[Tn5250j-general] Calling System.exit()

2011-05-25 Thread Arpe, Kevin C
Hi, I noticed in your code you call System.exit() in a few places. Example: org.tn5250j.My5250.main() This makes it difficult to call this method from other Java code. Is there a recommended way to spawn new connections using the same virtual machine? Example: I want to spawn your app from

Re: [Tn5250j-general] TN5250j

2011-05-25 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi Roger, in simple words, this sounds like the tn5250j-Bugs-3158902. There are two options for you: 1. download the TN5250j package with dependencies included - this should work 2. check out the SVN sources, compile yourself - this will work In the next release (I'm planning soon) this will

Re: [Tn5250j-general] -s option currently ignores -t option

2011-05-25 Thread Martin W. Kirst
Hi, sorry, it took a while ... It's fixed and committed now - there was a mistake, when setting the tab's title name. Regards Martin Am 02.03.2011 01:09, schrieb Ken McWilliams: Hello list, The new build 0.6.2 looks great! It looks like it does everything I need except to launch multiple