[Tn5250j-general] Reconnect on SocketException

2010-07-07 Thread Mario Gonzalez
Hi to all, Is there any way to reconnect a session when a SocketException occurs?. I am trying to use TN5250J on some wireless terminals and sometimes they lost TCP communication for a couple of seconds. The only way that I see is reconnection the session after a timeout when a

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2012-07-16 Thread Mario Gonzalez
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[Tn5250j-general] Sup Tn5250j-general!

2014-01-15 Thread Mario Gonzalez
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2014-04-03 Thread Mario Gonzalez
http://reisfanaten.be/nl/__nieuws/wp-content/w3tc/dbcache/8/8/a/Bill.php?pvyh1747tbpctbw marioedua...@yahoo.com Always try to do things in chronological order;