Re: TV alert: Kitty Genovese and bystander intervention

1999-10-22 Thread Michael Hulsizer

The program is also repeated at 12:00am EST for you late night owls..

Maxwell Gwynn wrote:

 Tonight (Friday Oct 22) at 8:00 pm the History Channel will be airing an
 "anniversary" show involving the Kitty Genovese story and the role of

 This show might be useful viewing in social psych classes.


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re: TV Alert

1999-05-21 Thread Kirsten Poehlmann

Hi --

according to the Discovery Channel's web site, the show on hypnosis and
trances will be shown again on Sat., May 22 at 5 pm Eastern time:


I know it's not much notice, but there are a couple of programs on
tonight that you might be interested in seeing. One is on The Discovery
Channel -- "Science Mysteries: Open to Suggestion", at 8 o'clock and 11
o'clock (Central).  
  "Open to Suggestion" deals with hypnosis.  Might be interesting.  

Re: TV Alert

1999-01-03 Thread G. Marc Turner

For a further description of the show, PBS has information at:

And, for those in the central Texas area, KLRU (the oh so wonderful Austin
PBS affiliate) will be airing Stopwatch at midnight on the 8th (and again
at 4 AM on the 8th and 14th). Also, it will be showing on KLRU2 (Austin
Time Warner ch. 20) rather than the regular KLRU. Took me a while to find
this, so thought I'd pass it along just in case anyone else is interested...

- Marc

At 12:07 PM 11/5/1999 -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
PBS is showing "Stopwatch" about Frederick W. Taylor, one of the early
I/O psychologists, Sunday Nov. 7 10 pm. Check your local schedules.

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