Restore zoom state

2013-11-16 Thread Maykel Moya
Hello I just began to use the recently added zoom feature and came across an anoying thing. You have panes A and B. A is zoomed, if you switch to pane B, then A is forcibly unzoomed. This is expected, of course, otherwise B would remain invisible. If you switch back to pane A I expect to get A

Re: Restore zoom state

2013-11-16 Thread Nicholas Marriott
Hi Can you drop the option so this is the default behaviour and send me a unified diff by email? Original message From: Maykel Moya Date: 16/11/2013 14:17 (GMT+01:00) To: Subject: Restore zoom state Hello I just

[PATCH] Restore zoom when selecting a previously zoomed pane

2013-11-16 Thread Maykel Moya
Signed-off-by: Maykel Moya --- cmd-resize-pane.c | 7 +-- cmd-select-pane.c | 10 -- tmux.h| 1 + 3 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) diff --git a/cmd-resize-pane.c b/cmd-resize-pane.c index d31f886..d8ee076 100644 --- a/cmd-resize-pane.c