, but it all seems to work here. I never can remember having any thought about

Re: [time-nuts] Sulzer Labs D-5 oscillator

2008-10-13 Thread Rex
Mike Monett wrote: Steve Rooke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Well, the obvious one is Thunderbird which will do all the things that I can see that Pimmy can do, given my albeit brief overview of this application from the parent website. I tried Thunderbird some time ago, but I

[time-nuts] OT- Tbolt eBay -- where in the world...

2008-10-19 Thread Rex
I was looking at one of the Thunderbolt listings on eBay today: 300260419007 I noticed that there is a picture of a Tbolt Monitor screen with lat and lon, so I put it in Google Earth. Seems to show the corner of the building where the antenna is mounted, near Shanghai. Attached is a GE

Re: [time-nuts] OT- Tbolt eBay -- where in the world...

2008-10-19 Thread Rex
Bruce Griffiths wrote: Rex wrote: I was looking at one of the Thunderbolt listings on eBay today: 300260419007 I noticed that there is a picture of a Tbolt Monitor screen with lat and lon, so I put it in Google Earth. Seems to show the corner of the building where the antenna

Re: [time-nuts] Question on crystal jumps

2008-10-22 Thread Rex
Mike S wrote: At 06:48 PM 10/22/2008, Bill Hawkins wrote... I would not discourage you from looking for an intergalactic cause of jumps, but I think the laws of probability are quite sound. OTOH, perhaps Yoda is correct - I feel a disturbance in the force. :-) Could be

Re: [time-nuts] Z3805 and Fluke.I

2008-10-30 Thread Rex
Pierre-François (f5bqp_pfm) wrote: Hi All, I think this is a great idea to replace my legacy Z3816A!... I also hope they'll offer as a gift the software to drive it, and they should gratify Bill K8CU to modify his software GPSCON to support the Z3805 if it's not done yet!... ;-)) 35 bucs

Re: [time-nuts] Build my own dist. amp ??

2008-12-13 Thread Rex
Bruce Griffiths wrote: For a 10MHz isolation amplifier you dont need any transistors much more exotic than 2N3904's in an appropriate package. 3 or 4 2N3904's per isolation amplifier stage will with careful design and layout achieve a reverse isolation of more than 130dB. Bruce

Re: [time-nuts] Thunderbolt accuracy...??

2008-12-20 Thread Rex
Richard W. Solomon wrote: ...junk GPSDO... . Are you sure of that statement ? The Cal Lab where I retired from had one of those junk GPSDO's that they used. The only difference between theirs and mine (that I built) was the 3 orders of magnitude difference in price !! 73, Dick, W1KSZ

[time-nuts] Sound cards

2009-01-09 Thread Rex
In the uber-thread Sub Pico Second Phase logger, this exchange took place on 12/16: Bruce Griffiths wrote: Joseph M Gwinn wrote: wrote on 12/15/2008 06:42:59 PM: I've also looked at the specs for several other high end sound cards. Quite a few only have

Re: [time-nuts] Sound cards

2009-01-13 Thread Rex
to suggest the same voluntary prohibition. -Rex ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To unsubscribe, go to and follow the instructions there.

[time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-03 Thread Rex
I don't recall this discussion here before, but it should be a good time sink. I was reminded tonight that pi Day is coming on 3/14. That's fine, but a little inaccurate for our kind. Suppose I want to gather with friends and buy a round or have a sector of pie to celebrate. What's the

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-03 Thread Rex
Rex wrote: I was reminded tonight that pi Day is coming on 3/14. That's fine, but a little inaccurate for our kind. I forgot to mention that pi-Day aka 3/14 is also ides of march eve. Therefore the soothsayer's classic warning becomes, beware pi day +1

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-03 Thread Rex
Jim Palfreyman wrote: As a self confessed pi nut I shall pass on three pieces of trivia. ... Third, and most interestingly, I discovered that if you skip the first 242420 digits of pi, the following digits appear: 2424242420. Not sure which boggles my mind more, that unlikely interesting

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-03 Thread Rex
would have to celebrated at different times in different countries. 2009/3/4 Rex I don't recall this discussion here before, but it should be a good time sink. ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To unsubscribe, go

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-03 Thread Rex
talk like a pirate day ( Steve Rooke wrote: But the 3rd of January does exist and it was first named by William Jones in 1707 who was Welsh so perhaps the pi day should not be claimed by the Americans after all. 73, Steve 2009/3/4 Rex I

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-04 Thread Rex
Tom Van Baak wrote: I was reminded tonight that pi Day is coming on 3/14. That's fine, but a little inaccurate for our kind. Suppose I want to gather with friends and buy a round or have a sector of pie to celebrate. What's the appropriate time to honor? Since 3/14 is not based on the

Re: [time-nuts] pi Day

2009-03-04 Thread Rex
Steve I'll buy you 0.1415926... of a pint if you come over here on that day. That should make a complete pi of you. 73, Steve Surely you jest. Most of us wouldn't walk to the fridge for 0.1415926 of a pint. Maybe it is a decimal point problem. 31.4 pints would probably have anyone pi

Re: [time-nuts] Big bang theory

2009-03-04 Thread Rex
Jim Palfreyman wrote: Has anyone here watched Big Bang Theory? I think it's one of the cleverest sitcoms ever to come out of the US. The science in it is accurate - verified by a university professor. I just love it. Any other comments? Jim I don't know of it. Is this US network

[time-nuts] CTS oscillator info?

2009-04-07 Thread Rex
. Or does anyone have a lead on specs for the quality of its output signal? The auction was 130297655960, if anyone wants to look at the pictures. thanks, Rex ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To unsubscribe, go to

Re: [time-nuts] Characterising frequency standards

2009-04-12 Thread Rex
Bruce Griffiths wrote: ... Brice An impostor? An alias? :-) ___ time-nuts mailing list -- To unsubscribe, go to and follow the instructions there.

[time-nuts] Z3816A and UT GPS questions

2009-05-30 Thread Rex
Does anyone remember much about the old Motorola Oncore UT GPS receivers? I have an HP Z3816a GPS timing receiver. I've been meaning for a long time to add a display for UTC time to it for a while. Today I finally got that project built and installed, and it works as intended, but I'm seeing

Re: [time-nuts] FE-5680A heat sink

2009-06-08 Thread Rex
the unit and see if the header connector he used works. I though I looked at that, but it has been a long time. Worth another attempt, I guess. -Rex, kk6mk I'm puzzled. I admit that I don't have a lot of experience with Rb standards, but I do have a bit of experience with the HP-5065A Rb standard

Re: [time-nuts] Thunderbolt stability and ambient temperature

2009-06-10 Thread Rex
Hal Murray wrote: said: Can I get reflections without some inductance? Is there any inductance in a system of alternating layers of insulation/storage? I think you are overstretching the badly chosen nomenclatures parallels to electricity. It was

Re: [time-nuts] Thunderbolt stability and ambient temperature

2009-06-11 Thread Rex
Bruce Griffiths wrote: Rex wrote: Now, back to the subject of heat, I have a strange observation that I posted on the web a few years ago. A few people thought they had seen the same thing, but most thought what I noticed was not real. I posted because, if it was true, it seemed unexpected

Re: [time-nuts] Thunderbolt stability and ambient temperature

2009-06-11 Thread Rex
John Miles wrote: Rex your experience with the hot bar is quite common. Sounds like a pretty reasonable manifestation of the Leidenfrost effect. The water in contact with the hot end of the bar vaporizes, and the resulting steam layer (which might be microscopic) does a good job

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