Re: [Tn5250j-general] Linux Focus Problem

2015-03-08 Thread Martin W. Kirst
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Am 08.03.2015 um 22:43 schrieb Kevin Monceaux: On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 09:30:40AM -0600, Kevin Monceaux wrote: I've been using TN5250J for a while now. It works great at work, where I'm stuck with using Windoze. At home on Linux it has one

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Question on the new 0.7.4 versions ABOUT

2014-08-10 Thread Martin W. Kirst
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Hi, sorry about that and thanks for pointing this out. I've forgot to update the version information within the ABOUT window. I've already released a fix (moments before this email). AND I've committed a TAG for that version. But after all, the

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Installing on windows 7?

2013-09-04 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, this sounds to me, that Windows User Access Control (UAC) is activated. If so (default), then a normal user isn't allowed to install anything within c:\program files\. Even if you're using an admin-account, you have to right click the installer and click run as admin. Thus, the installer will

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Issue with sessions

2013-05-20 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Rich, yes it should work like that. Just check the Startup with last view option to let the magic happen ;-) Regards Martin Am 20.05.2013 17:21, schrieb Richard Houston: Martin, you are the man!!! Thanks for that. We will have a lot of very happy users. :-) Just to confirm, this feature

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Fw: Issue with sessions

2013-05-10 Thread Martin W. Kirst
* *Sandvik Asia Private Limited* *Sandvik IT Services, India* *0091 20 27104620*From:Ewart Desouza/8200/SANDVIK To:Martin W. Kirst Date:05/09/2013 04:40 PM Subject:Re: [Tn5250j-general

[Tn5250j-general] Announcing TN5250j v0.7.0 release

2013-01-19 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi everyone, after a long time, there is a new release of TN5250j now. There are a couple of useful bugfixes. Thanks to everyone, who supported us. The internal cope page conversion was rewritten, which was an important step to support Hebrew characters (CP-424). As of this version 0.7.0,

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Extended character set.

2012-07-19 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Thanks for clarification. Regards Martin Am 19.07.2012 12:15, schrieb Amalia, This has nothing to do with CCSID. Your display file uses the 'Enhanced User Interface' options (i.c. checkboxes) that IBM added to DDS (quite a long time ago). Client

Re: [Tn5250j-general] tn5250j with jre 7

2012-02-21 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, I'm not aware of any problems regarding JRE7. I even run it on JRE8 without any problems. Are there any exceptions in the log file? You also may start it via command line: java -jar tn5250j.jar Thus you're able to see log messages. Any exceptions there? Martin PS: I'm using WinXP-32 and

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Immediate disconnect

2011-07-13 Thread Martin W. Kirst
to step into the debugger. Thanks, Arpe -Original Message- From: Martin W. Kirst [] Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 5:16 PM To: Subject: Re: [Tn5250j-general] Immediate disconnect Hi Arpe, what version of Tn5250j do you use

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Immediate disconnect

2011-07-13 Thread Martin W. Kirst
+javac. I'll report back in a day or two. In parallel, how much can this negotiation code change between releases? You could just focus on this area first. Thanks, Arpe -Original Message- From: Martin W. Kirst [] Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 4:36 PM

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Immediate disconnect

2011-06-03 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Arpe, what version of Tn5250j do you use? tn5250j-0.6.3-jse6 OR tn5250j-0.6.3 ? Regards Martin Hi, I am now a regular user of TN5250J. I have a problem today where after connecting to one server, I am immediately disconnected. I tried to connect and login using vanilla telnet, then

Re: [Tn5250j-general] TN5250j

2011-05-25 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Roger, in simple words, this sounds like the tn5250j-Bugs-3158902. There are two options for you: 1. download the TN5250j package with dependencies included - this should work 2. check out the SVN sources, compile yourself - this will work In the next release (I'm planning soon) this will

Re: [Tn5250j-general] -s option currently ignores -t option

2011-05-25 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, sorry, it took a while ... It's fixed and committed now - there was a mistake, when setting the tab's title name. Regards Martin Am 02.03.2011 01:09, schrieb Ken McWilliams: Hello list, The new build 0.6.2 looks great! It looks like it does everything I need except to launch multiple

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Reload macros file on launch

2011-04-26 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Arpe, I opened up a bug ticket for it ... ... and fixed this. See It's committed in the SVN and will be public with the upcoming release. Regards Martin Am 11.04.2011 03:41, schrieb Arpe, Kevin C: Hi, I am

Re: [Tn5250j-general] printing on terminal's local printer

2011-04-26 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Am 22.04.2011 05:03, schrieb Quiliro Ordóñez: El 20/04/11 14:14, Martin W. Kirst escribió: Hi, the support for a local printer terminal (like the one in IBM tools) is a little outdated. I'm still trying to figure out, how to use the sources. If you are familiar with Java, have a look

Re: [Tn5250j-general] freeze on start-up with hostname

2011-03-25 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Arpe, this is an already fixed bug. See The easiest way would be to check out the sources from SVN and build the current version, where the bug is already fixed. Regards Martin Hi, Getting deeper today.

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Newbie

2011-03-23 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Already fixed. See bug ID Regards Martin Am 23.03.2011 15:17, schrieb Arpe, Kevin C: Hi, I am Windows XP user with Java 1.6. I just downloaded and tried your app. Looks very promising. Anything to get

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Fwd: Vendor inquiry dsply file compile listing

2011-01-28 Thread Martin W. Kirst
David, thanks for the sources, they help a lot. I'm on it. Regards Martin Am 24.01.2011 15:40, schrieb David A. Hamilton: Not sure if this will help, but I am forwding a source code listing of one of the screens where the top text does not display. Thanks, David Hamilton Hermitage

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Text not displaying

2011-01-23 Thread Martin W. Kirst
in figuring this out. Thanks, David Hamilton Hermitage Electric Supply (615) 843-3337 - Original Message - From: Martin W. Kirst To: Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2011 9:31:42 AM Subject: Re: [Tn5250j-general] Text

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Text not displaying

2011-01-22 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi David, umpf, the screenshots are looking strange. I would like to get a connection on this machine, to fire up my debugger and see, what's going on. But I guess that this is not possible, isn't it? So I would like you to send me the bytes I'm looking for. Please download and install

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Using command-line switch -s

2011-01-17 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, bug already fixed, see Will be shipped with next release, soon. Regards Martin Am 17.01.2011 20:40, schrieb Fred Horvat: I am having the same issue. XP SP3 and the latest Java Run Time. - Original Message - From: Stuart

Re: [Tn5250j-general] Process to install the tn5250j question

2011-01-13 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, an installer will be out there, with the next release. You can do an update, by simply replacing the existing files (tn5250j.jar). I'm not catching the point regarding the folders. From my point of view, tn5250j will not write to application folder, but only to user's home directory.

Re: [Tn5250j-general] New version TN5250J v0.6.2 released

2011-01-10 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Patrick, thanks for your friendly mail. Regarding the UI, I'm just manifesting some ideas. I've announced a survey on developers mailing list also. See my working prototype and some

[Tn5250j-general] New version TN5250J v0.6.2 released

2011-01-06 Thread Martin W. Kirst
A little later than predicted we're now proud to release the 0.6.2 version. Lot's of contributed patches, feature requests and bugs where put into this. Meanwhile, we're working on a completely reworked user interface. Stay tuned about the next weeks, where we'll put out some beta release.