[Tn5250j-general] tn250 code quesiton

2009-12-24 Thread Michael D. Setzer II
http://www.petesworkshop.com/downloads/tn5250j-install-0.6.2_beta-1.jar Is a file that I've downloaded and used recently from info on another list, and was wondering how this links with the project on sourceforge??

[Tn5250j-general] AUTO: Michael Meyers is out of the office (returning 01/05/2010)

2009-12-24 Thread Michael K Meyers
I am out of the office until 01/05/2010. For immediate assistance with benchmark center related requests, please contact Chris Beyers at cmbey...@us.ibm.com. (If necessary, Chris will be able to reach me.) I will respond to other requests when I'm back in the office on Tuesday 1/5/2010. Thank